I Remember You (Episode 4) Recap~

Having sort of patched up the first case, another appears and once again it is connected to Hyun.

This episode was rather funny and had a good balance between the darker aspect of the crimes and just the general banter and bickering of the team members.

I like how this drama makes you think about who people are and what their motives are. It really makes you excited to keep watching to see if your theories are correct!

Also, I think I may ship MyeongWoo/EunHyuk more than JiAn/Hyun at this point haha ^^”

“Suspect Lee Hyun.”

We open with SeungJoo and EunBok explaining the SeungHoon’s situation in China, and we see SeungHoon trying to free himself from the two officers, though where he expects to get away to, on a plane, is beyond me.

On the car ride to Hyun’s home, we see JiAn battling with herself. Morally and as a police officer, the way they got SeungHoon troubles her, however she is happy and does like the way Hyun thinks. But one thing does annoy her, that he used her name instead of him – cue her throwing her bag at him (it’s no less amusing the second time round!)

Once again we see them talk about her knowing the house, leading to him saying he now wants to solve the puzzle that is JiAn.

Picture1 Picture2

JiAn wonders to herself whether she should tell him honestly who she is, we then delve into her memory, where once again she is following Hyun in their childhood. Child JiAn looses Hyun, but then he comes out of a building behind her, asking what she is doing. She explains that she is his partner and smiles (child JiAn is adorable~).

We then see several instances of Hyun telling her to get lost (whenever I hear this phrase I smile and think of Master’s Sun). On one of these days, after being told to get lost, JiAn chooses to follow him. Once again we see his confession in church.

Back in the present and several failed attempts at getting her words out, JiAn opts for a lie:

“As to who I am… I told you that I am your fan.”

Hyun does not believe her, prompting JiAn to introduce him to the world of Sasaengs. He says he will believe her for now and then asks what she wants, moving closer to JiAn.

Picture3JiAn raises a hand and tells him to stop. She then grumbles that even though she followed him around whenever he came to Korea, he still doesn’t recognise her. And then tells him that she is a ‘hurt woman’, so he shouldn’t bother her. Hyun responds by wondering if he should report her stalking to the police, but JiAn tells him there is no need, as from now on she won’t stalk him. The fact that she has now met him has Picture4caused her to wake up.

JiAn then tells him she likes Exo, saying that their overflowing young energy is more her style now (I love that when she said Exo, he was like, what is that? hahaha). JiAn says that from now on she wants their relationship to be like ‘investigative partners’. She offers out her hand and is promptly thrown out of the house!

Att. Jung, SunHo, is on the phone, finding out about the request for cooperation sent to the Chinese police. He is a little surprised to hear it was sent by JiAn and not Hyun.

The deputy commissioner charges through the department, ordering JiSoo and EunHyuk to his office. The three stooges listen to JiSoo and EunHyuk being Picture5reprimanded for letting an illegal interrogation happen with SeungHoon and for a drugs cooperation request be sent to China.

Deputy commissioner (DC) orders the two to give a disciplinary warning to JiAn and send her to a department where she won’t cause any trouble. EunHyuk flat-out refuses (I love that he always stands up to this guy! And the music in this scene – perfection).

Picture6At this the DC looks like he just had an aneurysm or something, and then tells EunHyuk to do as he says. Of course our mighty team leader refuses again, even with the threat of disbandment on his shoulders.

Suddenly he punches a file on the table, angrily shouting ‘father’ (I literally gasped out loud and then laughed so hard when EunHyuk cradled his hand and grimaced at the pain haha :’) and then JiSoo asks if he is okay!).

Outside the office, SeungJoo and EunBok are worrying about their noona, while MyeongWoo is more worried about the team disbanding. They turn around, shocked to Picture7see JiAn. She curses Lee Hyun as EunHyuk comes out of the office, looking all apologetic and upset that he hasn’t been able to protect the team.

Everyone receives a shock, but most of all MyeongWoo (how is this guy a police officer when he jumps at everything? haha) when SunHo speaks. The attorney says that he is the only one that can help them.

Picture8SunHo and JiAn have a conversation outside, which JiAn starts by telling him to start complaining. When he doesn’t she asks why, seeing as it was his case. SunHo tells her that because she didn’t send the request he has no reason to complain at her. JiAn agrees, but then asks how he knew. Happy with the reaction, SunHo tells her that she isn’t the type and that he was right. Before SunHo leaves, he tells her that they should have tea sometime.

Meanwhile, Hyun is wondering round his childhood home and finds handcuffs on the floor by the kitchen table. His mind goes back to when JiAn threw her bag at him (three times I’ve got to see this, I am being spoilt haha :p) and he tuts.

Hyun then decides to go outside into the garden that is next to his house. His quiet Picture9reverie is disturbed by a neighbour (JiAn’s doctor friend JoonHo – who is a strong candidate for being JoonYoung for me!), who loses control of his hose, soaking the pair of them in the process.

JoonHo tells Hyun, that he might have a handkerchief in his pocket, put instead only finds medical supplies (who has a magnifying glass on them when they are hosing grass?). He looks at the things in his Picture10hands and says ‘that’s strange’. A phrase Hyun also says when he looks for a handkerchief in his pockets and comes up with his phone and a pair of handcuffs. (Also, their trousers are both soaked, a wet handkerchief would be pointless in this situation…)

JoonHo asks if Hyun is a detective and Hyun asks if JoonHo is a doctor, they both reply that they are similar to that of the job descriptions.

Picture11 Picture12

JoonHo comes into his living room, with a tray of tea, causing Hyun to put down the picture of a young boy (who I assume is JoonHo’s son). Hyun helps him put the tea-tray down on the table and is then handed a shirt. The two then awkwardly turn their backs to each other and change (Hyun’s house is literally a few feet away, why didn’t he change there… not that I’m complaining because this scene is visually appealing haha :p).

Picture13 Picture14

Hyun freezes when he senses something coming towards his neck and then turns. JoonHo explains that the tags are still on his shirt, which he uses the scalpel to cut off. Much to Hyun’s relief (and mine!), JoonHo says that he has never used the scalpel on anyone and doesn’t plan on doing so.

Hyun remarks that JoonHo must have expected company, seeing as he had gone shopping etc. JoonHo says that he is always expecting company, because he is lonely and his family have left him to go overseas. (Everything in this scene is making me think – this man is JoonYoung). 

Picture15 Picture16

The pair sit down and while Hyun drinks, he notices that JoonHo is smiling at him (seriously he is either a serial killer or in love with Hyun, those are the only options in my head right now haha). JoonHo laughs at himself awkwardly, saying that it’s nice to have someone to drink with, when he normally drinks alone. JoonHo also tells him that he feels less lonely now that someone is living in the house next door. The pair drink again and smile at each other.

Picture17 Picture18

We watch as a hooded figure walks through a creepy, deserted building. He asks God for forgiveness and seeing as that is something he can’t even offer himself, we know this guy is up to no good.

As he goes to the leave the building, we follow a blood trail leading to a dead body. Looks like we have a new killer on the loose!

It’s a new day and SunHo is visiting SeungHoon, who is impatient to leave. However, SunHo, doesn’t know when that will happen, and they will have to follow the Chinese laws. This upsets SeungHoon, but not as much as finding out that Hyun and JiAn are fine as he slams his hand down on the table. SeungHoon makes it very clear that he is intent on getting revenge.

It has been nearly two weeks since JiAn was demoted to working in the civil department, where we see her dealing with people’s complaints (I love how one women asks if she has ever dealt with a stalker and she replies that she has done stalking, but catches herself from fully admitting it haha). 

Obviously bored, she heads over to her ‘teams’ department, trying to encourage them that they will find the evidence they need soon. Rather than getting a warm reception, they tell her to go away, to which she says that she was only passing through.

Picture20 Picture21

However, when she goes to leave, she sees the DC and hides. Her team immediately stand up and hide her (this team is too cute~). The DC pauses in front of them and EunHyuk salutes and says ‘allegiance’ (as if that makes their behaviour less suspicious haha). The team even move with the DC, so that he won’t be able to see her.

Picture22JiAn misses being part of the team, investigating murders, all the actions that come with it and of course her stalking. While lying her head on her kitchen table at home, JiAn’s aunt tells her not to stalk after she has quit, as it will be harder to stop the next time, using the example of smoking.

JiAn is insistent that she was watching him and her aunt, frustrated, tells her to keep watching him. However, we go back to the last conversation she had with Hyun, where she agreed that she wouldn’t be following him around anymore. He then tells her to get lost (like the old times!) and then kicks her out. Thinking about this causes JiAn more grief as she has no reason to watch him.

Picture23At his childhood home Hyun goes down into the basement which served as his ‘prison’ for a period of time. We also see the first time he went down there as a child. The two brothers explore the house and find a hidden lever in a lamp on the wall, both amazed by the discovery.

While seated at the table, Hyun’s search is interrupted by a text message.

‘Hey, genius boy. Do you remember me?’

Hyun clicks on the picture and thinks back, recalling the time that the police officer told him to guess the amount of matchsticks. The officer, JinSuk, then calls him, asking the same question. He is happy that Hyun remembers him, however Hyun tells him he was memorable because he was dumb (this kid has no manners haha). 

JinSuk suggests that they should meet up, but Hyun flat-out says that he doesn’t want to. However, his interest is instantly peaked when JinSuk tells Hyun that he has been tracking JoonYoung’s whereabouts since he escaped.

Picture24 Picture25

At 8:45pm, fifteen minutes before Hyun is meant to arrive at JinSuk’s home, the doorbell rings. Instead of Hyun, a hooded male, one that JinSuk recognises, barges in and stabs him. Meanwhile, Hyun has made his way up to the apartment.

After ringing the bell several times, with no answer, Hyun walks away from the door and calls JinSuk. Walking slowly back to the door, he hears the phone ringing from inside. Finding the apartment door unlocked, he steps cautiously in the dark apartment.

Hyun rushes over to JinSuk and applies pressure to his wound and calls the police. Picture26JinSuk becomes conscious, but is unable to answer Hyun’s questions about who did this to him. Not long after, JinSuk dies.

After suddenly running out of his hiding spot, Hyun and the intruder fight (the choreography for this scene was so good and done so smoothly!). Hyun nearly has the intruder, but he jumps out the window and as he hobbles away he asks for forgiveness, again (so he is definitely a serial killer if he wasn’t already).

Hyun turns the light on and looks around the room for what it is that JinSuk could have wanted to give him.Picture27 But he doesn’t find it, the journal containing the collected information, as it has fallen down the side of the desk. However, Hyun’s search is cut short when he hears the sounds of sirens. He takes one last look at JinSuk and then leaves the apartment. He drives away just as the police car and ambulance turn up (why is he running? Surely this is just going to make him more suspicious later when they connect something to him?).

JinSuk’s home is now a crime scene, people buzzing around in search of evidence. EunBok is Picture28taking photos, while JoonHo is looking at the body. MyeongWoo walks in, evidently angry and upset by the death of JinSuk (the death of a fellow policeman hitting hard). JiSoo walks in, asking if there are any witnesses, but as of yet there hasn’t been. EunBok gets given the task to look into the recording of the call to 119, while JoonHo explains that JinSuk died around the time that the call happened.

Picture29 Picture30

Outside, EunHyuk and SeungJoo are lamenting over a broken security camera which hasn’t been working since a robbery took place. While looking around, waving his torch, EunHyuk sees a car that looks to have a black box installed.

Meanwhile, EunBok has found the recording of the call to the police services. Immediately JiSoo recognises the voice, as does MyeongWoo, as being Hyun’s. Just Picture31as that moment, EunHyuk and SeungJoo hurry over to them, happy to share their discovery. Especially EunHyuk, who chimes in that he was the one who found it (and MyeongWoo gives him a discreet thumbs up! This ship is growing in my heart~). Sadly the images show after the murder, not before, but that doesn’t mean they come up short, as they capture Hyun on film walking away from the apartment.

MyeongWoo is rather smug and content to view him as a suspect, while the others are not, especially JiSoo, who looks distraught at the idea.

MyeonWoo then calls JiAn, asking if she knows Hyun’s whereabouts. She grumbles that she isn’t his mother. MyeongWoo sighs and tells her to call him if Hyun contacts her. Of course this means that JiAn heads straight for Hyun’s childhood home. Especially when we hear MyeongWoo explain that JinSuk has been murdered and the suspect is Hyun.

Knowing where he keeps a spare key hidden, she waltzes right in, only to find his home empty. She sits dejected for a moment, wondering where he could be, before she heads home.

To of course find him casually sitting on the floor, watching her tv.

Picture32 Picture33

JiAn asks why he is at her home and he says that it’s a surprise event for his past stalker! JiAn responds by reprimanding him, telling him that he is a murder suspect and saying he dare crawl into her, a police officers home, without permission.

Hyun stands and asks where she has come from (knowing full well the answer), JiAn becomes flustered, and tells him that she is the police officer and he is the suspect, so she will ask the questions. In the end she admits it and tries to act cool while reaching for her handcuffs, saying it worked out better, seeing as he came to her.

However, her handcuffs are not on her body (how has she not noticed they were missing by now?!) and Hyun holds them up, asking if these are what she is looking for (his playful expression is too sexy and cute at the same time!).

JiAn snatches them and tries to handcuff him, but he pulls her close and asks a question:

Picture34 Picture35

JiAn asks if he expects her to believe that and responds:

“Believe it. I don’t commit murder if I can help it. Because normal children rebel against their parents.”

This has something to do with his past as we see child Hyun reading the word’s ‘I think my son is a monster.’ (every time I see little Hyun read that my heart breaks!).

JiAn has no idea what he is talking about and frustratedly asks why he decided to come to her home and drive her crazy. Her frustration is heightened when he brings up debts again, saying that she was indebted to him and now it is the other way round.

Picture36 Picture37

He then tells her that he had nowhere else to go, which stops JiAn in her tracks. She walks away from him, throwing her bag to the floor and pacing slightly, stopping to rest against the table. She goes to send a message to MyeongWoo, hesitates and in the end, slams the phone onto the table. JiAn basically has a small crisis, while Hyun looks on, amused.

While EunHyuk and MyeongWoo are looking over the evidence board, wondering what his motive could be, SeungJoo is staking out Hyun’s home. EunBok is looking over his printouts and JiSoo is trying to contact Hyun, to no avail.

SunHo and several others are listening to a man talking about a crime committed by a child. That it was deemed an ‘accident’, giving the attorney’s a lesson that, just because the crime is committed by a child, doesn’t mean it was an accident. He goes onPicture38 to say that the case he talked about was similar to a crime in real life, one which he is adamant was premeditated, saying that the person responsible has appeared before him. He takes a long look at SunHo (mmm interesting, could the child be him?). 

The man, having had SunHo stay behind, asks if he will do a favour for him. That SunHo needs to be his body for him, as he is not fully physically competent after having suffered a stroke. SunHo takes a long sip of his tea.

JiAn is having an inward battle again, explaining to herself that she is not betraying her team (or the police force in general) by not turning Hyun in, but that she is monitoring and analysing him for the case. JiAn thinks that is a cowardly excuse, but still goes back and forth.

Hyun picks up on her calling him the enemy, as JiAn once again started speaking aloud to herself. JiAn once again uses her sasaeng analogy, explaining that once you stop being a fan, you become an anti-fan and they become the enemy.

Picture39 Picture40

Changing topic, JiAn suddenly asks how he knew her door password (to which he says he just pressed buttons and was lucky – sure…). JiAn then hurriedly hides the underwear from the drying rack in her ‘Hyun/JoonYoung box’, asking if he snooped around. She also turns down a picture of her and I assume her father, while telling him not look anywhere without her permission.

He agrees as she then turns interrogative, asking why he went to JinSuk’s home. Hyun says that she should ask him how he knew JinSuk, so it doesn’t seem strange. JiAn just tells him to answer her question. He does both, saying that JinSuk was someone Picture41he knew from his childhood and simply went over to say hello. JiAn takes that answer, for now.

Hyun continues to drive her crazy when he simply replies ‘no’ to whether he should turn himself in. JiAn asks what his plan is as she walks over to the table, but stops mid-sentence, as she picks up his shirt. Hyun explains that it has JinSuk’s blood on it and then we see him taking a shirt (the one he is currently wearing) from the clothes rack outside her apartment (I love that he put money – a lot of money – on the rack where the shirt was!)

JiAn laments that not only is he a murderer, but he is a thief as well, Hyun strongly denies that he didn’t murder anyone. JiAn once again asks what he plans on doing now and Hyun only smiles happily to himself.

We are then taken to the crime scene, where JiAn tells the officer guarding the apartment that he should take 30mins off so she can have a look around. He isPicture42 hesitant at first, but in the end agrees.

Now inside the apartment, Hyun is searching for what JinSuk said he had to give him, all the while telling JiAn that he is just looking around.

Hyun finds a 2 piece medication strip and slips it into his pocket before explaining what happened with the murderer. He says that nothing was strange about him, but there was something strange about JinSuk.

There were no defensive wounds on JinSuk’s body, even though he was stabbed multiple times. JiAn agrees that that’s strange, as it is instinctive to defend with your hands if you are being attacked with a knife. Also, a policeman would definitely have defended himself.

Hyun hears the approaching footsteps of EunHyuk and MyeongWoo and hurriedly shoves JiAn into the closet, keeping his hand over her mouth. EunHyuk creeps into the apartment, his trusty torch at the ready (I love how MyeongWoo teases him by shouting Picture43in surprise as he turns the light on, scaring EunHyuk! haha I love these two).

While MyeongWoo explains that he came back to see if they missed anything, EunHyuk asks him if he really thinks Hyun is the culprit. His instinct tells him no, but that doesn’t stop MyeongWoo from wanting to slap his handcuffs on Hyun (don’t call MyeongWoo stupid or he will hold a grudge forever haha).

MyeongWoo rants on about how Hyun is rude, his looks are rude, even his entire existence is rude. Meanwhile, JiAn is nodding away in agreement in the closet!

Changing topic, MyeongWoo tells EunHyuk that a folder on JinSuk’s computer was full of birds. EunHyuk innocently says that maybe he just liked birds, but the truth is the folder was full of porn. Shocked EunHyuk asks if policemen are allowed to watch porn, to which MyeongWoo tells him they aren’t all like Buddha or Jesus! MyeongWoo goes on to explain that he won’t be like JinSuk when he is older, but will find a woman, but the problem is there are no women around him (this is hilarious, but not appropriate crime-scene conversaton! haha :p).

EunHyuk brings up JiAn, to which MyeongWoo rebuffs, saying he likes big chested and curvier women. In the closet Hyun has to hold onto JiAn to stop her bursting out into the room!

Picture44 Picture46

The pair get back to searching the apartment, however, stop suddenly when they hear an odd noise. JiAn gets the hiccups! Shocking both of them. MyeongWoo gets his gun out, while EunHyuk holds up his torch in the same manner, as they head to the closet.


Thank you for reading~


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