Top 3 Drama Types~

Here’s another short post, this time it is my top drama types. What I mean by ‘drama types’ is the ‘genre’.

I decided to do only 3 as I haven’t really watched many different genres and I’ve gone off a few that I used to really enjoy.

What are some of your favourite genres to watch? ^^

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I Remember You (Episode 4) Recap~

Having sort of patched up the first case, another appears and once again it is connected to Hyun.

This episode was rather funny and had a good balance between the darker aspect of the crimes and just the general banter and bickering of the team members.

I like how this drama makes you think about who people are and what their motives are. It really makes you excited to keep watching to see if your theories are correct!

Also, I think I may ship MyeongWoo/EunHyuk more than JiAn/Hyun at this point haha ^^”

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I Remember You (Episode 3) Recap~

We are no longer in the past, but firmly in the present this episode. It’s a lot harder to solve a crime when there is no evidence.

A fast paced, well shot, thought-provoking episode once again and I’m so glad that we are finding out more about our characters personalities. I may have fallen more in love with JiAn this episode and by ‘may’ I mean I have haha ^^”

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I Remember You (Episode 2) Recap~

Wow. I just need a moment to marvel at how wonderfully shot this entire drama has been so far! It can be a little confusing at times, but the editing is so powerful! I like the intensity so far and the characters are starting to flesh out a bit more. I certainly enjoy watching JiAn and Hyun scenes, the two have a nice bickering element to their relationship right now.

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I Remember You (Episode 1) Recap~

Wow, this was such an explosive opening to a drama! I thoroughly enjoyed the switches from present day and the past, they were done very well. Even though the backstory was more the centre than most of the characters, we got a nice feel for the majority of them anyway. I would also like to say that Do Kyungsoo impressed me so much with his acting.

I’m definitely looking forward to what this drama has to offer!

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