Top 3 Drama Types~

Here’s another short post, this time it is my top drama types. What I mean by ‘drama types’ is the ‘genre’.

I decided to do only 3 as I haven’t really watched many different genres and I’ve gone off a few that I used to really enjoy.

What are some of your favourite genres to watch? ^^

These are in no particular order:


I haven’t watched as many sageuks as I would have liked, mainly because a lot of them are a lot longer than the average drama.

However,  when I do watch them I am blown away by how beautiful the production is and the stories are always so wonderful. Sometimes the politics can be a little boring, not going to lie, but the mains always make up for that, as well as the sheer emotion that sageuks give me!


A few of my favourites are The Princess’ Man and Dong Yi (although I didn’t finish is all because of personal issues).


Basically every drama that I have watched involves romance, but what I mean is “romantic comedies” or drama’s which are specifically just about the romance.

As of right now, I’ve gone off teen/school romance dramas, maybe because I’ve watched much better ones where the characters are older.

What can I say, I love romance. I love it when people are happy and when I squeal and the cutesy adorable-ness of the leads makes me feel all warm and giddy.


A few of my favourites are ‘Fated To Love You’ and ‘Secret Garden’.


I tend not to watch this category as much as romance, but when I do I really enjoy them!

I always find that the crime drama’s are slick, intense and the production is pleasing. The cases are interesting and the characters have a lot of great qualities and bring a lot to the dramas.

With the action, the dramas are well done and the effects are generally good, but I’ve definitely seen some bad effects in my time! However, that is when the thrilling and action packed story make up for it.


A few of my favourites are ‘God’s Quiz’ (only seen series 1), ‘City Hunter’ and ‘Ten Team Investigation (not sure if this is the actual title and I didn’t watch series two as I’m a wimp and this is super intense!).


An honourable mention is fantasy/supernatural such as ‘Masters Sun’, ‘Scholar Who Walks The Night’, ‘Midnight’s Girl’ and ‘Vampire Prosecutor’.

This was only a small post, but I hope you liked it. Thank you for reading~


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