I Remember You (Episode 3) Recap~

We are no longer in the past, but firmly in the present this episode. It’s a lot harder to solve a crime when there is no evidence.

A fast paced, well shot, thought-provoking episode once again and I’m so glad that we are finding out more about our characters personalities. I may have fallen more in love with JiAn this episode and by ‘may’ I mean I have haha ^^”

“Thou shalt not murder, however…”

Once again we start with the previous minute of the last episode. We see the phone Picture1conversation between JiAn and YoonJi, and hear JoonYoung on the tape. However, this time we also see YoonJi’s male visitor push her up against a wall, asking who called her.

JiAn charges in and raises her gun at the man, who turns to face her.

While Hyun leaves his apartment and then enters the police station, JiAn speaks in voiceover to him. She says that they have caught the culprit.

Picture2The culprit is Yang SeungHoon, a company director. He is from a chaebol family, and due to his rowing experience is well acquainted with navigational code. He also has experience in breaking the law, as JiAn brings up his violence and traffic violations. SeungHoon says that the law was generous to him, much like how he is to women. JiAn says he can’t be too generous as he assaulted YoonJi.

Outside the interview room, Hyun is watching, and he comes to the conclusion that the man is not Min. As well as Hyun, the rest of the team have been watching and they grumble that getting a confession out of SeungHoon won’t be easy.

Picture3JiSoo says that they need to get evidence that he is the murderer and MyeongWoo says that they are sweeping inside and outside of the apartment. Hyun speaks up, but his words are cut off by MyeongWoo shouted ‘Oh mommy!’ The team look at Hyun, surprised due to being unaware of his presence (haha look at EunHyuk’s face *dies*).

Hyun asks if they called the culprit before they arrived and EunHyuk says no, they called the victim instead, which meant that the victim lived. Hyun says that means the culprit lived as well. He then calls them stupid. EunHyuk asks who he is calling stupid and the rest of the team say ‘us’ in unison.

Picture4 Picture5

Hyun tells them not to misunderstand, he says that he was simply insulting himself. MyeongWoo explodes, not content with that answer, and has to be held back by EunBok.

Hyun tells JiSoo that he will just quietly participate, he came all the way to Korea and is curious as to what kind of jerk the culprit is. She reluctantly agrees and tells the team to continue watching the interview, while Hyun stays back and leans against the wall.

Picture6 Picture7

Meanwhile, SeungJoo is at the hospital. He finds out that YoonJi is not seriously injured and he asks a doctor when he can get her statement. Meanwhile, in the hospital room, a lone doctor is at her bedside (this can not be good and I don’t think he is a doctor!)

YoonJi wakes up to see the man, who smiles at her (not gonna lie, it’s both an adorable yet creepy psycho smile… also is this Min?!) On the way to YoonJi’s room, he passes the psycho doctor (idk what else to call him). A nurse comes out of the room and tells SeungJoo that the patient is looking for the police. Picture8

SeungJoo is incredulous to hear that she isn’t going to make a statement. YoonJi says that she hit him first and that she bought the flowers, even though that’s a blatant lie. SeungJoo asks if someone has stopped by, and even though she refutes the statement, he knows it’s true. His mind goes back to the doctor he passed in the corridor. He quickly runs out to search for him.

Back in the interview room, SeungHoon is proving difficult again. He says that this is a targeted investigation to ensnare an innocent person. Even though he knows about nautical code and was coincidentally at the place where the message led, it doesn’t make him a serial killer.

In the observation room, Hyun has had enough and walks out. In the desk areas, he picks up a pair of glasses from a desk and asks a woman if he can borrow her tray of coffee. The woman at first refuses, but looks at him and hands it over (now, does she recognise him as a noted author/professor or is it just his face that made her comply? I’m going with face haha).

Picture9 Picture10

Hyun walks into the interview room, haphazardly carrying a file and paper cups in his hands. He almost spills the coffees, drops his file and even bangs his head on the table as he tries to get up.

Picture11Out in the observation room, the team are wondering what Hyun is up to. EunHyuk suddenly remembers that SeungHoon reserved his right not to talk to male officers and asks if they shouldn’t be dragging him out of there. MyeongWoo says no, that they should wait to see if he gets chased out.

Hyun introduces himself as a Special Investigations Team trainee. SeungHoon says he is cute, just like a trainee. Meanwhile, JiAn looks annoyed and MyeongWoo says it’s uncomfortable to watch him being cute!

Hyun happily sits down, after getting SeungHoon’s permission. The roleplaying really begins when JiAn starts to play along, giving a firm pat on his shoulder. Hyun lays out 3 pictures of women,telling him that they believe those he has killed are in there. Hyun tells SeungHoon to pick out the ones he has murdered. This gets a laugh out of SeungHoon.

Picture12 Picture13

Hyun continues putting pictures on the table as SeungHoon is content to play the “game”. Hyun watches closely every time he sets a picture down. When SeungHoon looks at one picture closer and for a longer period of time and then at Hyun, they both know that this is the woman. The woman that he is killing over and over again. SeungHoon then doesn’t want to carry on looking at dead girls.

Picture14Hyun obligingly clears up the photos. However, misses that certain one. He apologises, but while shuffling the photos the right way round, the same photo drops to the table.

SeungHoon asks if he needs to reveal his dating history (we see the pair together in his memories). Hyun says that Kang Jisun was murdered. The culprit was never caught. Hyun suddenly exclaims ‘bang! She dumped you right?’.

He says that he has a hypothesis and JiAn cutely chimes in by saying that he loves hypotheses. JiSun did some research, found out that the man she was seeing was damaged. Upon being dumped, the man killed her. Hyun explains that the man killed her because of inferiority.

Hyun continues to list off reasons SeungHoon has to feel inferior about.The stress of not being able to be seen as competent, smart and worthy to his father has caused him stress. Stresses which are common triggers for serial killers.

Picture16 Picture17

Hyun explains that after killing JiSun, SeungHoon remembered the thrill and that is why he kept repeating the murders.That through the murders SeungHoon grew stronger and was able to feel like he possessed her indefinitely. That SeungHoon was able to feel superior by overpowering weaker women.

Finally, SeungHoon has had enough, he slams his fist down on the table.

Hyun then asks SeungHoon who is helping and teaching him. That the idea of a perfect murder is not his style. Hyun says that he is not interested in someone like SeungHoon, who throws temper tantrums and is just a pawn. Hyun wants the real killer, the one who planned and directed SeungHoon. Hyun even says that he may be let of lightly if he gives them up.

Picture18 Picture19

SeungHoon then explodes, saying that there is no one behind him. Before he can incriminate himself further, the “psycho doctor” walks in. Much to the frustration of everyone involved (it even sounds like EunHyuk says ‘shit’ haha).

Once seated again, JiAn asks if SeungHoon was going to say that there is no-one behind him, as he did everything. The “psycho doctor” is now Attorney Jung. SeungHoon asks if it’s alright to answer her, Att. Jung tells him to do as he wishes. However, Hyun notes the way that Att. Jung places his hand on SeungHoon’s shoulder and taps his finger.

IPicture20n answer to JiAn, SeungHoon says that there is no-one behind him, because he didn’t do anything. He says that he would have confessed if he did. JiAn says it all doesn’t make sense, however before she can go into detail, SeungHoon excuses himself from the interview as he has a doctor’s appointment, with a psychologist (surely that makes him even more suspicious?!).

Picture21 Picture22

In the observation room, the rest of the team are startled when MyeongWoo’s phone goes off. On the other end is SeungJoo who explains that YoonJi doesn’t want to press charges and want to make this incident look as if it never happened. He goes on to say that if this continues, they can’t even press assault charges on SeungHoon.

In EunHyuk’s office, he, JiSoo and Att. Jung convene for a further conversation. Att. Jung says that there is no direct evidence, and even then it all seem circumstantial. JiSoo disagrees and says that there is no reasonable doubt.


Att. Jung spouts out some legal jargon, to which JiSoo calmly responds that they are collecting evidence.

Picture24 Picture25

Att. Jung then seems to make an open threat, saying that he doesn’t wish for the team to disband so easily. He then picks up some evidence saying that they are geographical coordinates. EunHyuk (who snatched the evidence off him) is shocked, but Att. Jung just smiles, asking if just because he knows the code does that make him a suspect (I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes, that does!).

While Hyun washes hands in the restroom, SeungHoon comes out of a stall. He outright tells Hyun that he is the culprit, to which Hyun answers that he already knew. SeungHoon Picture26tells him that he needs to find evidence and quickly as he is leaving the country soon. If not, SeungHoon threatens that he will kill Hyun in a perfect way (Hyun seems more interested in fixing his hair, than this conversation).

Hyun repeats that he isn’t interested in SeungHoon and that he is disappointed that SeungHoon doesn’t even know who is controlling him. Hyun is about to leave, but stops and compliments SeungHoon’s painting.

Of course SeungHoon has no idea what he is talking about. Hyun says that SeungHoon just put them up without much thought, this causes SeungHoon to lie and say that he knew about the paintings. He even says he will get a painting to hang up after he kills Hyun. Hyun continues to be unfazed by the threat.

Picture27Later on after Hyun passes Att. Jung and SeungHoon in the corridor, the team are wondering how long it will take for them to get the evidence they need. MyeongWoo (who is still intent on calling Hyun ‘Dave’ instead of ‘David’) tells Hyun that he didn’t like him going into the interview room, but it wasn’t his fault that the attorney came in just before the culprit was about to confess. Hyun says he is relieved (the sarcasm evident).

Picture28 Picture29

Hyun then shocks JiAn by asking to have some of her time. Turns out he wants a computer to send an email and also to see the files on the two cases. JiAn’s messiness is present at work, her desk is full of piles of files and her computer desktop is also full of random documents (much like mine haha) and Hyun says it’s chaotic.

JiAn brings up that they were so close to a confession, and that maybe if they play up his pride they may be able to get what they need. Hyun doesn’t agree and shares that SeungHoon is leaving the country soon. JiAn jumps right in that she will request a ban for his departure, to which Hyun implies won’t be passed. His rebuttals are driving her crazy.

Picture30 Picture31

JiAn asks what they should do and Hyun tells her that they can’t catch him. That even if they do, he won’t serve long in prison as he is rich, plus SeungHoon even told them that he was seeing a psychologist, therefore could get a lesser sentence due to mental health issues.

JiAn wishes she could do something, to get rid of him. Hyun sends his email and stands up and asks if he should kill him.


Picture33 Picture34

Back in the past, child Hyun is praying in a church and being spied on by child JiAn. Hyun goes into the confessional box, while JiAn creeps into the booth beside him. Little JiAn is shocked to hear Hyun’s confession that the reason his father died was because of him.

Just when Hyun looks at the hatched window in the booth and sees her, JiAn wakes up in the present day. Her head caught by the medical examiner as she nearly falls of his office sofa. The pair then talk about how their efforts aren’t bringing up any results. Mr medical examiner suggests going to Hyun for help, but JiAn tells him not to mention him and then leaves. (Mr medical examiner is giving me bad vibes, could he be JoonYoung?)

Picture35While leaving the building, JiAn thinks back to her previous conversation with Hyun. JiAn laughed it off (a little shakily) and tells him to do what he wants, but to call her and tell the time and place, so that she can get there to arrest him. Hyun agrees, but says until then, JiAn can’t contact him, that he is uninterested in the case now. He walks away, leaving a frustrated JiAn.

Picture36 Picture37

JiSoo and EunHyuk are requesting a warrant for search and seizure of SeungHoon’s communication records (the travel ban has been denied), however the ‘man in charge’, does not allow it. He wants evidence, which is kind of stupid as to get the evidence, they need the records… Both JiSoo and EunHyuk are not happy.

EunHyuk asks if the prime suspect didn’t have a wealthy background, would he have stopped the warrant (yeah! EunHyuk standing up to injustice makes him even hotter!). 

Meanwhile, the rest of the team are discouraged as the families of the victims don’t know SeungHoon and they are unable to meet YoonJi without a warrant. MyeongWoo tells them that they need to do their ‘legwork to death and search CCTV files’ to find the evidence they need.Picture38

MyeongWoo then changes topic and asks if anyone has any spare underwear, he doesn’t want to leave his work. SeungJoo tells him to just go home, while EunBok tells him to go to the ‘drugstore’ or wash his in the bathroom sink. JiAn pipes up that he should just wear them inside out, causing MyeongWoo to say she is the dirtiest (I love this group dynamic!)

Because they haven’t found the disposable phone or drugs, SeungJoo wonders if SeungHoon really is the culprit, but MyeongWoo is adamant he is, his instinct says so. Picture39Just then, EunHyuk comes out with bad news, that there is outside pressure. He then rambles on about facing adversity and hardships when dealing with political power. He tries to lift their spirits saying that they will ‘wear the clothes of righteousness’ and succeed step by step… however, no-one is interested and they get on with their own work, MyeongWoo even walks away.

Outside Hyun’s apartment building, JiAn tries calling him. However, inside Hyun is deep in thought. SeungHoon doesn’t know anything, so he wonders who sent him the email, if it really was JoonYoung or Min.

Picture40 Picture41

At looking at his phone and seeing JiAn’s name, he rejects the call and right on cue, his doorbell rings. JiAn forces her way into the apartment and moans that he has been rejecting her calls. Hyun tells her to turn her face because it annoys him, he even uses two extended fingers to move JiAn’s face to the side!

She asks why her face annoys him so much. Changing the topic, Hyun tells her that he suspects she is one of the people who could have sent him the email that made him come to Korea. However, the possibility of it being JiAn is very low and he has the least interest in ‘solving the puzzle’ that she is. JiAn says it’s the first time she has been last since she was born (I like her stubbornness).

Picture42 Picture43

JiAn explains that SeungHoon is leaving the country in two days and that they haven’t got a warrant to approach YoonJi. She keeps talking, telling him they are running out of time, but stops when she notices his ‘I-couldn’t-care-less-shoot-me-now’ expression.

JiAn changes tactic and tells him to think about how terrible she must feel to be here and indebted to him again. She explains that she can’t think of an above-board method of getting evidence and that even though God didn’t give Hyun a good personality (Ha!), He gave him intelligence. Hyun asks if that is all, and JiAn quickly says that he has boldness, she starts to insult him, saying that he is shameless, but stops herself and just says ‘I like your boldess.’

He asks her what she really wants, and replies to get SeungHoon by any means.

Picture44 Picture45

JiAn’s comment about separation seems to amuse Hyun (but not in a good way) and he agrees to help her. However, there is a price. He tells her this is a debt she has to repay him, to this JiAn says ‘can’t I just repay you with a very thankful heart?’ (I’m starting to really love her wit).

He smiles and shakes his head and in the end she agrees to pay him back. They then go to look for the missing evidence.

In doing that they go to an art museum (which confuses JiAn). While there, she gets a Picture46text message, however, it is in Chinese. She dismisses it as a possibility of voice phishing (but you know it’s going to be important later on!)

While looking at some art, the hyung, BongSeung, from before comes round the corner, talking to himself:

“What are the ghosts doing not taking him away already?”

He then walks up to them, changing his tone. Before either can speak BongSeung says that he hasn’t had sufficient time to find the paintings whereabouts. Hyun cuts him off, saying that they will talk about that privately and that he is here for a different request.

BongSeung is going to be admitted into hospital so that JiAn can visit him, well that’s the plan. Of course BongSeung has no idea what Hyun is talking about. Hyun tells him that it is a way to repay his debt (BongSeung doesn’t even know what he did to be in Hyun’s debt lol). Hyun says that he always gets repaid, this causes JiAn to look a little worried.

Picture47 Picture48

JiAn gets into the VIP hospital and finds YoonJi’s room. YoonJi tells her that she has nothing to say to the police, that SeungHoon was not the man with the purple flowers. JiAn tells her that she doesn’t regret her decision to call her and warn her, that JiAn would have regretted if anything had happened to YoonJi if she had not.

JiAn has a suspicion. She tells YoonJi that if SeungHoon is the criminal he would have had several things with him at the time the pair met.

Picture49 Picture50

We see JiAn and Hyun talking about the missing evidence and he tells her to think through each situation she can think of and it will be there. Hyun explains that the wounds on YoonJi’s face were dealt with first and a full body checkup was not done.

When Att. Jung showed up by YoonJi’s bed, we see more. She hands over the evidence to him (no doubt Jung’s idea, due to the fact SeungHoon called him from the crime scene).

Back at the hospital room, YoonJi tells JiAn that she ‘writing a novel’. JiAn persists. She understands that YoonJi felt threatened, but JiAn is disappointed that she isn’t going to testify, that women have been killed and women after could be killed as well by SeungHoon. YoonJi says that it has nothing to do with her and refuses to testify.

Picture51JiAn tells her that she thinks the same as the man who came up with the hypothesis and says, ‘The wrong choices will eventually have a price that needs to be paid’.

JiAn leaves her card. While alone YoonJi thinks back to what Att. Jung said before he left – ‘Now, you too are an accomplice in crime’ – and cries

Disrupting his dinner, JiAn calls Hyun to tell him that she failed to persuade YoonJi. She says that she suspects Att. Jung took the evidence. She wonders if Att.Jung is just simply doing the clean up or if there is more to it.

JiAn asks what he is doing, and suggests that they eat together when he tells her he is eating alone. He refuses and hangs up.

Picture52 Picture53

Hyun starts to eat, but is again disrupted. BongSeung, who is bored, wants to know why Hyun hasn’t visited him yet. Hyun sends him a text, saying sorry and that if he well rested can leave. Suffice to say BongSeung is not pleased, he throws down his phone and even his half eaten banana onto the bed (his predicaments make me laugh).

Picture54 Picture55

While eating, Hyun thinks about what JiAn said, asking if he was lonely. He then imagines his father and Min sitting with him (excuse me while I go cry, that smile got to me).

Picture56It’s a new day and JiAn is rushing to work when she gets a call. However, the person on the other end is speaking Mandarin (I’m assuming), JiAn has no idea what they are saying, so asks if they speak English, thankfully they do, but the traffic noise makes it impossible for her to hear.

Meanwhile, Hyun gets a call from SeungHoon, who is boasting that they missed the deadline. SeungHoon asks why he didn’t catch him and brings up his threat from before. Hyun says not to leave, causing SeungHoon to laugh (even the guy next to him thought the laugh was creepy weird! ha). SeungHoon tells Hyun that he has lost and that he will return to Korea to fulfil the promise in the future.

The team is frustrated and disappointed that the plane would have left by now. However, the fact that Hyun is rather pleased with himself at home, means this isn’t a failurePicture57 just yet.

When the plane lands an air hostess tells SeungHoon to please remain in his seat. As he is asking what is going on, two customs officers enter the plane. He is under arrest for the possession and distribution of drugs (Ha!)

Back at the police station, while MyeongWoo is looking through CCTV, EunHyuk comes in and gives him a drink and tells him that he is going to watch with him (is it weird if I sort of ship this?…) 

Picture58 Picture59

EunBok and SeungJoo burst into the room to tell them that SeungHoon has been arrested in China due to drug possession. They say that he won’t be sentenced to death, but as his status means nothing in China, he is likely to get life. A tip was given to the Chinese authorities.

We then see JiAn looking confused by the Chinese phone calls and mails she has been getting. She uses Google Translate (god I love her so much!) and is shocked by what she reads. Suddenly, JiSoo comes out, wanting an explanation to why JiAn sent a request without approval. JiAn has no idea how it happened, but then we are thrust back into her memory when Hyun asked to use her computer.

JiAn checks her emails and leaves a rather frustrated JiSoo behind, she calls Hyun in her car, telling him that they should meet. He texts JiAn his address.

JiAn gets to his childhood home and when he doesn’t come to answer the door she starts beating it about a bit, only to find that it’s open. This annoys her more and when she sees him, just sitting and reading, she throws her bag at him.

Picture60 Picture61

She asks if this is all his doing and he calmly (with that smug smile) says that he was simply fulfilling her request. JiAn tells him that even so, he has handed over a citizen to another country. Hyun is not concerned, so JiAn changes topic asking why he used her name and not his own. Of course, Hyun has the answer that he is not authorised to use government resources.

JiAn calls him a shameless jerk when he tries to imply that using her name was part of the price, but Hyun sent the email before she made the request to him. She then asks if he wants to be pinned down, saying that she was good at martial arts in the police academy (pfffft). 

Picture64Hyun asks if she wants to see who is more shameless out of the pair. He asks her how many times she crawled into this house. JiAn says that she has never been to this house before, but Hyun asks how she knew the address. JiAn shows Hyun the text he sent, but he reveals that he sent the wrong house number. If she had gone where he had sent she would have turned up at a house down the street.

He says that she probably didn’t memorise the address, just knew by looking at the area which was his house.

Picture65 Picture66

Hyun tells her that he is bored, so is going to solve the ‘last place puzzle’. The episode ends with him asking ‘What’s your identity?’ (Looks like he’s slowly getting his memory back!)



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