Midnight’s Girl (Episode 4) Recap~

Even though this episode was only around 7 minutes long, it left me feeling happy with the cute events that filled it.

Picture1 Picture2

We open up with the last minute of the previous episode. SeRa says that there is another customer and promptly let’s go of JiDan’s arm, causing him to fall to the floor (pffft).

A young woman (Yerin of GFriend) then comes into the room and tentatively asks if she is in the right place and shows the pair (JiDan now standing) her phone. However, the name of the karaoke place is different.

Picture3She goes to leave, but SeRa tells her that if she is looking for a group of four others, then they might be the people in room 3. The woman walks past them, and JiDan starts to protest, but SeRa clamps her hand over her mouth and even shushes him.

The woman looks through the door window and sees the group of four men singing (pretty well actually), she sees one in particular, gasps and steps to the side. The man (SangDo of Topp Dogg) in particular then comes out and notices her, but she leaves quickly, while he heads to the bathroom.

Of course at the desk, SeRa stops her from leaving the building. SeRa says that she went to the wrong place, but here she found the sunbae she has a crush on. She asks the woman if she thinks that is destiny.

Picture4 Picture5

We then see the man return from the chilly bathroom and when he enters the karaoke room the lights turn on and the girl starts singing. She is very quiet and shy, but she has a sweet sounding voice. We then see his three friends playing little instruments at the side (cute~).

Picture6 Picture7

We are then shown a few clips of their university life. The pair obviously like each other, however, her shyness and him not being able to go up to her because she tends to be surrounded by friends has stopped them getting closer.

Her singing becomes a lot stronger and when she is finished she says that she is sorry. He walks up to her and says that he is the one that is sorry, that YeEun had to come to him first. He then says that from now on he will come to her and that she just has to be in front of him. His friends then start cheering.

Picture8 Picture9

The pair then begin to sing a duet and I will be honest and say that I was paying more attention to the three in the back. They were wonderful. And they also produced sparklers from out of nowhere. Perfect. (I believe they are also members of Topp Dogg and Under Dogg, however I’m not too sure).

JiDan and SeRa are watching what is happening through the door window. SeRa says that because they are singing so sincerely, the message of the song is coming across. JiDan’s thoughts then take us back to after his audition. He asks one of the judges why he keeps eliminating him, even though his technique is good. The judge says that he should do his own music, that he isn’t sincere when he sings other people’s songs.

Picture10 Picture11

Back in the present, SeRa explains that music can move someone’s heart with the message of someone’s mind. SeRa says that it is like magic. JiDan doesn’t reply, but smiles, while SeRa smiles too.

Thank you for reading~


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