Midnight’s Girl (Episode 3) Recap~

This episode we find out a few things about our main leads. This drama definitely has a way of making you smile ^^

Picture1 Picture2

We open with JiDan lying in bed talking to KwangCheol on the phone. JiDan asks if he hired a part-timer, to which KwangCheol replies he knows nothing about. KwangCheol wonders if President Kim hired her and tells JiDan that he has to still work nights, even though he doesn’t want to, and that he shouldn’t split pay with her, seeing as how they didn’t hire her. KwangCheol then hangs up.

JiDan heads into “Four Beats” and turns on the lights. He then wonders where the switch is for the ‘fancy lights’, aka the fairy lights SeRa turned on. He searches for it, and looks under the desk. A voice suddenly speaks ‘Asura Balbalta’, and JiDan smacks his head on the walls as he comes up quickly.

Picture3JiDan asks him why he came in so quietly, to which the man responds that he is using the physical and spiritual sides of the world, so that he can pass easily into eternity. He does a lot of arm waving and then holds out his hand. JiDan gives him a note and then asks him to leave.

As the man begins to leave, he stops and looks around. He says that the place is full ofPicture4 energy that cannot leave, but cannot stay. Of course JiDan has no idea what he is talking about. The man continues that “Four Beats” is a thin opening between the human world and the world of Buddha. He then leaves. And JiDan is still confused.

In the park, at lunchtime, JiDan tells his friend, BumGoo all about what the man said. BumGoo says that means that the ghost rumours must be true. Much to JiDan’s frustration. BumGoo then changes topic and asks if the new part-timer is pretty. JiDan says that she is, very pretty. This causes BumGoo to ask more questions, such as her name, Picture5age and what celebrity she looks like. He then gets frustrated to hear that JiDan doesn’t know. JiDan says he isn’t interested in knowing those things, she just came to work.

Changing the subject again, BumGoo whips out a piece of paper. Super Voice 6 application form. JiDan is not happy. BumGoo tells him that if you don’t succeed at first, you should try again. JiDan calls him a jinx and then leaves. BumGoo tries to follow, but JiDan shouts at him to go away and tries to kick him.

It is now midnight, the “Four Beats” sign suddenly flickers on and the door bell signals SeRa’s arrival. She knocks on the desk, waking JiDan up. He wonders when he fell asleep, saying that whenever he meets BumGoo he gets really tired. SeRa asks if Picture6BumGoo is his friend and JiDan replies that it’s complicated and he would describe him more as dust, dirt or dust mites, but comes to conclusion he is a rice weevil.

SeRa says that is cute and we are then gifted with a BumGoo as a rice weevil.

Thinking of BumGoo, JiDan asks, rather sheepishly, if she has an identification card. She says that she doesn’t have it with her and suddenly changes the subject by opening the till, complaining that it’s always empty and asks if he is stealing from it. He shuts the till and defends himself, that he would never do something like that.

JiDan then asks what her age is, to which SeRa completely ignores and asks if he changed the flyers. He throws a bunch of paper down in front of her on the desk and she is not impressed. JiDan shouts that she should just do it then and calls her a senseless person. Even so, SeRa says that couples will come to “Four Beats”.

Picture7 Picture8

JiDan then asks what her name is and she replies, tentatively that her name is SeRa, Min SeRa. JiDan says that just like her name, her appearance is fancy. SeRa explains that what she is wearing is what she does magic in. She then spins around and suddenly she is wearing a top hat. SeRa then pulls out a bouquet of flowers and hands them to JiDan, saying that she is a ‘magic princess’. JiDan corrects her saying meant ‘magical princess’, but he still praises her as a good worker.

SeRa then asks if she should guess his name, using magic.

Picture9 Picture10

She then thinks hard and then happily says Gong JiDan. He asks her how she knew and we are sent to his audition for Super Voice. The judges are not impressed, saying that his technique is good, but that he has no emotion. He fails to pass the round.

Back to SeRa and she says that he is the one that failed. He tells her to stop, because it isn’t a good memory. She asks if he sings anymore and he says that he doesn’t, because of the public humiliation.

JiDan tells her that he was crazy, just because people old him he could sing when he Picture11was younger doesn’t mean he could be a singer. SeRa then says that it’s a shame, as she likes people who sing well the best.

JiDan says that everyone can sing, you don’t have to be good, you just have to enjoy singing and it’s good. SeRa listens and then agrees with him, she then tells him not to forget what he said.

Picture12 Picture13

Suddenly SeRa says that costumers are coming and that there are a lot. Then in comes four young men, who say that it is better inside than they thought. SeRa leads them into a karaoke room and JiDan stares after them in amazement. He asks aloud to himself ‘who is she really?’ and ‘is she is a fortune-teller?’

Picture14 Picture15

SeRa comes out of the karaoke room, and wonders where the tambourine is. She is then goes through (literally) the door opposite her. JiDan sees and is shocked. He gets up to investigate, when a hand taps him on the shoulder. He turns and is doubly shocked to find SeRa facing him.

The episode end with shocked and confused faces all round.

Thank you for reading~


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