Midnight’s Girl (Episode 2) Recap~

This little webdrama is so fun and hilarious. This episode was very funny and rather adorable as well. Sera is a wonderfully intriguing character and I love Nam Taehyun’s face. His expressions are priceless!

After Ji Dan finds out she is a part time employee, he notices the fairy lights on the ceilings and asks if they had always been there. Sera says that he wouldn’t have noticed because he is gloomy, that it is written all over his face, she even says that it reads, “I’m just living because I can’t die.” Suffice to say Ji Dan is not impressed.

Sera then takes a closer look at Ji Dan, startling him. She says that he looks like Picture1someone familiar, however she must be wrong because she thinks that person is more handsome.

She then finds the flyer and complains that no one will come if they see this because it has no concept. Ji Dan says that no one will come because the location is bad, to which she disagrees, saying it’s all about the concept! He tells her to think of a concept then, to which she puts forward having weddings there… We then get a rather creepy picture of the two in wedding outfits.

Picture 2 Picture3

He asks is she is going to marry spirits, and Sera agrees that the concept is a little iffy. Her next idea is a ‘Health and Fitness Karaoke’, which to me actually sounds like a great idea haha and the “vision” Ji Dan has in his head of this is hilarious. He waves the idea away, saying that you wouldn’t want to die here. He says that her ideas aren’t realistic.

Picture5 Picture4

Even though he is worn out by her suggestions, she enthusiastically puts another forward. Sera begins to perform some magic tricks, which entrances Ji Dan, her idea for the concept is “Fancy Magic Show”, saying that she wanted to be a magician at one point. She says that she needs to get customers and heads out quickly, leaving Ji Dan wondering when she prepared for the tricks.

Almost immediately after Sera leaves, a woman storms into “Four Beats” asking which room to go in. She is soon followed by her boyfriend and they begin to argue, the woman telling him to go meet his friends at a PC room and not to worry that her throat is going to ‘blow up’ and she will die from singing. She then storms off and Ji Dan asks how long he will be staying, to which the boyfriend says that they will be leaving quickly.

On cue, Sera enters and tells him to stay for 30 minutes, telling him it will lighten the Picture6mood and even does some whining aegyo. The woman shouts from the room asking if he’s putting in any time and he agrees, then heads to the room the woman entered, looking a little overcome by the situation.

Ji Dan asks if she really brought them in and she responds by saying to put in two hours for them, even though they only asked for 30 minutes. She then goes into the refrigerator and he looks at it shocked, stumbling over his words to ask her where the drinks came from. She calmly says that they were delivered a little while ago and then starts to nag that he doesn’t know how vendors work, or the lights and asks if he really is an employee.

Then on the tray she is holding, cocktail drinks and snacks suddenly appear and she Picture7says that the first rule of magic is to always be prepared. Her character is rather fun and I think finding out about her is going to be interesting.

The couple in the karaoke room are sat apart and the woman is flipping, rather aggressively, through the song book, while the boyfriend begins to complain that it’s been 10 minutes and they haven’t sung yet. The woman says it’s her choice when she chooses to sing. The two begin to argue and the man decides to leave with the woman telling him not to call her again.

When he stands up Sera is in the room, with the tray of drinks and snacks, which they didn’t order. Sera says it’s on the house. To spite the woman he is with, he drinks both of the drinks and then goes to leave again. Sera stops him and tells him that he has to sing a song because he drank and he has a time limit of one minute to start singing, otherwise he has to pay double the amount for the drinks he had. She says it’s the rules and smiles sweetly.

Ji Dan is peeking into the room and says to himself that Sera is no ordinary girl.

The man presses in a number, however, Sera looks at the screen and it changes, much to the confusion of the man. Sera then says that the minute is over and he must sing. She then asks what song they first heard together, the woman saying he wouldn’t know, meanwhile he says that there is no way he wouldn’t not know. Once again Sera looks at the screen and the song changes. The pair look surprised and the man cautiously stands up and takes the microphone from Sera.

While he is singing, we are sent into a cute flashback of him buying flowers for the Picture8woman. They then share a drink at a cafe, then sit outside and listen to music. Back in the room, Sera produces flowers out of thin air and gives them to the man, he in turn gives them to the woman, telling her he is sorry and not to be mad. She is still not impressed and much to his surprise Sera tells him to get on his knees.

Picture9 Picture10

The man says he will be better and asks if she will forgive him. The woman does. Meanwhile, Ji Dan is rather amazed at what he just witnessed. We then see the couple singing together, while Sera does her flower petal magic trick.

Picture11 Picture12

At 06:25am the “Four Beats” sign light goes out and we see Ji Dan wake up after having been asleep at the front desk. He looks on the counter and picks up some petals and asks what they are. Did the events of the night really happen?

Thank you for reading~


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