The Lover (Episode 10)~

Overall, this episode showed how endearing many of the characters are and I’m glad we are getting to see some mature sides to Young Joon.

We open up this episode with Do Si and Doo Ri, doing what looks to be yoga. In voice over the pair explain that couples who live together have a special ability, they know how the other person is feeling without even speaking.

1 Picture2

We are then shown subtitles of the conversation between them, the pair not speaking and the volume silent apart from them moving around. Inevitably with these two, they begin to argue and DooRi  “says” ‘Don’t curse you idiot’, to which he “replies”, in true DoSi style, that he “said” shoes. He then “asks” if she called him an idiot.

The pair continue to do couple exercises, still not talking, but talking nonetheless. Going from topics of indigestion to DoSi not wanting to do any more exercise. From this him needing to go out and DooRi asking why.

The silent couple mind talk abruptly ends when DoSi has had enough of exercising and causes DooRi to unceremoniously fall to the floor, he walks away and DooRi finally speaks, out loud, and says ‘that bastard.’

I like how this shows that they have been together for a long time and can read each other well, just by body language.

Picture4 Picture5

We move to apartment 610, where Jin Nyeo is folding laundry and Young Joon is eating (how is this man not the size of a bear?). The pair are watching a Kdrama (Reply 1997) and in voiceover Jin Nyeo explains that girls have words that they want to hear.

It then shows several scenes of girls in the drama asking, ‘oppa why do you like me?’ Young Joon picks up on it saying that girls say it a lot, to which Jin Nyeo responds by excitedly asking him the question.

Young Joon instantly regrets pointing it out and thinks he should have just kept quiet. He responds that she is good at cooking to which Jin Nyeo isn’t that pleased about, asking him to say more. Young Joon should definitely have not said anything. As she keeps asking for more, her mood rapidly declines, she also looks to get a bit angry.

Once again she asks for more, to which Young Joon continues to rack his brain for answers. The music becomes pretty intense and you just know that this is not going to end well for him.

He tries to apologise and asks what he did wrong. He continues to think hard about what JinNyeo wants to hear. He gets all excited and jumps about when he thinks he has it, however ‘you’re clever’ is not the right answer and he get hit on the head and then with a sock in the face a few times, all the while Jin Nyeo keeps asking for more reasons.

Picture6 Picture7

In the end she hits him with a pillow, voicing over that girls want to hear that they are pretty and that it seems like a lie when she hears those words.

In the Takuya/JoonJae apartment, the pair are also watching the same drama. Takuya sidles up next to Joon Jae on the sofa and asks:

Picture8 Much to JoonJae’s surprise. Takuya is intent to get JoonJae to give him a reason. After much thought, and Takuya doing rather a lot of aegyo, JoonJae answers that he is pretty.

When Takuya is about to ask more on that, his phone rings and Takuya answers and happily begin to chat to the person on the other end. Meanwhile, JoonJae who looks like he is in shock uses this chance to head to the bathroom.


JoonJae is upset and frustrated at himself for what he said. He begins to wonder if Takuya knows how he feels, that he may be pretending not to know, or if he really doesn’t. JoonJae thinks that maybe he wanted Takuya to know his feelings before he told him.

Back at apartment 610, Jin Nyeo voices over that even though couples share, there are always secrets that are hard to reveal.


She then looks into the fridge and there are 3 giant strawberries and that is it. I’m thinking this is a dream.

Even so Jin Nyeo is super happy and cutely twirls, holding one of strawberries. She squeals and asks how it is so big and calls it pretty, even hugging it tightly. However, JinNyeo falls of the sofa where she was sleeping and wakes up.

JinNyeo thinks that is may be a conception dream and takes a pregnancy test, thinking all the while that it probably isn’t the case. However, the test is positive. JinNyeo is a little frustrated at Young Joon’s childish behaviour and thinks that he is too young to raise a child, which is very true right now.

Young Joon notices that she is acting strange, not drinking soju, spacing out etc. and asks if she is on her menopause… definitely the wrong thing to say to a woman!

Jin Nyeo finally gets to have some strawberries, by giving Young Joon the money to get them and saying he can keep the change. When he comes back he asks her if she is pregnant, however he asks it in a joking way.


She then says what if she were pregnant, they sit in silence for a little while until Young Joon asks her what she would like to eat, that he would go buy it for her with his own money. His reaction is making me so happy.

He seems totally on board with the idea of having a child and even told JinNyeo not to worry about what he said earlier, and that he wouldn’t mind what sex the child was. He even says that he has been thinking about having a child for a while. I really hope this isn’t a false alarm, having a child could make their relationship stronger and him more mature.

The pair went to a clinic and found out that JinNyeo is in fact not pregnant. JinNyeo says that it is a relief, however she is flustered and looks upset about it. Young Joon is upset that right now he can’t do anything for her and that she is apologetic to him, even though she shouldn’t be. That she is looking after him because he is young.

In the DoSi/DooRi apartment DooRi is looking for her phone, however she can’t find it. Rather than getting a new one right now, because they cost so much, she finds her old phone. It has pictures on from when they first started getting to know each other. Picture12They talk about how they went to watch plays together and how he was more interested in her than the plays. DooRi laughs and calls him ugly and says that he is cheesy.

The continue to reminisce and DoSi sees a picture of her when she was younger, saying he hit the jackpot while taking the phone off her.

They continue to look at the pictures and DooRi wonders why there are only pictures of landscapes and not the two of them together, as she scrolls up, DoSi points and asks ‘who’s that?’ He swipes the phone off her and starts moaning and calling the man in the pictures names, to which DooRi says that the man is her dad. She then gets angry because he called her dad bastard and said he looked like he had a criminal’s face. Shouldn’t DoSi know what her dad looks like by now?

It then gets awkward because they realise that the phone isn’t DooRi’s, but her fathers and that the pictures, meaning the memories, were her dads and not theirs. Even so they are both happy that they got to think back to an earlier time and to gain strength from more innocent times. I love how sweet and deep this couple is ♥

We move on to Young Joon playing with his “action figures”, of which there are a few Frozen characters. JinNyeo runs into the room, saying that he is number one in the search engine rankings. The two then start to panic and think about what he could have done! He then gets a call from his manager, saying that he doesn’t need to worry and that the manager is on his way to the apartment.

Young Joon told his manager that JinNyeo is his cousin and so the manager, upon arrival, spends most of his time looking and JinNyeo. The manager starts to explain why he has gained popularity, using EXID as an example, who got popular from a fancam. This causes JinNyeo to get angry, thinking he could have uploaded a video of them having sex, which he hasn’t. She gets angry away when the manager says it was a ‘mouth video’, causing the manager to say that she had an ‘adult mentality’ and that he meant ‘crack’ video which sounds the same in Korean. Basically he uploaded a video showing Young Joon’s charms.


Because of a funny video he made from several clips Young Joon is now popular, for his weirdness, rather than his music. Which, sadly seems the truth in real life as well. The pair become super happy and hug tightly.

However, the manager then butts in and tells them that Young Joon has been offered a place on a romance variety programme (no doubt giving a shoutout to the fact Joon Young was on We Got Married). The programme entails him staying on an island with a female celebrity for 4 days and 3 nights. Suffice to say JinNyeo is not happy.

And neither is Young Joon, surprisingly. Jin Nyeo says that she would be okay and not okay with it, when asked by the manager to think like a female fan. However, Young Joon says that she would not be okay due to the skinship that he would undoubtedly have to do. He says that he should succeed through his music instead, much to the chagrin of his manager.

JinNyeo tells him to accept so that he can get popular before his album comes out and then can perform on music shows, she says that she is okay with it and then swaps to the female fans when the manager looks at her in confusion.

The two begin to argue and then start fighting because JinNyeo wants him to do it and Young Joon doesn’t (but instead of saying that he says he will get all the females numbers etc. silly boy). The manager then films the fight and sends it to a programme.

Later in the day Young Joon starts to try and apologise, but gets interrupted by his manager calling him, saying that he has an offer from another show ‘Seven Men’ where they play games etc. JinNyeo begins to get a little scared that the luck that is coming his way may cause the pair to drift apart.

The AND~

The cute little NG cuts at the end were so funny ^^

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this episode recap~


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