Heart to Heart (Episode 9)~

This episode made me sad, but mostly happy. This couple is so refreshing~

02:50 – I’m glad that Hong Do may have been confused seeing him hugging the girl, but she didn’t automatically jump to conclusions and actually wanted to go back in and ask.

03:45 – Yi Suk… that was too cruel.

04:18 – The music is so sad, but the battle of the car horns is making this scene less dramatic. I don’t know why, but that makes me laugh… ^^”

08:28 – So that’s why the ex girlfriend suddenly showed up, she doesn’t love the person she is going to marry. I kind of feel bad for her, but she shouldn’t have accepted the marriage proposal in the first place.

08:48 – Det. Jang must really love sushi :p

13:27 – Yi Suk really is an idiot. He expects Hong Do to explain why she left with Det. Jang (which is obvious in itself) and isn’t explaining what happened with is ex, when she overheard him talking about a bed and lipstick.

15:07 – That woman is so jealous that grandma Hong Do is getting more attention from the grandfather than she is. She needs to learn some manners though!

15:49 – pahaha Yi Suk told her to think of him as a grandson! How does he not recognise her?!

17:30 – Det. Jang is sweet and kind, but he is becoming a tad overbearing. Him always showing up unannounced is causing problems and Hong Do becomes uncomfortable most of the time.

19:18 – That conversation in the car with Hong Do and Det. Jang was great. I’m so amazed at how open all of these characters are and how (most of the time) they are aware of their flaws and voice them. These characters think and that makes the drama easier to watch and you are able to feel for them more because you know them more.



Thank you psychiatrist Uhm for putting my feelings into words! Yi Suk needs to sort out his attitude right now.

24:44 – ‘Shadow?’ – To me this just seems like stalking… hahaha ^^”

28:06 – NOOOO I believed in you Yi Suk. You were always there for Hong Do when you threw her into the deep end, to leave her like that was too unfair. You could have dropped her off or taken her with you! I feel so sorry for Hong Do right now.

32:14 – This is completely irrelevant to what is going on, but they are playing AOA ‘like a cat’ in the supermarket! I love that song~



Nooooo! I just want to hug her and tell her that this is not her fault at all!!

37:18 – It’s so sad that she is down, but he doesn’t realise it and only thinks she is sleepy T.T

37:55 – For a detective he sure does hit Yi Suk a lot, does he not understand that that is assualt?!

38:12 – pahahahahaha of course Yi Suk would retaliate with slaps rather than fists ^^”

OMG!! Yi Suk bit Det. Jang’s thigh!!!

And now his ear!!!

39:09 – Yi Suk should sue him for sure!!! How can the police that were called just leave after finding out Det. Jang is a detective. Although it would help Yi Suk if he didn’t sound drunk :p

42:03 – These two are both idiots. smh. The problem with Det. Jang is that he seems to see her more of an accessory sometimes, someone for him to look after and ‘own’. Whereas, Yi Suk wants her to do things on her own, he wants her to not need to lean on someone so much. I think both of them have great personalities, and everyone has flaws, but I think Yi Suk is better suited for Hong Do.

42:50 – Hong Do is going to stop dressing up as a grandma, this is such a huge step, I hope she can work through this and somehow stay with grandfather as his secretary (or whatever her actual job is haha ^^”)~


All I have to say is pahahhahahahahahahaha~

How did they even get back to Yi Suk’s house?!

44:40 – I love how Se Ro is so oblivious to how much he wants to leave and is talking about marriage haha Also Det. Jang looks like he is rushing from the house like he just slept with Yi Suk rather than slept on his floor!

46:01 – Ko Se Ro is so cute :3

49:25 – I thought she wasn’t going to dress up as a grandma anymore… this is getting so complicated haha Instead of two guys after her, Hong Do has three now :p

53:20 – Ahhh Yi Suk is so in the deep end with Hong Do!! I love that their relationship is moving so naturally forward and that their feelings for each other grew and didn’t just pop up out of nowhere ♥

54:54 – It’s DoSi from The Lover!!!!… it had to be announced haha

55:40 – Whenever I see Butler Ahn I always get the urge to sing the matchmaker song from Fiddler on the Roof hahaha~ His relationship with the grandfather is lovely.

56:35 – wait is the grandfather having a heart attack because the friend died and he can’t take her to the show thing anymore?! I hope he is okay!!!

58:28 – I can’t stop smiling!!! Yi Suk is right, he doesn’t lie to her and is always straight when she asks and sometimes even when she doesn’t ask. I love that they both have such courage and trust in each other to be so open. They also act like adults and talk things through!

1:01:33 – okay that was a cute ending! Showing Hong Do that people have things that aren’t seen as ‘normal’ or ‘beautiful’ to society still go out into the world and own their appearances is a great message to send her. And they are too cute, they both have super adorable smiles :3

Thank you for reading and I hope you liked what I had to say ^^


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