Heart to Heart (Episode 8)~

The beginning of this episode hurt my heart, the middle was absolutely adorable and I am in love with all of these characters for most of the time, and then the episode ended with the beginning and now my heart hurts again… *cries*

01:12 – NOoOOOo Hong Do looks so happy and she’s skipping, why cause drama now *cries* There better be a good reason for him to be hugging that woman!

01:29 – oh Det. Jang is there… this whole scene is making me sad and the episode hasn’t really started yet and I’m going to have to watch it all over again at the end… T.T

02:45 – 1. they showed the hug and kiss again :3 2. Lovesickness… he looks so happy that that’s what her symptoms could be instead of a cold! cutie ^^

07:24 – I really like how Hong Do and Yi Suk can talk so openly with each other. It’s so refreshing for the main leads to be able to do that, but because of that opening I’m scared that misunderstandings will still occur!!

Also, it’s always so sweet how he opens up about his feelings for her ♥

10:00 (ish) – This whole scene is so sweet. He does have good ideas about how to treat her problem and he always puts his point across well. Also, them laughing together is too cute for me to handle ♥

13:19 – I like that he is forewarning her that things could go wrong with their relationship. That he thinks that he will do what he always does and get ‘tired’ of the relationship and want out. I’m happy that no matter what does happen he will do the best he can for her until that time comes.

Also so much cute hugging!!:


14:32 – I can’t with these two!! They are too adorable~ How Hong Do was hugging herself and Yi Suk with the cute noises he was making in the car.

18:58 – Forcing her outside without her helmet is a bit harsh, but she is doing so well so far, but she might have reached her limit poor baby:


Also, how does she not know that he was following her with all the ruckus Yi Suk was making?!

19:39 – awww I love that he saw that she was struggling and phoned her and pushed her on!! Love these two ^^

21:42 – Se Ro and Yi Suk are definitely related. They are both a little strange and straightforward. I wonder if he will actually answer those questions for her :p I wish she were more considerate of her mother’s illness, especially as he brother is a psychiatrist, you’d think she would be more understanding.

30:15 – This consultation was both sweet and heartbreaking. I’m glad Hong Do scolded him about how he was treating Eun Ho, it shows that she isn’t afraid to stand up to him and tell him when he is wrong/being problematic, once again showing their closeness.

36:15 – Yi Suk’s relationship with psychiatrist Uhm is sweet, she is like a mother to him in some ways~

39:20 – I find it so amazing that Hong Do is able to be so open about how she feels and that she is able to tell Det. Jang. It really shows how much she has grown since the first episode.

43:55 – What Det. Jang is saying is actually really sweet (a little clingy) but sweet. He has finally acknowledged that the reason he didn’t act or even know his own feelings was because he thought Hong Do only had eyes for him and so when Yi Suk appeared that changed how he looked at everything. I hope that he finds someone to be happy with *cough* Se Ro *cough* because he really is a cutie pie who needs someone to love him back.

45:17 – a ship that isn’t so weird has arrived in my heart!! The grandfather and the house maid head lady (idk her actual job or name…. ^^”), but seriously though he had his bed covered in clothes trying to find the best outfit to impress Grandma Hong Do~ I have issues :p



Hong Do would make a good grand-daughter in law! She really knows how to compliment and make elders do things her way, must be because her grandmother was her only other company really.

This grandfather is willing to do anything Hong Do suggests hahaa That other lady doesn’t look too pleased!!

51: 33 – ‘You seem to treat me like your own puppy.’ Yi Suk’s grandfather is too adorable! I’m going to feel sad when he finds out grandma Hong Do isn’t ‘real’ and is ‘dating’ his grandson….

51:52 – Now this is a novel way to choose a helmet:


It’s cute though!!

54:55 – Hong Do and Yi Suk are killing me with cuteness :3

59:30 – NoOOOoo This is when the sadness began at the beginning of the episode!! She’s so happy and skippy, don’t do this to me!

My heart hurts… But after the drama is where the true cute and great stuff happens between the couples, so I have faith that my heart is going to hurt for most of the next episode, but then it will be happy again until the next lot of drama and misunderstandings happen… haha

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~ ^^


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