Heart to Heart (Episode 6)~

Overall, this episode was packed with all sorts of emotion and we are getting to know more and more about the characters. We are also seeing the characters, especially Yi Suk and Det. Jang, think more deeply about their feelings for Hong Do.

Yi Suk also continues to act like the one who needs to see a doctor haha~

00:09 – The intro for this drama is so cute and creative!

01:34 – Now I’m going to spend the rest of the drama worrying about Yi Suk!! Also, was that fire engine on its way somewhere else, because that smoke was obviously not meant to be coming out of the building…

04:21 – I love that they are like adults and friends, in that they can talk about sex etc. in a casual way. And that they can joke around with each other. I love that Hong Do is comfortable around Yi Suk. They are too adorable.

07:12 – I feel bad for Det. Jang, but he had 7 years, so I don’t feel so bad haha ^^”

10:10 – He really can be an idiot sometimes! Does Yi Suk not understand doctor/patient confidentiality? He knew how she would react, surely? And why does this place have cockroaches?! Ewww, so gross!


Really Yi Suk!! She hit you with a rolled up notepad! He is such a drama queen!

14:15 – Det. Jang is right! She does need to think/care about herself more and she has nothing to be sorry for. I’m glad Det. Jang is so caring and isn’t blaming Hong Do for anything.

15:44 – awww Yi Suk meant to go, like he always did after sleeping with his ex girlfriend, but ended up falling asleep with Hong Do!! He need to just admit to himself that he likes her! I mean he kissed her on the cheek while she was sleeping!

16:47 – Det. Jang could have offered her a lift. Rude :p

19:06 – The grandfather is so cute!



Why do these guys not have much sense when it comes to women? haha Anyway, I’m glad that she is breaking up with him, it would have hurt her even more in the long run. Even though we don’t really know who she is, she deserves to be happy with someone who actually loves her and wants to be with her.

23:20 – I could actually see Yi Suk hiring a private detective just to find out Hong Do’s address!! haha ^^”

25:17 – We have one angry detective on our hands.


This friendship is nice to watch! I like how they joke and tease each other. Det. Yang – thank kdramaland for comedy relief characters.

29:95 – Yi Suk is definitely starting to feel bad. I’m glad that they are showing that he also cares about her getting treatment as well.

31:31 – I love how Psychiatrist Uhm doesn’t take Yi Suk’s bratty behaviour and always puts him in his place when he’s being unreasonable.

Plus I want to know why he can’t see patients and the ringing and disorientation starts. What happened to him?! (I’m so impatient :p)


Yi Suk, everyone. hahaha the way he stuck his tongue out at her when he left the room, he really is childish sometimes! (Is that what makes him weirdly endearing?)

38:18 – Does Yi Suk’s mother not have his father’s number? Wouldn’t it be better for her is she did, considering her mental health?

39:43 – I really wouldn’t mind someone punching Yi Suk’s father…


I love that Yi Suk is so lovely to his family and the elderly! This scene is so funny so far! Poor Hong Do!

43:45 – Did Yi Suk’s father take his mother out just to have sex with her and then leave??

48:13 – Excuse me while I become super sad and want to hug Hong Do and never let her go!!

49:28 – Yi Suk… this guy is a trained psychiatrist and after she tells him about her family and cries about her grandmother, he asks her if she wants to date him! Why is it not possible to reach into the computer screen and hit him?! Or shake him?!

I like what he said, but not when he said it.

50:24 – awww that’s sad. Det. Jang’s grandfather passed away. Is this a way to emotionally connect the him and Hong Do later on?

54:45 – The second lead male has woken up and seems to want to be serious about Hong Do now, so the battle begins!! (in my opinion I think he is adorable, a bit naive but late to the game).

57:35 – Ah, so the fire engine was going somewhere else.

59:07 – There only seems to be smoke and no fire, and no Yi Suk…

59:21 – I have no words for how much I want to hurt Yi Suk right now.

59:36 – This is all because he wants her to realise that she cares for him… Yi Suk has reached a new level of stupidity.


You don’t know why she is trying to strangle you?! And you are a psychiatrist! Hong Do thought you were in real danger, not to mention she missed her bread date with Det. Jang! Idiot.

And so the episode ends with Hong Do strangling Yi Suk. haha :p

Also, is no-one worried about her rent situation? I mean, it’s been more than a week, right? And she had to pay a lot of money to her landlady…. I doubt her pay is that great at the moment!

Thank you for reading!


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