Heart to Heart (Episode 10)~

This episode really plays with the heartstrings. It took me a long time to finally watch the episode ending, but I did it! haha ^^”

The character development is moving along nicely as well as the integration of the secondary characters.

01:05 – I don’t know if I can deal with how intense and sad that opening scene was… please let this whole episode be adorable and cute so that I can forget how sad it is going to end!!

03:42 – the scene leading up to this was adorable! They are so cute together ♥ But I can’t help thinking that this:


a.k.a. the secret that she is the grandma working at his home and that his grandfather has a crush on is the reason for the beginning.

They have been so open with each other, but not on this and I thought she was going to stop dressing up as grandma Hong Do!!

06:56 – Hong Do and Yi Suk are so cute together. Yi Suk is basically radiating cuteness right now :3

I’m a little upset that he didn’t kiss her and we didn’t see the two cooking together! I want to see him in a frilly cute apron… but I don’t suppose he’d have one… hahaha ^^”

07:42 – aahhh Det. Jang is adorable, but he is becoming more over bearing as the episodes are coming along… to be honest I shouldn’t dislike him because this behaviour if done by the leads wouldn’t really be a problem… I still like him, but I wish he would understand that he is crossing the line a lot and even making Hong Do uncomfortable.

11:50 – The grandfather is so adorable!! And I really like his relationship with butler Ahn, he is more like a son than the actual son.

Also I can see this ending so badly, I mean the grandfather has heart problems and he is going to find out sooner or later that she isn’t an actual grandma and is dating his grandson. It’s sad and kind of awkward, but still fun to watch.

14:50 – Hong Do went to the bank without her grandma disguise!! She’s progressing!! This is such a good thing for her and even though she has a huge scarf on she isn’t wearing her helmet which is her crutch. Hong Do is definitely doing well at the moment.

19:50 – 1. Hong Do keeps trying to explain her part time job but keeps stopping, she needs to speak up before it gets out of hand! 2. That was too cute! Yi Suk’s little kisses ♥ Why did grandfather have to walk in and interrupt?!

31:25 – This idiot thought he’d only want her for three months… that is definitely not the case anymore.


That little giggle after he said this though :3

37:22 – wow Grandpa has game! Quoting poetry and saying nice things. I fear that him having heart troubles at the moment will force her to stay…

45:05 – I love that Yi Suk leapt over the table to help Hong Do when he saw that the guy was hurting her and I love that Hong Do started cursing at the guy haha

48:03 – Okay, I was totally upset for both characters, Hong Do and Det. Jang, but saying that he wished she remained broken! what the hell, now I’m just angry at him!!!

50:27 – I’m kind of worried because that was the scene from the beginning, does that mean the actual ending scene is going to be sadder?! *cries*

56:14 – I feel that something bad is going to happen and it has to be about her being the grandma… I don’t know if I can watch this yet…. I dread super awkward or sad moments!!! T.T

57:05 – That poor lady, how does the grandfather not know that she likes him!! I mean she nearly keeled over with joy when he started talking about moving in together. Hopefully he sees it and changes his attentions to her….

59:56 – This is pretty much my face right now too:


This ending is taking me so long to watch, I can’t deal with how awkward it is and how sad I feel it may be too *cries*

My heart isn’t fit for this!

1:00:41 – NOOooOO I can’t do this!!!! I’m getting second hand embarrassment for her right now and it hasn’t even happened yet!!

The end – After watching the preview I’m not as worried, but still…. ahhh I hope this gets resolved quickly and they all talk it out like they normally would.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~ ^^


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