The Lover (Episode 9)~

Overall, this episode was pretty funny and sweet. This episode really showed why I adore the DoSi/DooRi couple so much. I love all of their scenes in this episode ^^

01:28 – That little introduction about ‘happiness’ was actually really sweet and I like the definition of happiness she came to (I think it is DooRi in the voice over)~

07:08 – Young Joon’s table manners are practically non-existent. But what does he need to tell her and what does it have to do with the way he eats??

08:48 – ahh he’d bought something else and thought that if she kept noticing all his small habits then he would notice that.

But that was so gross, when he was shouting at her and bits of food were flying out of his mouth everywhere! I’m amazed all Jin Nyeo did was hit him with her spoon a few times!

Young Joon is such a child!


pahahahahahaha I love her reaction and the fact that Do Si actually stood like that (probably at her request) and waited for her to hand him the bananas ^^


pahahahhahahahahahaa this is why you don’t annoy and makes so much fun of Doo Ri because she will get you back!! haha those trousers though… :p

16:30 – I don’t understand why Seol Eun and Hwan Jong are together… they don’t seem to have anything in common or even really like each other…

And Seol Eun shouldn’t ever become a make up artist. I thought it was funny that because she kept going wrong, she only did half of HwanJong’s face haha


This is why this couple are my favourite. They can argue, be stupid or disgusting sometimes, but that’s what makes them human when you mix in this love that they have for each other. They are so adorable together ^^

24:20 – Joon Jae is trying to distance himself from Takuya before his feelings get too deep… so that he doesn’t hurt him and because he is going to leave… my poor baby!

24:57 – This scene between Takuya and Joon Jae was getting to my heart, until this happened:

Now I can’t stop laughing!! hahaha

25:49 – At the speed Takuya is peeling that apple, I don’t think Joon Jae should worry about Takuya ever leaving haha He is so slow!!

27:45 – So Joon Jae took over peeling the apple because Takuya cut himself and then Joon Jae cut himself, but didn’t say anything about it and then his voiceover wanted the pain he was feeling to just be from the cut, but he knew it wasn’t…. Joon Jae T.T Plus, Takuya is obviously feeling a little upset at Joon Jae’s standoffish behaviour.

I hope we get to see them again later in this episode.

29:14 – Jin Nyeo may end up hitting Seol Eun at some point in this scene haha Seol Eun does not know how to play well with others.

35:12 – After all that petty comparing of each other, sticking chests out, accentuating legs and talking about how much sex they have, they are just going back inside?!

I suppose it’s best, seeing as they both looked ready to kill each other haha

35:48 – Looks like it’s round two between Seol Eun and Jin Nyeo and they each have a new player on their side. I feel like this lift is going to take longer to reach its destination today haha

37:30 – I love how the men basically kept shutting down the women’s ways of upping each other.

38:32 – I really want to just refer to chicken as ‘kitchen’ now, but I don’t really use the word chicken often because I don’t eat meat and no one would understand the joke, because I don’t know anyone who watches this drama. Life is hard when you are a drama/kpop addict and don’t have any friends that are the same as you *cries* haha

40:30 – aaawww Doo Ri didn’t tell Do Si that she was ill so he could go out and meet up with his friends because he hasn’t done so in a while and now she is throwing up. Poor baby.

43:27 – That is so cute!! Do Si only went out for about 2 hours, and then he bought some medicine for Doo Ri and came home. He also told her that it was 3am so she wouldn’t feel bad and then stroked her head so she could fall asleep. This couple is so cute sometimes, I can’t handle it :3

Okay so those little NG cuts at the end were so cute. I love Jung Joon Young’s laugh.

But oh my days!! The preview for the next episode looks intense, especially for Jin Nyeo, is she pregnant?! Also it looks like things are going to get intense for the Takuya/Joon Jae couple.

I need the next episode now!! *cries*

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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