The Lover (Episode 8)~

Overall, this episode was pretty funny. It wasn’t the best that we’ve seen but I still laughed, was happy and even moved by scenes. There was a lot of DooRi/DoSi and even though I love them, I would have preferred there being some more scenes involving the other couples.

02:14 – Doo Ri can be harsh sometimes! I feel that Do Si is going to take revenge and it’s going to come back and bite him even worse. He has that kind of luck hahaha

03:28 – Do Si is losing it!! And how did he even get into this position??:


On a side note, I kind of want his hat~ :p

04:55 – The screams from the horror film that Doo Ri is watching are actually really scaring me!! I’m too much of a wimp ^^”

09:54 – Well Do Si is going to regret breathing soon… I mean this is the face of a woman who will kill:


15:45 – awww that was sweet, how Do Si knows how she is feeling and how to react to keep her happy etc. by hearing how she puts the code in for the apartment door.

19:10 – I’m just like Jin Nyeo when I try to throw things out! hahaha I love how she tried to force Young Joon into her jeans and then him falling about around the place trying to get them off. These two are odd but their relationship can be sweet and funny ^^

24:42 – Seol Eun totally wants to buy that laser hair remover for herself and is just using HwanJong’s birthday as an excuse haha

28:10 – pahahahahahhahahahahahahahaahahahhahahaha


oh my days, he paid actual money to get this done. How does this make him cool and look younger?!?! hahahaha :’D

29:32 – Do Si’s inspiration for his new look is Key?!?! My life is complete haha


30:50 – aww I feel bad for Do Si, he really did not pull the outfit off well at all. To be fair Key can basically wear anything and it looks good! ♥

33:30 – Joon Jae looks like he is in physical pain because he can’t tell Takuya he has food stuck in his front teeth… poor thing (also he called Takuya the person he likes in the voice over *dies*)

33:22 – If only the food wasn’t stuck between Takuya’s teeth, this could be some Secret Garden cuteness!!

40:22 – There are many things I thought I would never see or even think about in the first place and here I am watching this drama…. haha that foot scene was weird and gross… I’m amazed that Do Si didn’t accidentally kick her in the face!!

42:06 – Eeeeewwwwww he has athletes foot!! And she…. ugh!!! That’s gross!!!

44:00 – pahahaha that NG cut! Ryu Hyun Kyung (Doo Ri) gave the actor who is playing her brother a nosebleed while doing the scene from the previous episode when she thought his girlfriend was pregnant!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed what I had to say~


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