Save One Drop One || Forever 1 Promo Pictures β™₯ SNSD


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SNSD finally came back this year (August 5th) with their 7th Full Album which celebrates the groups 15 year anniversary since their debut. It’s the first album that the group has made in five years, including all members (except Jessica), despite several members not being under SM Entertainment anymore.

For this post I’ll be choosing my favourite between two promo pictures of each member. The promo on the left has the concept title of Mr Taxi and the promo on the right has the concept title of Cosmic Festa.

The pictures are from the Kpop Fandom Wiki~


I really like both of these pictures, especially when I just ignore the hand placements (they’re a little off). I like the colour palette of the Mr Taxi photo, while I like the cutesy aura of the Cosmic Festa photo. The headpiece that looks like antlers is adorable! If the Mr Taxi promo photo was cropped differently, or the hand placement was different, I’d choose it. However, for this round the picture on the right wins β™₯

Mr Taxi: 0 || Cosmic Festa: 1


I like how the pictures have a similar expression, but have completely different vibes. In the Mr Taxi picture, Sunny looks sophisticated. While in the Cosmic Festa picture Sunny looks cute. I wish the colour palette in the Mr Taxi picture was more interesting and she popped more, because it is kind of boring. On the other hand I really like the pinks and whites in the Cosmic Festa picture and it’s quirky and fun to look at.

Mr Taxi: 0 || Cosmic Festa: 2


I’m confirming in this post to myself that I don’t like pictures where a hand is draped over a person’s head… I really like the contrast between the vibrant pink dress and the blue drapes, as well as Tiffany’s expression in the Mr Taxi picture. However, in the Cosmic Festa, my girl is surrounded by pink and I know she was living her best life that day!

Mr Taxi: 0 || Cosmic Festa: 3


This is probably one of the easiest picks! The Cosmic Festa picture is so beautiful! Hyoyeon’s expression is really alluring and the antler crown and feathery dress somehow work wonderfully in this image! I love the background colours and who doesn’t love bubbles? On the other hand, the Mr Taxi promo picture makes me America’s Next Top Model… y’know where they have the group photo and someone disappears… yeah… just me? πŸ˜…

Mr Taxi: 0 || Cosmic Festa: 4


Both of these pictures are wonderful! I love the sparkly silver/white outfit and Yuri’s expression/pose in the Cosmic Festa promo picture. She’s so beautiful! However, I just love the length and outfit Yuri has in the Mr Taxi photo. She looks stunning and makes the frame so interesting β™₯

Mr Taxi: 1 || Cosmic Festa: 4


I love Sooyoung, but I found her promo’s to be a bit lacklustre. These were the main ones that I really like. I like the softness in her expression and pose in the Mr Taxi photo, but the lighting brings it down a bit. In the Cosmic Festa promo, her gaze catches you. I also really like the deep purples.

Mr Taxi: 1 || Cosmic Festa: 5


Yoona looks stunning in both pictures. I love the headpiece in the Cosmic Festa promo picture, she looks like a goddess β™₯ I think this picture would have been better if Yoona was alone or the background was more extravagant. In the Mr Taxi promo picture, I love the pose and hand placement. She looks great in the green and she stand out even with the car in front of her.

Mr Taxi: 2 || Cosmic Festa: 5


I was a bit disappointed with Seohyun’s promo pictures, but I did like these ones. I like the pose of the Cosmic Festa picture, but it’s an easy win for the Mr Taxi picture. Seohyun suits the aqua blue. Her pose and expression is also really beautiful/elegant β™₯

Mr Taxi: 3 || Cosmic Festa: 5

Cosmic Festa Wins!

While, I like the concept more of Mr Taxi with the simpler colour palette, I do prefer a lot more of posing and design elements of Cosmic Festa 🌌

What are your favourite promo pictures from this comeback? Let me know in the comments~

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you’re having a good day and staying safe β™₯


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