Tier Ranking f(x) and Solo Albums ๐Ÿ’– Tier List


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I am not musically inclined at all. In past posts where I have shared my thoughts on music, they are very subjective and I don’t know, nor understand a lot of music terminology. Suffice to say, I like a song because my brain says so and there may be absolutely no rhyme or reason.

I listen to a lot of music, especially Kpop, so I wanted to still showcase groups and soloists. I thought doing a tier ranking would be a fun way to do this! I’m also going to give a quick overview of how I feel about the album and my favourite songs.

To start, let’s discuss what my tiers are.

S – UNSKIPPABLE – An album that has a great song, one after the other!

A – MULTIPLE SONGS ON REPEAT – This is where the album is still solid, but there might be a couple of songs that hold it back from being in S Tier.

B – A MIXED BAG – This is kind of when the album has a mix of songs that are really great and a mix that are just so-so or even just not my cup of tea.

C – DISAPPOINTED – This is when I really like the group, but, the album doesn’t showcase their talent (in my opinion) or I went into it hoping it would be great and got disappointed instead. This one can be pretty broad.

D – NOT FOR ME – I never want to say that something is terrible or bad, because most, if not all things, are subjective. Especially where music is concerned. This category is for when an album just isn’t what I would listen to.

For my first Tier Ranking post, I’ve chosen to do f(x) albums. They are one of the first groups I got into, thanks to SHINee. I’m only doing Mini/Full Albums, so I won’t be including Sulli’s debut single album, but definitely check it out because she worked so hard on it โ™ฅ I really like Goblin and you can check the video out here~

f(x) are basically the girl version of SHINee, in that their music is very experimental and has a lot of interesting beats and the songs aren’t necessarily what you would imagine them being. As my taste has evolved over the years (I’m 27 even though right now I sound about 80), it’s meant that music I used to love has become something I’m not so sure on, or don’t enjoy actively listening to now.

f(x) debuted a five member girl group under SM Entertainment in 2009. The group is not disbanded, however, they have all embarked on their solo activities under different agencies.

I was surprised that I did rank some albums low as I do still listen to f(x), but I suppose I tend to just listen to the songs that really stick out in my mind, so much of the rest of the album disappears from my brain.

I also found myself not really wanted to include everything, because I did rate some solo work low and it hurts me. However, even though I was disappointed, you reading this might discover a favourite new album/artist โ™ฅ

Nu Abo (2010) 1st Mini Album

This was a mixed bag for me. I think there are some songs that are too focused on the alternative style of beats than the vocals. My favourites from the album is the same name title track Nu Abo, which is a fun song! The other is the pretty ballad Sorry (Dear, Daddy).

NU ์˜ˆ์‚์˜ค (NU ABO)

Sorry (Dear, Daddy)

Hot Summer (2011) 1st Album Repackage

I think this is a case where my music taste has changed so much since I used to listen to this a lot years ago. I really like LA chA TA and Chu~โ™ก. They are both super fun and cute songs. The rest of the album was just really disappointing. The two songs I really like were also previously released as the groups first singles.

๋ผ์ฐจํƒ€ (LA chA TA)


Electric Shock (2012) 2nd Mini Album

Another album that is a mixed bag for me. My thoughts are similar to Nu Abo in that I really like the same name title track (Electric Shock) and a ballad (Beautiful Stranger).

Electric Shock

Beautiful Stranger – f(Amber, Luna, Krystal)

Pink Tape (2013) 2nd Full Album

Pink Tape is the only album that I own (I really need to get some others!) and there are so many tracks that are wonderful! For the previous albums I just chose two songs, however, I couldn’t decided so have three for the A tier~ Rum Pum Pum Pum is iconic! Ending Page and Pretty Girl have wonderful vocals and beats โ™ฅ

์ฒซ ์‚ฌ๋ž‘๋‹ˆ (Rum Pum Pum Pum)

Ending Page

Pretty Girl

Red Light (2014) 3rd Full Album

Red Light has so many great songs! Red Light is one of my favourite concepts and I really love the dance routine for the same name title track. MILK is super catchy and Paper Heart is pretty. It’s my second favourite f(x) album โ™ฅ

Red Light


์ข…์ด ์‹ฌ์žฅ Paper Heart

4 Walls (2015) 4th Full Album

4 Walls is such a great album and is my favourite from f(x)! It was so close to being in the S tier โ™ฅ I have a lot of songs I love, but the ones below are my top three:

4 Walls

Rude Love

When I’m Alone

Listen to this track on Spotify here~

Amber – Beautiful (2015) 1st Mini Album

I remember listening to this album and it’s another case of my music taste changing because I went into this so excited, and was definitely disappointed. There was potential in the album, but I found it rather lacklustre. I did enjoy the super up beat and uplifting song Heights.


Luna – Free Somebody (2016) 1st Mini Album

Luna has one of the best voices in the industry and her 1st solo debut mini album has a lot of great songs! I will say, some don’t utilise her vocal’s enough, but I play the three songs below so much! โ™ฅ Free Somebody and Galaxy as Luna sounds amazing and they both have great beats, while Breathe is such a stunning ballad~

Free Somebody



Victoria Song (ๅฎ‹่Œœ) – Victoria (2020) 1st Full Album

This is Victoria’s 1st full solo album and it was disappointing. There are a mix of songs in Mandarin and English. Quite a few of the songs didn’t utilise Victoria’s vocal’s and sounded disjointed. I enjoyed the English ballad Broken Wings and the up-tempo ballad Functional Control. I couldn’t find official audio on YouTube, so I’ve included the Spotify links below~

Broken Wings

Listen to this track on Spotify here~

ๅฎ˜่ƒฝๆ”ฏ้… (Functional Control)

Listen to this track on Spotify here~

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you’re having a good day and staying safe โ™ฅ


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