Krystal x Allure Korea || 20.02.2019

I’ve discovered I don’t like a lot the Gramercy Park Hotel decor ^^” Krystal is a member of F(x), but because SM don’t care about my children, they haven’t had a comeback since 2015. That’s four years people! Anyway, Krystal has done a lot of modelling and acting during those four years, most notably in…… Continue reading Krystal x Allure Korea || 20.02.2019

4 Walls – F(x) MV/Song Review~

I’m going to be perfectly honest and say I was kind of disappointed by this song. I was expecting something more I suppose, especially because I loved the past two comebacks so much. I do think this type of song works well with all of their voices and their concept, but I just wanted more.…… Continue reading 4 Walls – F(x) MV/Song Review~