Krystal x Allure Korea || 20.02.2019

I’ve discovered I don’t like a lot the Gramercy Park Hotel decor ^^”

Krystal is a member of F(x), but because SM don’t care about my children, they haven’t had a comeback since 2015. That’s four years people!

Anyway, Krystal has done a lot of modelling and acting during those four years, most notably in Prison Playbook (2017). For more pictures and article check out Allure Korea

All clothes come from Coach 1941

krystal allure 1

Not gonna lie, I though that plant pot was a toilet at first haha

The cute floral dress is from Coach 1941 (£533.89 or KRW800,000). I like the simplicity of the outfit, and I like the view out of the window, but I wish this picture was taken somewhere else… I don’t like the immediate surroundings. I’m so picky ^^”

krystal allure 2

This is a cool shot. I swear kpop idols can wear anything and make it look good!

The alice in wonderland t-shirt (KRW110,000 or £71.84) is part of the DISNEY X COACH collaboration.

The wool jacket (KRW2,800,000 – £1,825.19) is not really my cup of tea. Too many colours! 

The skirt is cute and I like the two layers (KRW450,000 or £293.55). To complete the look, these boots are certainly something. They are fringed, as well as being a rather gaudy gold. Oh sorry, burnished platinum (that’s literally what they call the colour on the site haha).

krystal allure 3

This is my favourite shot of entire editorial. This gives expensive, young socialite feels. Krystal looks beautiful and the way she has positioned her hands is so pretty.

So it is a shame that I can’t find this dress on the Coach 1941 site!

krystal allure 4

That sofa needs to be burnt! It’s hideous! And throw the pillows on the fire too! 🤢

Thankfully, the outfit doesn’t suck! The cute hoodie is again a DISNEY X COACH collab and is the three kittens from The  Aristocats (KRW300,000 or £195.69). The skirt, which I believe also has a dumbo and floral print (KRW450,000 – £293.55).

The shoes are the same as before, the burnished platinum boots!

krystal allure 6

If this shot was cropped, I would prefer it. The glare of the light on the door ruins the shot for me. However, I do like the picture on the wall.

Both the adorable Dumbo jumper (KRW500,000 – £326.22) and the skirt are DISNEY X COACH. 

The trainers are inspired by ballet slippers (KRW550,000 – £358.75)... and I HATE them. HATE! I don’t really like trainers to begin with, but adding the ballet element makes them worse! And kpop idols wear trainers a lot I find. And I hate it. 


Photographer: JDZ Chung

Editor: Kim JiEun (김지은)

Stylist: Kim YeJin (김예진)

Hair: Jung Suni (정선이)

Make-Up: Lee SukKyung (이숙경)

Producer: Park InYoung (박인영)

Location: Gramercy Park Hotel – New York.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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