Son Ye Jin x Vogue Korea

손예진, 골드! || 23.03.22

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Son Ye Jin is a Korean actress who debuted in 2000, scoring her first leading role only a year later in Delicious Proposal. She is well known for her film work, garnering her the title “nation’s first love” and has also seen success in her tv roles, most recently with Crash Landing on You (2019/2020). In March of this year she married her Crash Landing on You co-star Hyun Bin ♥

This vogue editorial shows how Son Ye Jin has the same charm as gold. For the original article and more photo’s click here~

The editorial was sponsored by Italian Jewellery brand Pomellato.

The gold and brown tones really bring out the warmth in Ye Jin’s skin tone ♥

Ye Jin is wearing a brown simple-silhouetted vest and trousers (both from 8 by Yoox), which has a cute bunched detail on the ankles. The beige sandals (£575) with cross over straps and silver embellishments are from the brand Sergio Rossi.

All items in this photo are from Pomellato’s Nudo collection. The ones I could clearly make out were the blue London topaz Nudo Classic ring (£2,600), diamond earrings with a dangly chain and amethyst gemstone (£7,650), the Lariat necklace, also with amethyst gemstones (£9,500) and the Nudo open bangle with gemstones and diamonds (£7,500). Ye Jin is wearing at least £30,000 worth of jewellery and I couldn’t even work out what some of the other rings were!

This is such a beautiful picture, I love Ye Jin’s pose and hand placement ♥

The khaki jumpsuit (£399) from Maje is so cute!

And it goes really well with the Iconica collection: rose gold chain necklace (£29,300), rose gold bangle (£5,800), the cute colour bangle (£13,250) with a range of different gemstones and matching earrings (£5,550). Over £50,000, my word!

Super cute outfit and smile~

Ye Jin is wearing a knit bra top (£90) with a silk and mohair canvas skirt (£400) and blazer (£1,010) from Max Mara.

In this photo Ye Jin is wearing items from Pomellato’s Sabbia collection: diamond cocktail ring (£9,450) and diamond pendant necklace (£47,500!).

I’m not sure why but this gives me early 2000’s vibes haha~

Ye Jin looks stunning but I wish the outfit was better… she is wearing a mesh styled halterneck jumpsuit by Salvatore Ferragamo, while the inner ruched tube top (£295) is from Alexander Wang. I think it’s mostly because I don’t like how the top pieces in Ferragomo’s piece have been connected…

The jewellery items in this photo are from the Brera collection: chandelier earrings (£5,700), bracelet (£5,850) and choker necklace (£7,500).

Ye Jin looks ethereal and so beautiful here ♥

She is wearing a simple beige dress (£710) from Tod’s, which makes the clear blue topaz jewellery from the Nudo collection shine! Items I could identify were the Nudo necklace (£22,800) and the classic ring (£4,500).

This is such a cool outfit from 8 by Yoox! The crop top has quilted details and the skirt has a great waist.

This outfit has been paired with Pomellato’s Fantina collection but the only item I could find was the diamond chain necklace (£7,900).

For some reason I love this photo! I think because of the warm tones and the fact it is a little odd and obvious in that it’s making the Sabbia chandelier earrings (£11,700) stand out. It also has a kind of stone age/Flinstones vibe, especially with the raw edged beige mini dress (£1,890) with leather colour and detailing!


Fashion Editor: Kim Da Hye (김다혜) || Photographer: Ahn Joo Young (안주영)

Stylist: Choi Ah Reum (최아름) || Hair: Goo Mi Jeong (구미정) || Makeup: Moo Jin (무진)



8 by Yoox || Sergio Rossi || Maje || MaxMara || Salvatore Ferragamo || Alexander Wang || Tod’s

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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