Jang Ki Young x Vogue Korea

Face and Face and Face || 21.01.2020 This is definitely a swoon post! There isn’t must fashion clothing going on, but I just want to share this beautiful man’s face on my blog along with his goofy one! 😂♥ For more information, the interview and original photos check out Vogue Korea~ 베이지 스웨이드 셋업 셔츠는…… Continue reading Jang Ki Young x Vogue Korea

Sulli x Vogue Korea || 22.10.2018

♪♪ Walk, walk, fashion baby ♪♪ I’m not sure what Sulli has been doing since she left f(x) and SM, but I know that she continues to be incredibly beautiful! ♥ I love this Nina Ricci trench-coat type jacket. I couldn’t find the exact one, however, similar ones range from £1000-£2500. I have to admit that I…… Continue reading Sulli x Vogue Korea || 22.10.2018