Irene x Vogue Korea || 22.03.2019

“You know how torturous it is for me to find shiny things that aren’t intended for me.” Blair Waldorf ♥

Irene is the leader of SM girl group ‘Red Velvet’. She also happens to be my bias ♥

And I love this editorial! Vogue do some lovely and beautiful shoots!

For more on the editorial, click here.

This editorial is sponsored by the brand Miu Miu, which is an off shoot of Prada, and every item is from Miu Miu. Going into this I’m assuming that all the clothes, shoes and accessories come from this brand (unless stated down below). I tried to find as many prices as possible.

irene 1

I love this setting! It has a high class and expensive feel. And then Irene looks cool and causal, which makes me think of Gossip Girl. To be honest, this whole shoot has that feel.

The brown knit is oversized in the sleeves, but cropped. I like the cropped style (I can’t pull it off myself) and even though a cropped jumper seems pointless, it looks cool.

The black shorts (£185) are under a sheer midi dress, which could have been left off this outfit haha. Especially as we have knee high socks (£125). The shoes (£700) are cute, but come on Irene! No shoes on the furniture! haha 😂

irene 2

I’m not quite sold on this outfit, the posing is so sophisticated. I couldn’t find the top, but the denim miniskirt is £760. I like how it looks sat down in this pose, but I don’t like it in the site pic head on and standing.

The necklace (£860) is pretty cute, but wouldn’t that bracelet (£405) get in the way? And tickle? haha

The socks and shoes are the same as the previous shot.

irene 4

I love mirror reflections in editorials! And I really want macaron’s now!

The ribbon and sequin dress was part of the H-line which has been archived, which I couldn’t find. The bow earrings are from the current collection (£290).

irene 5

I really like this setup, but Irene looks so pale! She almost blends into the doors and walls… and you know that this isn’t her natural skin colour!

This purple dress looks so pretty, and the shoes look beautiful, but I couldn’t find them anywhere on the Miu Miu site. I will say most of the shoes are around £600, so these are somewhere in that ball park.

Apparently Irene is wearing a choker necklace but I couldn’t make it out properly…

irene 6

If looks could kill haha

This cropped sweater is cute, but I couldn’t find this one (a similar one is £375). I can’t say that I find the long denim skirt a look that I’m particular fond of, and especially when they are £955. That’s far too close to a grand for one skirt… haha

And now for accessories. The Mary Jane pumps aren’t my favourite, I don’t really like the large crystal’s on the sides. The earring is £405. While the little ribbon one in the 3rd picture is sold separately, it looks like this one can only bought with the little ribbon earring. Does that make sense? haha

The leather strap bag is £1560. Of course the most expensive item in this photoshoot would be a bag haha


  • Editor: Son EunYoung (손은영)

  • Photographer: Jang DokHwa (장덕화)

  • Model: Irene (레드벨벳)

  • Stylist: Im SungEun (임승은)

  • Hair: Yoon SeoHa (윤서하)

  • Make-Up: Shin KyungMi (신경미)

  • Production: Bae Yuri (배우리)

  • Sponsored by Miu Miu


Miu Miu

Thank you for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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