Ravi x Vogue Korea ||02.04.2019

Ravi is a member of the group VIXX and is a solo artist.

He’s also in a duet group with fellow member Leo (who is adorable ♥). Recently, he has ventured out from Jellyfish and I believe he wishes to form his own agency. But Jellyfish have officially stated that he will still be promoting with VIXX and is still a part of the group.

For more info and the interview check out Vogue Korea~

ravi vogue 1

This shot looks so cool and effortless even though it’s definitely harder than it looks! I love the way Ravi’s hand is draped over his body, as well as the leg cross!

The shirt is from Fred Perry (£120) and the jeans are Levi’s (£96). The accessories are a gancini logo belt from Salvatore Ferragamo… who spends £270 on a belt? But then I looked up the jewellery from TrencadisM and wow… the cross-shaped silver bracelets and embossed cross bracelets are all around £1000. Each. It hurts haha ^^”

Oh and the Doc Marten’s are £125 and they also made me rethink my entire existence because the actual brand is called Dr. Martens… I’m still gonna write and say Doc though haha

ravi vogue 2

They couldn’t put the Vogue signature anywhere else?

The Fendi shirt is from Fendi (£450), while the white trousers are from Wooyoungmi (£310). The leather Berluti shoes are kind of ugly… they look like old lady shoes… and they cost £980! Who is buying these?

ravi vogue 3

Seriously, the Vogue had to cover his forehead?

This entire outfit is from Berluti, which is probably why I don’t really like the outfit, but the background colours are wonderful!

The tshirt is £420, while the black shirt underneath is £700! The black trousers are £730 and the black and white old people shoes (or little girl’s come to think of it haha) are £980.

ravi vogue 4

This shot is giving me cool 1950’s vibes ♥

This is the same outfit as the first photo, so the shirt is from Fred Perry, while the jeans are Levi’s. And again the jewellery is TrencadisM which gives me an aneurysm just thinking about haha! The sunglasses are Ray-Ban at Luxottica (£127).

Also, what is Ravi holding? Is it a chip or a salt and vinegar twirl?

ravi vogue 5

Does Ravi not know how to wear a jumper? Sir, do you need help? haha

The jumper, which is brown when not in a black and white photo, is from Boss Men (£179) and the trousers are from Wooyoungmi, but they haven’t released these just yet.

Also the angel tattoo is really pretty~


  • Editor: Kim NaRang (김나랑), Son KiHo (손기호), Seo JunHo (서준호)

  • Photographer: Kim SunHye (김선혜)

  • Hair: Lee HyeYoung (이혜영)

  • Make-Up: Kim JiHyun (김지현)


Fred Perry                     Salvatore Ferragamo                      Levi’s

Dr. Marten’s                     TrencadisM                                  Fendi

Wooyoungmi                       Berluti                               Ray-Ban

Boss Men

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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