Beyond Evil (2021) Mini Review 🦌


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I went into Beyond Evil relatively blind and I think that is the best way! Especially for such an intricate and character driven mystery drama.

Beyond Evil (2021) is a thriller mystery that takes place in a police substation that is filled with secrets.

In the area around the small Manyang substation, several bodies are discovered which match the M.O. of several serial killings that happened 20 years ago. Han Joo Won (Yeo Jin Goo) is the son of the National Police’s Deputy Chief Han Ki Hwan (Choi Jin Ho) and doesn’t need to be in Manyang, however, his desire to prove fellow police officer Lee Dong Shik (Shin Ha Kyun) guilty of the murders takes precedent.

Everyone in Manyang seems to have a secret regarding the murders, especially with what happened on that pivotal night in 2001, and even Joo Won must come to terms with his own secret and his own culpability and misconceptions.

I thoroughly enjoyed this drama! The acting is outstanding, which is further boosted by the equally outstanding writing of the characters. They are what truly makes this drama so captivating. Especially in regards to Joo Won and Dong Shik. Jin Goo and Shin Ha Kyun really embraced their roles and made these men so palpable and real.

We also have the likes of Park Jeong Je (Choi Dae Hoon) who battles with his mental health and overbearing mother (Kil Hae Yeon). Yoo Jae Yi (Choi Sung Eun) whose search for her mother has left her with emotional scars, but a tenacious attitude. And Oh Ji Hwa (Kim Shin Rok) who is a grounding force for a lot of the characters.

I could spend so long explaining why I enjoyed the writing of each and every one of the characters in this drama, but it’s something you really need to go and experience yourself through the 16 episodes!

The plot was also very engaging. There are a lot of twists and turns that felt natural and real. I was on my guard and bracing myself for betrayal several times during each episode! While watching, I was able to question, wonder and theorise and be blown away each time.

I think this is even more interesting an experience because we, as the viewer, are given quite a lot of evidence before the characters, yet the writing still evokes many moments where the obvious is subverted.

I would say that there was a dip near the end where the writing didn’t feel as solid, but overall, the writing is incredible.

The drama was beautifully shot and the score was absolute perfection ♥ It really elevates the emotional impact of Beyond Evil and whoever made these decisions deserves infinite amounts of praise.

This is a tiny tiny review, but I hope that my mostly surface level thoughts are enough to really convey that this drama is fantastic – I mean it won multiple awards! – and I highly recommend watching.


Plot: 4.5 || Acting: 5 || Chemistry: 5 || Production: 5 || Ending: 4 || Enjoyment: 4.5

Overall rating: 4.7/5


Director: Shim Na Yeon || Writer: Kim Soo Jin

Network: JTBC || Release Date: 19th February, 2021 – 10th April, 2021 || Episodes: 16


I need justice for Park Jeong Je! That ending made me so angry. He deserved so much more care than was given to him by his so called best friend. Not going to lie, my liking of Lee Dong Shik kind of lessened when they gathered at the butcher shop/restaurant. At no time, did anyone explain to him what happened. An absolute disgrace!

Have you seen Beyond Evil? What were your thoughts? Or are you planning on watching?

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥

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