Favourite Kpop || January Releases #2

Part Two 🎢

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It’s time for part two of my favourite releases from January. You can view part one here~

Just to reiterate, I have listened to the releases listed on kpopofficial. For songs I liked, I also listened to the album if it was a title track – as some b-sides are better than the song they promote with. I also did this for artists/groups that I thought had potential to see if there was a great b-side I was missing out on.

Again, I’m not musically inclined – we saw that in part one (lol) so my comments are short, but I hope I can introduce you to some of my favourites~

Let’s continue!

Universe_ – ONEWE

I’ve listened to a few ONEWE songs, but this is the first time I’ve listened to a full album. This group is definitely a new favourite! I love all the songs on Planet Nine: VOYAGER and I highly recommend taking the time to listen to it. I love the title track Universe_, as well as Orbit_ β™₯

+ Envision_ || Montage_ || From_


Love Story – Kyuhyun

Love Story is part of Kyuhyun’s 4 Season Project ε­£.

A Kyuhyun ballad will always be beautiful! He’s one of my favourite singers and after watching all of these, I also really want Chae Soo Bin and Gong Myung to be in a full length drama together β™₯


Because of You – Chancellor

Another ost that became a favourite listen in January was Chancellor’s Because of You for Rookie Cops.

This is a really sweet pretty song β™₯


Right Answer – Jang Min Ho

Sometimes, you just really need a fun trot song to sing and dance along to when you’re not feeling great! And that is exactly what Jang Min Ho’s Right Answer is! Also the MV is kind of cute too haha

I also enjoyed another song from Essay, ep.1 which was Blunt~


Layin’ Low – HYOLYN (ft. Joo Young)

Hyolyn has such a good voice and the style of Layin’ Low really suits her vocally. No one is doing it like her! It seems like the “sexy” concept has been laid to the wayside with girl crush/girl crush lite, and I love Hyolyn’s confidence when she performs – I hope more women are able to express themselves this way if they want to.


Devil – Changmin

I absolutely love everything about Devil! Changmin’s voice is stunning and so is the music and backing vocals! The music video is also cool~

I also liked the song Fever from his 2nd mini album.

side note: I’m still no wiser as to what kwangya is…



This song by Astro’s JinJin and Rocky is so fun and upbeat. As soon as it comes on I feel happier!

I will say I wasn’t a fan of the rest of the album, but I do really like this duo!


Adrenaline – KOM

This song is amazing! It’s both sexy and chill~ KOM (from the group Nature of Man) has a great voice.


Yummy Yummy Love – MOMOLAND, Natti Natasha

I didn’t enjoy this song to begin with, but now it’s definitely one of my favourite songs from January! The chorus kept getting stuck in my head for no reason, which meant that if it came on shuffle, I’d keep listening to hear it – it’s such a fun chorus!! And then I just found myself really enjoying the whole song β™₯



From one catchy song to another! Smiley is so fun and cute. Yena’s vocal’s are quite unique, as are BIBI’s, so this makes for such a memorable song. The video is also wonderful β™₯


Chronograph – VICTON

Chronograph is a cool, upbeat song, with a great chorus and rap sections. I definitely need to check this group out!

Did I miss out any of your favourite releases from January? Do we share some favourites?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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