Favourite Kpop || January Releases #1

Part One 🎢

Remember to stay up to date with the world, listen to those facing atrocities and help spread awareness/donate where you’re able to.

I started trying to stay up to date with new releases last year and failed rather spectacularly. This year I’ve started with more motivation on doing so.

I have listened to the releases listed on kpopofficial. For songs I liked, I also listened to the album if it was a title track – personally I think that some b-sides are better than the song they promote with. I also did this for artists/groups that I thought had potential to see if there was a great b-side I was missing out on.

As there are a lot of releases in the Kpop industry, I have split this post up into two. I’m not musically inclined so my comments are short, but these are to showcase my favourite songs, so hopefully, you don’t mind that.

So, without further ado, I’m going to start in no particular order!


I still have no idea what Kwangya actually is, but, SHINee’s Onew is confident that it’s the new SM building and I stan an intellect so that’s what it is.

I really like this song, it has a lovely late 90’s/early 00’s girl group vibe. This also shows in aespa’s cover/remaster of S.E.SDreams Come True.



THE WHALES were formed on Superband 2 and their debut single is great! As soon as the song came on I was hooked immediately. Excited to see what they release next~


The Real Life – YELO

I’ve not actually heard of the drama Artificial City, but this OST has a haunting kind of beauty, with a lot of emotion.


Lost Daily Life – Jang Bo Won (ft. Kim Kwang Jin)

I love this song, the vocals are really interesting and of course the music is great! The chorus if my favourite part.

Side note: the music video is kind of hypnotising to watch!


Crazy About You – UP10TION

This is honestly one of my favourite favourites! The vocals are so good! I especially love Kuhn, Bitto and Hwanhee!

I also loved Give Love which is track 1 on this mini album Novella.


Your tender heart hurts me – DAVICHI

There is rarely a song by Davichi I don’t like, I love these two women’s vocal’s so much β™₯

I’m also really excited to watch this webdrama Soundtrack #1 starring Park Hyun Shik and Han So Hee which is set to air in March.


Before the Dawn – P1HARMONY

This is pretty song and has some really good vocals, I also really like when raps have a more singing flow (gives me kind of iKon vibes).

From the DISHARMONY:FIND OUT I also like the title track Do It Like This and the ballad Peacemaker.


Ruby – WOOZI 

Woozi literally never disappoints! This song is cool, sexy and I can’t get enough of it!

I really need this man to release a full album soon β™₯


Miss You Ever – Tae Il Chan

I love finding male ballad singers with beautiful voices β™₯ Miss You Ever is super pretty.


My Life – Mark Tuan

While this may be a song in English and that there is a little unnaturalness to the vocals, I still really like the pace and style.


Can’t Forget You – MINSEO

I’ve not watched the drama Bulgasal (I think it recently finished), although every time I see anything about Lee Joon’s character on twitter I want to!

Anyway, this song is absolutely beautiful! Minseo’s vocals are stunning β™₯


Rose – OKLA

I really love this type of chill khiphop, it reminds me a little of some of BLOO’s songs.

I couldn’t find much about OKLA, but I’m interested to hear more from him. The music video is unable to be played on other sites, but you can watch it on Youtube here.

What were some of these your favourite releases too?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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