All Of Us Are Dead Cast x Cosmopolitan Korea


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All Of Us Are Dead (2022) is the latest in the run of big budget Netflix dramas. It is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Joo Dong Geun and was directed by Lee Jae Gyoo. Set primarily in a high school, a virus breaks out that quickly spreads through bites from the infected. A group of students find themselves battling to stay alive amidst the hordes of their peers who are now bloodthirsty zombies.

My dad seems to want to watch every hyped drama, so we’re currently halfway through it. I am enjoying AOUAD, as I like the characters and all the actors are great! The only problem is that I do think that there is a lot of filler and throwaway moments that just seem to be there for shock factor. I read that this uses the full plot of the webtoon. If you have read it do you think the screenwriter Chun Sung Il did a good job?

I’m hopeful this doesn’t have a second series, but they seem optimistic in this happening…

Several members of the main cast are featured in this editorial in Cosmopolitan Korea. You can check out the original editorial here.

이유미 Lee Yoo Mi

This is such a cool picture because of the kooky styling and proportions.

The frayed yellow and white check jacket and shorts are from Blumarine. Although you can’t really see it Yoo Mi is wearing a knit top under the jacket from Numero Ventuno. The shirt, which looks like those sleeves you see in some prosecutor dramas they use to not get ink on their clothes (we even see the science teacher wearing them in AOUAD), is from Ink.

The Nodaleto “Bulla Babies” shoes (£630) are cute with their little velcro straps. The knee length socks and earring are from the stylist’s collection.

박지후 Park Ji Hoo

Stylistically, some odd choices were made here… but it works somehow.

Ji Hoo’s eye makeup is pretty and she really suits the plum purple “3/4 Tennis Dress” (£405) which is worn under the sleeveless sheath dress (around £2,500) in the “tiled roof St. Gallen embroidery” from AKRIS.

The ring is from Dior and the oddly placed hair ornament is from the stylist’s collection.

윤찬영 Yoon Chan Young

The backgrounds of all these photos are so pretty. But this outfit is kind of boring…

Chan Young is wearing a snug with a cashmere turtleneck (£1,300) under a polo t-shirt (£560) with a silver brushed leather bolo tie (£330). These items and the slightly oversized suit (I couldn’t work out the difference for a lot of these suits but they’re all around £2,400) are from Prada. The sneakers are from Converse.

조이현 Jo Yi Hyun

Yi Hyun’s photo is my favourite. I really like the styling and angle of the shot – Yi Hyun looks effortlessly elegant.

The burgundy paisley print dress (£800) is from Golden Goose and is worn under a vibrant red Vivienne Westwood jumper and pearl necklace (£185).

Yi Hyun is wearing the Light Pink Patent heels (₩198,000/around £120) from Korean brand Briana. The earrings are from the stylist’s collection.

로몬 Lomon

Lomon’s photo might be my second favourite, but I think it’s mostly because it gives off Block B vibes (am I the only who thinks this?) and the fact that he is so pretty!

The knit jumper is from JW Anderson, while the white shirt underneath is from ADERERROR and, the red square trousers are from Coach. The large ribbon bow brooch is from H&M.


Blumarine || Numero Ventuno || Nodaleto || Ink || AKRIS || Marc Jacobs || Dior || Prada || Converse || Vivienne Westwood || Golden Goose || Briana || JW Anderson || ADERERROR || Coach || H&M


Feature Editor: Ha Ye Jin (하예진) || Photographer: Chae Dae Han (채대한)

Assistants: Kim Mi Na and Kim Yoo Jin (김미나 김유진) || Stylist: Kim Hye In (김혜인)

Hair: Park Kyu Bin (박규빈) for 박지후 + 로몬 + 조이현 || Hair: Ma Jun Ho (마준호) for 이유미 + 윤찬영

Makeup: Lee Bom (이봄) for 박지후 + 로몬 + 조이현 || Makeup: Yoo Hye Soo (유혜수) for 이유미 + 윤찬영

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