Save One Drop One || Music Video’s (part two)


Remember to stay up to date with the world, listen to those facing atrocities and help spread awareness/donate where youโ€™re able to.

Due to me getting my booster jab, I made this ‘save one drop one’ post into two to make it easier for myself.

As I prefaced in part one, I will be solely basing my choice on the music video, so I won’t be talking about the song itself at all.

This ‘save one drop one’ comes from a video made by FFKpop and you can see it here.

Round Eleven

SOLAR & MOONBYUL – “Promise U” vs. HYOLYN & DASOM “๋‘˜ ์ค‘์— ๊ณจ๋ผ (Summer or Summer)

Mamamoo are one of my favourite groups, and Sistar were one of the first girl groups I started listening to that were non SM. I should be predisposed to like both of these music video’s and they’re both kind of just okay. I prefer Promise U as the colours are pretty. It’s a bit boring, and I wish the outfits were better coordinated. However, Summer or Summer has too much going on. The whole things seems rushed and not very well put together. I love seeing Hyolyn and Dasom looking so happy together though โ™ฅ

Round Twelve

MCND “Movin’ (๋„ˆ์—๊ฒŒ๋กœ…)” vs. CRAVITY “Gas Pedal”

These two music video’s have a strong sci-fi concept. MCND’s is a little more playful and colourful in places. I like the spaceship type spaces where they dance, and while the Moroccan-esque market was pretty, I wasn’t sure why they were there… On the other hand CRAVITY go hard in Gas Pedal. Their choreography is cool and the transitions are so smooth. I also love the red colour scheme that runs through the entire mv and the more futuristic sets, especially the alleyway where some dance sections were. I prefer Gas Pedal, but why so many motorbikes?!

Round Thirteen

SUNMI “You can’t sit with us” vs. HyunA&DAWN “PING PONG

Both of these mv’s are from iconic women. Sunmi has this really cool way of incorporating past aesthetics into her concepts. This time she is using the 90’s and noughties as inspiration in ‘You can’t sit with us’, which I love. I like the rich girl teen aesthetic similar to Cher from Clueless mixed with the odd zombie moment in a blockbusters. On the other hand PING PONG is very HyunA. It’s bright, vibrant and has a playful sexiness to it. The sets in this video are cute and fit really well with the style that HyunA has cultivated over her career. I also like that DAWN’s own fashion style is seen in PING PONG. I really like the vibrancy of PING PONG, but prefer the directing and storytelling of You can’t sit with us.

Round Fourteen

EVERGLOW “Promise” vs. Weeekly “Check It Out

Promise is for a UNICEF campaign, and I think it’s very pretty. It’s mostly a performance video and I think the simple setting of the hillside works well with the scenes of the little girl throughout. The outfits and styling of all the members is also great. On the other hand Check it Out has more of a playful and “homemade” quality about it with multiple clips and behind the scenes types of shots. I think this would be great for a fan, but loses some of that watch value for a casual listener, especially as they aren’t really edited in an interesting way. Promise wins this round for me.

Round Fifteen

TXT “LO$ER=LOโ™กER” vs. ONF “์—ฌ๋ฆ„ ์™ (Popping)”

This is quite easy for me. I don’t like TXT’s mv here. The dance portions on that platform look awkward and out of place with the rest of the mv. Whereas in Popping the mix of cute, schoolboy fun and dance scenes works nicely with the more serious astronaut/space scenes because there is a set up for it and also a playful nod to connect the two “worlds”. Popping is also more aesthetically pleasing than Loser=Lover in every way.

Round Sixteen

CL “SPICY” vs. Kwon Eun Bi “Door”

CL’s SPICY is more focused on her and her cool aura, which means that the sets are quite bare and stark as her music and presence stands out. This is a performance video and I do love the choreography. However, I love pretty things and Door is such a pretty and cute music video. There is an Alice in Wonderland influence throughout and it’s done well with some magical sets and special effects.

Round Seventeen

PENTAGON “Cerberus” vs. T1419 “FLEX”

Cerberus is by PENTAGON member’s Yuto, Kino and Wooseok. The mv isn’t that interesting and I don’t like the styling. T1419’s FLEX has more to be interested in. I like some of the sets – the theatre, the subway and the white dining room. The styling is also better and I like the comic book effect used throughout. I wouldn’t say I really liked either mv, but FLEX is the better of the two for me.

Round Eighteen

Dreamcatcher “BEcause” vs. fromis_9 “Talk & Talk”

Dreamcatcher has really interesting and creepy/supernatural concepts and they show that once again in BEcause – which by the way was released in July and I love that for them! The video is cool and they have some of the best girl group choreography for sure. On the other hand Talk & Talk is very bright and fun. The apartment block setting, with the vibrant flats and colourful outfits are so fun to watch. I love both, but I think that Talk & Talk is put together better.

Round Nineteen

ATEEZ “Dreamers” vs. ONEUS “ONEUS THEATRE: Life is Beautiful

ATEEZ’s Dreamers is a pretty video of pretty men being pretty in the middle of nowhere. Not the most interesting, but the mv is beautiful. On the other hand Life is Beautiful is pretty boys stressing in school and then having fun at the beach living their best lives. I like ONEUS’ video, it’s cute and the choreography is great, the problem is the camerawork makes me feel a bit sick ๐Ÿ˜… So ATEEZ wins.

Round Twenty


Doyoung and Haechan of NCT U have a stunning mv for Maniac. Lia Kim is wonderful to watch as she dances through really chic and classy rooms/sets. THRILL RIDE has some really cool choreography scenes with some different cool sets. The problem for me is that the in between scenes, while uptempo don’t have a cohesive link. I love everything about Maniac, so that’s the clear winner here.

Round Twenty One

KIM WOOJIN “Still Dream” vs. TEN “Paint Me Naked

This one was pretty easy for me, while Paint Me Naked has some cool and cute aspects (I wish they were in the gallery set way more!), Still Dream is for the most part a beautiful mv. WOOJIN’s outfits are great and I liked the choreography in the open outdoors. I will say that those brown outfits on the back up dancers need to be burnt ๐Ÿ˜‚

Round Twenty Two

Red Velvet “Queendom” vs. Brave Girls “After We Ride”

While I like the sets and how vibrant Queendom is, I think it’s one of their weaker mv’s. On the other hand After We Ride has a darker alternative colour scheme and vibe to it that I love. There are no scenes that don’t feel out of place which can’t be said for Queendom.

Round Twenty Three

Jackson Wang, Internet Money “Drive You Home” vs. WayV – TEN&YANGYANG “Low Low”

Jackson’s Drive You Home is dramatic like him and I think it’s well shot. I do like the fun and cool nature of Low Low more. I think that Ten and Yang Yang make a good team on screen and it’s fun to watch them dance and play. I like the styling, especially the yellow suits โ™ฅ

Round Twenty Four

BTS “Permission to Dance” vs. Pentatonix ft. ATEEZ “A Little Space”

Not sure if this is a fair round, but here we go. The video for A Little Space has such a cool editing style and the colours/effects are great. I don’t really like cowboy concepts (the only exception I can think of it Suju’s Mamacita ๐Ÿ˜‚) which means I don’t really like the setting or styling, but I do like the message of Permission to Dance.

Do you agree with me, or are there ones you would choose the other music video? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

I hope youโ€™re having a lovely day and staying safe โ™ฅ


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