Jung Hae In + Jisoo x Harper’s Bazaar ♥

Visual Couple || November 2021

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Visual couple, indeed! Jung Hae In and Blackpink’s Jisoo look stunning and adorable in this editorial. They will be staring in the upcoming drama “Snowdrop” which will air on JTBC on the 18th of December and then will be available to stream on Disney+.

The drama is set in 1987, in a University setting, and I’m assuming this will talk on the issues and events of this year regarding when South Korea was under Chun’s military regime and the June democracy movement.

You can view the original Harper’s Bazaar article here.

I love photo’s like this! I think they are stunning as they often highlight the eyes and that’s my favourite feature of a person’s face. Jung Hae In is such a beautiful man ♥

Talking of beautiful people, Jisoo (left) is wearing a dress by Rokh, under an oversized blazer from Raf Simons. I do like the oversized look and I think idols especially look so good in it, however, I think this one looks too bulky so gives off an odd shape. She is wearing platform heels from Jinny Kim, paired with stockings from the stylist’s collection. It’s a little hard to see, but Jisoo is also wearing a hairpin from Dior and earrings from Cartier.

Jung Hae In (right) is wearing a knit vest and trousers from Miter Gentle Man (which unfortunately I couldn’t find). The white shirt is from the stylist’s collection. The cream derby shoes (£990) from the Dior and Sacai collaboration are cute, however they are made from nubuck calfskin.

Jung Hae In’s (left) profile is just so beautiful!

In this photo he is wearing a shirt from Marni, a jacket from Isabel Marant, with sunglasses from Gentle Monster looped through a buttonhole.

I don’t know why, but I find this picture of Jisoo (right) really cute. I think it’s because it looks like she’s holding a lightsaber or one of those things you pick litter up with… I don’t know either and yes I do know it’s a railing 😅


This editorial does have me a lot more excited to watch this drama, as their chemistry in the pictures looks great, so hopefully, that reflects onscreen as well.

Jisoo (right) is wearing a patchwork jumper from Mouse (another brand I couldn’t find) and I’m not a great fan of it. I don’t tend to like exposed threads, especially in knitwear.

Jung Hae In (left) is wearing a very expensive white wool and cashmere cable knit jumper (£1350) from Dior.

I love me a good black and white photo, but these two pictures are probably my favourites of the bunch.

I love when magazines properly light and expose the warmth of idol’s and actor’s natural skin tones.

Jung Hae In (left) looks like a painting with that light shining on his cheekbone! His entire outfit comes from Celine Homme and he is wearing a ruffle collar shirt (£550) under an embroidered “Shetland Sweater” (£1800) with black trousers (£740).

Jisoo (right) looks retro and cosy in what is called a one-piece in the article description, but what I think is just the “Annamae Wool and Mohair” jumper (£490) from Erdem. She is wearing a hairpin from Dior (I can’t quite match it to the ones on their site, but the hairpins range from £300-£430).


  • Editor: Son Anna, Seo Dong Beom (손안나, 서동범)
  • Photographer: Mok Jung Wook (목정욱)
  • Stylist: Jisoo – Lee Yoon Mi (이윤미) || Jung Hae In – Yoon Seulgi (윤슬기)
  • Hair: Jisoo – Lee Seon Young (이선영) || Jung Hae In – Kim Sung Chan (김성찬)
  • Makeup: Jisoo – Lee Myung Sun (이명선) || Jung Hae In – Lee Soon Yeol (이순열)
  • Assistants: Kim Hyung Wook, Shin Yerim + Baek Seri (김형욱, 신예림 + 백세리)


Celine Homme || ERDEM || DIOR || Marni || Isabel Marant || Gentle Monster || Raf Simons || rokh || Jinny Kim || Maison Margiela

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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