Blog Update || Working on Being Consistent

June 2021

Remember to stay up to date with the world, listen to those facing atrocities and help spread awareness/donate where you’re able.

I’ve been posting content on dramarambles for 6 years and my consistency hasn’t been great. The content material changed from writing mostly recaps of Kdramas to now talking about kpop, dramas, books and fashion.

I’m not very creative and I really appreciate all the people reading this and those who follow my blog. Thank you ♥

And with that thinking, I have been finding it hard to get the motivation to make posts as I don’t think they’re interesting enough. I don’t think anyone will like them, and I need to get back into the mindset that this is my hobby and it should be fun just making posts about things I like (or don’t like. Who doesn’t love a good old moan? 😂).

This is just a quick post where I talk about what my schedule should be (spoiler alert: it isn’t) and what I want it to be moving forward. It will also be a good thing for me to look back at when I finally do make dramarambles a consistent source of content and be happy with my progress~

At the moment, my blog schedule should look like this:

  • Monday’s: kpop
  • Wednesday’s: fashion or book related content
  • Friday’s: kdrama review

I’ve mostly been keep with the Wednesday and end/beginning of the month posts, such as, my reading wrap ups and tbr’s. However, recently it’s been a while since I even posted. This has led me to rethink my schedule and it will look a bit more like this from now on:

  • Monday’s: weekly reading challenge post. Each week, I’ll set a mini bingo board and try to get as many bingo’s as I can. I’m going to post last week’s one after this, so you can understand better. Once this is up and running, I may also incorporate a board for watching drama’s as I have so many dramas that I’ve been in the middle of for weeks…
  • Thursday’s: fashion, kpop, books or dramas. This will generally be subjective to the type of content I’m able to make during the week. Another reason I’ve been having difficulty posting is due to not using my time better after work or on my days off. If procrastinating wasn’t so bad, I should be proud 😅

If I do have more time and motivation to make a post about more than one topic, I’ll have those up on the weekend.


I also want to make it a little bit more interactive, so if you have any questions or suggestions, message me on twitter @dramarambles or send me an email at I’ll update my ‘about me’ page with this information as well 😀

This isn’t a very interesting post, so here’s some pictures of my dog – Darcy – to make it at least worthwhile ♥

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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