Abyss (2019) || First Thoughts Ep 1-4

어비스 || 이천십구

Abyss aired on tVN (and Netflix simultaneously) at the Monday/Tuesday 9:30pm slot through May and June in 2019. It stars Park Bo Young, well known for her film work and her lead role in the tv series Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which became one of the highest rated dramas in cable history. Alongside her is Ahn Hyo Seop, an idol turned actor who rose to popularity through his lead roles in Still 17 and the second series in the hit Romantic Doctor Kim.

Go Se Yeon – before revival: Kim Sa Rang; Main lead: Park Bo Young || Cha Min – before revival: Ahn Se Ha; Main lead: Ahn Hyo Seop

Go Se Yeon is a beautiful, but tough prosecutor and her unattractive (by society’s standards! I hate thinking of people as ugly) childhood friend, Cha Min are revived by the “Abyss” – a magical object that revives the dead – into different bodies that match their souls. Se Yeon is frustrated that her appearance is now “plain”, while Cha Min is now incredibly attractive. Se Yeon was working on the Eomsan-Dong serial killer and her death may be closely linked. After their revival’s, the pair start to work together at a private law firm to investigate her murder.

I would normally watch 2 episodes and then write my first thoughts, but I ended up watching 4.

The main plot that we see in the beginning is the two characters being established in their original bodies. Se Yeon is confident and kind of obnoxious, but I didn’t really see why her soul would become so “plain”. On the other hand I wasn’t really sure why Cha Min became the handsome Ahn Hyo Seop… he seems like a pushover and is kind of odd. Hopefully, we get more of a glimpse into why he is so good. I also want to see more of their friendship dynamic in the past as I’m not sure why I should be rooting for this partnership.

After the revival’s we fully transition into the murder mystery plot, but it’s not really a mystery… unless I’m going to be mind-blown by a twist. However, we have been fed so much information that I can’t comprehend where the plot is going to fill out 16 episodes. And that information isn’t that interesting.

The characterisation of Park Gi Man (Lee Cheol Min) as a man out for vengeance against a serial killer for murdering his daughter is an interesting aspect, and gives a depth to the Eomsan-Dong killer as he is the only true connection. And talking about the killer themselves (Lee Sung Jae), he is creepy, but as the episodes progressed he has become more of a caricature – especially as his appearance has changed. I hope that’ll shift, and I think the two close relationships which he is manipulating and using for his own gain may help with that. I think there is potential for one of these characters, but for the other I don’t really care that much.

Detective Park Dong Cheol (Park Si Eon), as well as Se Yeon is my favourite at the moment. He’s funny and his inclusion gives a good dynamic and even makes the relationship between our mains better to watch. On the flip side I think that Hee Jin (Han So Hee) does the opposite – I find her rather annoying and frustrating, but there are definite glimpses of a really interesting character. I hope they do her and her backstory justice, while incorporating her into the plot.

And don’t get me started on the Abyss itself. The rules on how it works don’t even really make sense… The only good thing about it is that Seo In Guk and Jung So Min cameo as the supernatural beings that give Cha Min it in the first place. They were so funny!

Overall, the acting is okay. I’m really liking Park Bo Young’s skills, and Ahn Hyo Seop works well with her. The editing is okay and even though the plot isn’t that good, the episodes are still really easy to watch. And I’m still excited for the romance – I mean have you seen the height difference?! Adorable ♥ – and Se Yeon’s development. I’m definitely not going back into this thinking it will be one of the best drama’s I’ve ever seen, but I think it might be a wild ride (there are even elements of makjang that I’m confused about, but also intrigued to how they’ll connect).

Have you seen Abyss? What were you thoughts? Let me know in the comments!


  • Director: Yoo Je Won
  • Writer: Moon Soo Yeon
  • Network: tVN
  • Release Date: 6th May – 25th June, 2019
  • Episodes: 16

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