My Favourite Kpop Debuts || November 2020

November Newbies ♥

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  • I find Twitter an extremely useful tool in finding information about these injustices and ways to help. As well as for petitions!

This post is a little later in the month than I had planned, however, I’ve been working at a University test site and with the hours and commuting I’ve been too tired (and lazy 😅) to make any of the posts I wanted to.

Again, just to quickly explain: I’m starting to explore recent Kpop in checking out the debuts, comebacks and releases from the previous month. While I may still be a month late, it’s still better than me just listening to the same music and then YT shuffle causing me to accidentally stumble upon a new group or song.

Once again I used kprofiles + kpopofficial to compile the lists and hopefully I managed to get everything. If I missed a group or artist let me know in the comments!

For November there weren’t many debuts which was surprising since it’s around half as many as last month (you can check out my Oct Debuts post here~). For this post I’ll be going through my favourites in order of when they debuted!

November 2nd

BXKNOYB + Fly High

BXK (BOYS X KING) is a 6 membered boy group under New Planet Entertainment. This group were meant to debut in July of this year, but was delayed for unknown reasons until 4 months later.

Fly High is really cute and it showcases the vocals of the member’s so much better than NOYB. The latter is heavily autotuned/distorted for effect which doesn’t help the audience get attached to new vocals. Also, the cute and fresh simplicity works so well with debut boy groups and honestly it makes them stand out from all the sexier and intense or beat heavy songs that is the trend.

BXK have some lovely vocal ranges and they’re a promising group.

November 16th

BTOB 4UShow Your Love

BTOB 4U is the 2nd sub unit for Cube Entertainment’s BTOB consisting of the members: Eunkwang, Minhyuk, Peniel and Changsub.

Show Your Love is such a beautiful song. It has elements of ballads, but is hopeful with an upbeat tempo. All their vocals are on point, obviously! Eunkwang’s voice is so beautiful, and the lower tone of Changsub, Minhyuk and Peniel work so well together! BTOB are one of those groups that I don’t quite know how you don’t know them.

I want to share this Inkigayo performance, because it’s great and also Eunkwang wishing Minhyuk a happy birthday in the beginning, and then Changsub trying not to laugh and sing at the same time 😂 And then throughout Eunkwang is Eunkwang and the end is so cute!

November 17th

aespaBlack Mamba

aespa are a 4 membered girl group under SM Entertainment.

I was hesitant going into aespa because I don’t like the marketing strategy SM have for them. However, say what you want about SM, but they don’t play around when it comes to vocals. Every single SM idol is fantastic; fight me!

With Black Mamba, aespa are putting themselves on par with established groups. This doesn’t have the rookie feel at all. Black Mamba has a lot of the elements that are popular right now. The beat and darker concept especially – The chorus kind of gives me Irene&Seulgi Monster vibes. It’s overall a fantastic song and I’m excited to see what they continue to bring out ♥

The debut stage on their YT channel is amazingly produced, but I kind of like the more simplistic stage design on Inkigayo.

November 19th

BAE173Crush on U

BAE173 is a nine membered boy group under PocketDol studio.

For me, Crush on U took a little while to warm up, but when it did, oh my gosh it’s so fun and cute. This is what I mean by rookie boy groups having a fresh and playful debut. I think it gives a lot more room to grow and experiment. Of course I love a sexy concept, but when it comes to debuts I think they need to either be on level with current groups or display something less saturated.

Crush on U is super fun and cute and it looks like it matches with the personalities of the member’s from the comments section. I’m looking forward to what they do in the future~

November 26th

Purple KissMy Heart Skips a Beat

Purple Kiss are a seven membered girl group that will officially debut under RBW in early 2021.

My Heart Skips a Beat gives me Dreamcatcher vibes and I am here for it! This is only a pre-debut single and while it is a little heavily produced on some vocals, I’m interested to see what their actual debut will be like! It’s a sexy and powerful concept and that’s what I tend to gravitate towards. The rapper and main vocal were my favourites.

As the song progresses I was far more attuned to the vocals plays which made re-listens a lot more enjoyable. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for these girls’ future releases ♥

November 30th


ENHYPEN is a seven membered boy group under Belift Lab (a joint collaborative agency between Big Hit and CJ ENM). The group were formed through the survival programmed I-LAND.

We have yet another rookie group that don’t sound like rookies at all! The vocals in Given-Taken are fantastic and they go perfectly together. The song is wonderfully produced and has different elements that make it incredibly compelling to listen to. I will definitely be keeping up with ENHYPEN and I can see them being incredibly popular! ♥

The debut stage on MNET is so good! And I love when you can hear the fanchants, I think they add so much to a live performance~

List of other Debuts

  • 12th: STAYC – So Bad
  • 17th: Bling Bling – G.G.B: I didn’t like the production of the song, but the group has a lot of potential, I love the deeper tones to each member’s vocals || withus – 도깨비

Who were your favourite debuts in November?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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