My Favourite Kpop Debuts || October 2020

It’s Newbie Time!

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I am always out of the loop when it comes to comebacks, and debuts are something that I don’t really take notice of because I listen to the same 5 groups on repeat most of the time 😂 And I want to change this! While, I know I won’t be likely to become so attached to a group as when I first got into kpop, I still like the idea of finding more artists and songs to love!

So, every month I’m going to go through all the “debut’s”, “comebacks and releases” + “idol OST’s” during the previous month. I think this will be very fun, although finding a solid list was a little hard. I used the websites kpopofficial + kprofiles and I’m sorry if I missed any. I hope you like these posts and find some new favourites too ♥

I’ll be going through my favourites – in order of when they debuted – and then leaving links to all the other debut links at the end~

October 5th

WEi – Twilight + Debut Stage ♥

WEi is a six member group – Daehyeon, Donghan, Yongha, Yohan, Seokhwa, + Junseo – under OUI Entertainment.

If I stumbled across Twilight, I would think that WEi were already an established group. This song is well made and sounds very professional. The vocals are great and the mix of powerful and more boyish elements makes the song dynamic, and those high notes ♥. The chorus of Twilight is also super catchy! These boys have all the makings of a really popular group and I look forward to seeing more from them!

I’m not familiar with the agency, but their MV is also really beautiful~

October 16th

Suhyun – Alien + Inkigayo ♥

Suhyun debuted with her brother as Akdong Musician under YG Entertainment in 2014 after winning Kpop Star 2. She has since been part of the duo HISUHYUN – with Lee Hi – and since 2017 has had many solo activities, most notably being a fixed member on Henry’s busking programme Begin Again. Alien sees Suhyun’s first official solo debut.

This song still has the AKMU feel, and with Lee Chan Hyuk having a lot to do with the composing and lyrics, it makes sense. His skills work well with highlighting Suhyun’s strengths and makes the experience of the song that much more enjoyable. And listening to Suhyun sing anything is wonderful, just look at the Knowing Bro’s episode! (link here – the part I mean starts at 4:00 (has CC) it’s worth it! ♥). Alien is an upbeat and motivational song that’s wrapped in cute oddness.

October 27th

T1419 – Dracula ♥

T1419 released Dracula as a pre debut treat for Halloween. They are officially debuting in December. The group is made up of 9 members – Noa, Sian, Kevin, Gunwoo, Leo, On, Zero, Kairi + Kio – under MLD Entertainment, who revealed their faces and stage names on November 1st.

T1419 seem to have more rappers than singers, which is an interesting dynamic and works really well for this song and it will be interesting to see how they move forward. There are some really beautiful vocals as well (some were a bit weak, but they have the potential to strengthen) and the song is overall really well made and a great way to get people interested and excited for their official debut!

October 28th

P1Harmony – Siren + Debut Stage ♥

P1Harmony is a six member group – Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul + Jongseob – under FNC Entertainment, that debuted with the title track Siren.

My thoughts are pretty similar for P1Harmony as WEi. This group is so well polished and Siren sounds like an established group having a comeback. If this is their debut, I’m incredibly excited to see what they do in the future! The vocals are great, the raps are solid and they sound fantastic together! ♥ As I already love and know Suhyun’s voice, I would have to say that P1Harmony’s debut is my favourite from October.

DRIPPIN – Nostalgia + Debut Stage ♥

DRIPPIN is a seven member group – Hyeop, Yunseong, Changuk, Dongyun, Minseo, Junho + Alex – under Woollim Entertainment and were formerly part of Woollim Rookies and W Project 4.

Like WEi, DRIPPIN are very vocal heavy and they sound very good. Nostalgia is a pretty song, with an upbeat backing. I do think the song was a little lacking and I can’t quite put my finger on why. It might be because I really like the other groups that debuted before in the month. DRIPPIN sound professional, but it didn’t feel like a strong debut song – It’s not overly memorable with the surrounding debuts and plethora of comebacks in October.

They do sound good and have a lot of potential. I’m imagining their ballads will be beautiful!

October 29th

SWAY – Lonely Night | With You ♥

SWAY is a co-ed group under Popmusic Entertainment that has 3 members – JayYeon, Saya + Joonhyuk.

There needs to be more co-ed groups! SWAY’s two debut songs are both ballads and they’re so pretty. Their voices work well together and have a relaxing, emotive quality that’s great for the genre. The harmonies in With You are lovely and in this one we see more line distribution. I will say that Saya’s voice took a little while to get used to and appreciate. It’s a little doll like, but it goes really well with the two male vocals. Personally, I like With You more than Lonely Night. The latter showcases JayYeon more, whereas With You give more light to the others and Joonhyuk’s voice is beautiful ♥

List of Debuts

Who were you favourite debut’s in October? I was hoping to love some new girl groups, but they were disappointing 😭

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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