Lost Romance (2020) || Drama Review ♥


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Lost Romance aired on TTV every week on Sunday from 7th June – 18th October of this year, taking the 10-11:30pm.

I think we’ve all dreamt of falling into a novel or a tv series and having the handsome lead fall in love with us. For Zheng Xiao’en (Vivian Sung) it happens a little differently. After witnessing the attempted murder of He Tianxing (Marcus Chang) – a popular CEO – which leaves him in a coma, circumstances occur that lead her into the world of the latest book she’s been working on at her job in Ruge Publishing – Overbearing CEO/ CEO, You’re so Naughty.

Two things become clear on day one of her venture into the fictional romance. 1. The man that looks exactly like He Tianxing doesn’t have the personality to match and 2. she’s not the female lead! Not liking the latter, Xiao’en takes it into her own hands to become the female lead and win Situ Aoran’s heart, using the extensive knowledge she has from editing romance novels.

I went into this drama not knowing much – I saw a fan edit by dreamie234 and I was immediately intrigued! The plot of Lost Romance is fun because it makes fun of the tropes that we see in all romances, and Xiao’en uses them to her benefit. And while, it can be a little contradictory at times, the relationship and the mishaps that occur still have that element of being what the audience likes to see.

Xiao’en is one of my favourite female leads. She was thrown into this world and saw that she had been casted as a secondary mean girl character and wasn’t having any of it! She fought back, but also tried to help those around her, even the “actual” female lead (Snowbaby as ChuChu). Xiao’en met every obstacle head on and it makes sense why Situ Aoran began to gravitate towards her. On the subject of Situ Aoran, he grew on me as the drama progressed. At the beginning he wasn’t that well rounded and his character felt restricted in the stereotype – and it’s telling that in my halfway notes I don’t even mention him 😅

However, once he’s forced more into the company of Xiao’en and warms to her, I felt myself enjoying his growth. I will say that I do prefer He Tianxing. I was a little apprehensive about what would happen when we got back into the real world, but I was happily surprised. Tianxiang is smarter and more assured of what he wants than Aoran was. He’s also a lot more approachable and there was a softness that we only saw in Aoran later on.

I won’t say anymore about our mains, just know that I really enjoyed the building of their relationships and I’m content with how it all ended ♥

Alongside the novel, we see what is happening in the real world. We watch Tianxing’s half siblings who caused his accident fight it out amongst themselves to become the head of the company. This is all exacerbated by the “advise” and “support” of their uncle. He Mingli (Kelly Liao) is the eldest sibling and daughter with a temper that ruins business ventures. She has always hated Tianxing, but her hate for him grows every time she fails and her father praises him. He Mingli was very much the “evil woman with a temper” stereotype, but as the drama progressed I wanted her to come out of it okay. I started to sympathise and understand her motives as she was such a compelling and flawed character. He Tianjian (Jason Hsu) was a character that surprised me. His motives were unclear and it was through the two worlds merging once again that I felt I realised his true character.

The business and the squabbling rich family plot is quite convoluted and at times I did lose interest. However, it did go to places I wasn’t expecting and for that I have to give the writer credit.

And now for the side characters! I love a good side character, and in Lost Romance there were some great ones.

Y’know how I said that I didn’t write about the main lead in my halfway thoughts? Well, that’s Qingfeng’s fault. I go into dramas hoping that the main lead is strong and I want to root for him, and only him. But, second lead syndrome is sometimes inevitable. Qingfeng (Simon Lian) is a kind and considerate man. He starts off helping Xiao’en with her mission – as he’s in love Chu Chu – but through their friendship he learns more about himself and falls for Xiao’en. Qingfeng was so interesting, I had so many theories about who he was and how he played into the overall story. He was wonderful ♥

I love when female leads in dramas have loving friendships with other women. Lin Chuntian (Pii) was loyal and extremely supportive to Xiao’en before the novel, during the novel (in both realities) and after. Their friendship was so fun to watch and they’re bond was as strong as sisters. I also enjoyed the dual personalities of Su Shanna (Kiki Chen) we saw in the novel and in real life – as we see her in different company.

And I know we all have ridiculed product placement and it’s excessive use, but I actually like how they incorporated the Snuggle scent into the plot. And while we saw it a lot, it didn’t feel annoying to me.

Overall, the plot was interesting and the concept was super fun, but it was the characters that kept me glued to the screen. This was a rather well acted drama, and for the most part the production and effects are done in a way that suits the drama. I really liked the soundtrack, and I think it’s always nice when a cast member has a hand in it – Marcus Chang wrote and sang the ending theme song “Lose To You“.

If you’re looking for something with great characters and fantastic chemistry, with lots of drama thrown in then I would highly recommend Lost Romance ♥


  • Plot: 7
  • Production: 7
  • Acting: 8
  • Enjoyment: 9

Overall Rating: 7.75/10


  • Director: Eri Hao
  • Screenwriter: Chen Jie Ying
  • Network: TTV
  • Release Date: 7th June – 18th October 2020
  • Episodes: 20

Have you seen Lost Romance? Did you suffer second lead syndrome too? Or do you think this is something you would enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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