Ranking Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer || ATEEZ ♥


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For the first post for Round 4 of Kpop ReadAThon I thought it would be more fun to start with the group I don’t know much about and a way to do this is to rank the prompts (which correlate to certain track titles). I believe they just/are having a comeback and I would love to find another group that I love to listen to ♥

ATEEZ are an 8 member boy group under KQ Entertainment, which debuted on October 24th 2018. Their debut tracks were Treasure and Pirate King. I know next to nothing about this group, so checked out their profiles (you can visit their official site here, but I would recommend kprofiles as they are far more informative!) ♥ And yes I included their birthdays, because some people need to realise how old their idols are (and I’ll keep doing this from now on especially with newer groups + dates are DD.MM.YYYY).

Member roles:

  • Hong Joong (07.11.1998): Leader, Rapper, Centre & Composer
  • Seong Hwa (03.04.1998): Vocal & Visual
  • Yun Ho (23.03.1999): Main Dancer & Vocal
  • Yeo Sang (15.06.1999): Vocal, Dancer & Visual
  • San (10.07.1999): Vocal
  • Min Gi (09.08.1999): Main Dance & Rapper
  • Woo Young (26.11.1999): Main Dancer & Vocal
  • Jong Ho (12.10.2000): Main Vocal & Maknae

Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer is the 3rd mini in the Treasure series which followed their first full album. Epilogue was released on 6th January 2020.


  1. Answer
  2. 지평선 (Horizon)
  3. Star 1117
  4. Precious
  5. Outro: Long Journey

Side Note: I won’t be including Outro in my ranking as it’s a short piece, plus it’s not a member of ATEEZ, but Maddox speaking/singing. Also, it’s oddly in English (and I’m assuming I’m missing a narrative here), but the music is stunning ♥

Song titles are linked to the either official audio/MV or performance stage~

4. Star 1117

Lyrics: EDEN + LEEZ

As the days go by I might lose some memories

But to me you were always the brightest star

ATEEZ Translations/ @HJoongilicious

I love me a ballad, but this one felt a little flat. There were some really strong vocals – opening with the deeper rapper’s vocals and the going straight into the parallel of a higher vocal was so pretty. However, there were some vocals that just weren’t up to par and couldn’t hold the same strength needed for a ballad. I will say that the last minute or so were really pretty as the harmonies, overlay and back harmonies were great!

3. Answer

Lyrics: EDEN

Throw away your past
When you were lonely, miserable
Scared and afraid
Raise the flag, hands up

Are you all ready?
1, 2, 3 let’s burn


Answer has a mix of ballad and EDM beats in the background which is quite cool. However, this is a song that I need to get used to as there is some sort of dissonance between the vocals and the music. I feel that I also need to get used to the different vocal sounds because this is the first song I’ve heard from them. I will say the vocals are nice, as well as the harmonies, but it seemed that there was an element of awkward autotune.

The video is also really pretty ♥

2. 지평선 (Horizon)

Lyrics: EDEN

North south east and west wherever
How long it will take
No one can tell
But in every moment of it
I’ll be ecstatic, stay with me


Horizon has very unexpected patterns, and plays with the soft and powerful vocals with the contrast of music. This was such a good song and in the order of the album this amped it up a notch after Answer. I quite like it, and the live performance was pretty dynamic.

1. Precious

Lyrics: EDEN, Ollounder, LEEZ

We need more light
Along the route we’ve been through so many times
We’re standing in front of a new beginning
Yeah, the lights gathered produce this colour
Follow your dreams. We run endlessly
Gather your feet for the journey that’s ahead of us, hands up


Precious was the best song on this album by far! The raps are wonderful, strong and transition with such interesting beats throughout the song. The music is fun and it’s very impactful. This song also builds up the pace and intensity after the disappointment of Star 1117.

Personally, I would have made this song the title track for sure!

Are you new to ATEEZ? Or are they your favourite group? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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