Let’s Fight, Ghost || First Thoughts Ep 1 + 2 πŸ‘»

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I sent a 10 page PowerPoint presentation to my sister (it was bad and took me way too long to make, we’re not going to talk about it πŸ˜…) so she could pick me 3 “spooky”/supernatural Kdramas to watch in October. This is the first one she chose!

Let’s Fight, Ghost aired mid year 2016 on tvN. It ran in the Monday + Tuesday slots at 11pm. This drama is based on the webcomic of the same name by Im In Seu.

I’m not going to lie, I was close to dnf’ing this drama after episode 1… There was a lot of buildup – with scenes that I didn’t think were relevant and that felt mismatched. Bong Pal was also kind of annoying and the humour fell flat a lot. However, the latter half of episode 2 has made me want to keep going, as well as the character of Hyun Ji (and of course Kim Sohyun’s acting).

We follow Bong Pal (Taecyeon), a college student in need of money. Despite a family friend, monk and often couch crasher’s warnings about staying away from ghosts, Bong Pal uses his ability to see and touch them to pick up exorcism jobs. And honestly, he’s not that great at it πŸ˜‚

After snubbing two seniors who want to get members for their ghost club, he finds himself at the same location where they want to catch ghosts on camera. A small aside about these two: they’re so dumb and I love that for them πŸ˜‚ The “president” is Chunsang (Kang Kiyoung who I enjoyed in I’m Not a Robot β™₯) and his friend is Inrang (David Lee). I quite like their shenanigans and the fact that they don’t get in the way… that may change though haha~

There, Bong Pal meets Hyun Ji – the ghost of a high school student who died 5 years ago. Together, they end up getting rid of the ghost terrorising a girl’s school. I like Hyun Ji the most, she’s funny, tenacious and also cute. I’m looking forward to seeing where the mystery of her death goes, as well as her relationship with Bong Pal.

From the get go we know that Bong Pal is a loner and we gain more understanding through his childhood flashbacks. Hyun Ji definitely annoys him at first, but I think he secretly enjoys her company because she’s playful and this man has no friends! I’m also interested in how the partnering up for exorcism’s will build their friendship. Although, you’d think after all those years of being harassed by ghosts you’d not speak to them in public and thus to yourself… I’m having flashbacks to He’s Coming to Me πŸ™ƒ

Lastly, on characters, the one I’m most interested in is Joo Hyesung (Kwon Yool) – a professor at the university and vet. He’s cute, but I’m so curious as to how he fits in with the supernatural aspect of the plot.

About the plot as whole, it took a while to warm up, but I am interested now. I like the episodic elements of dealing with different ghosts, but we don’t get much information about them. There are some good twists and I really appreciated that. But I would like more stability, as Bong Pal just tends to turn up and get beaten by a ghost… (which is funny to me because Taecyeon is built well πŸ‘Œ)~

The writing is okay, I think it relies too much on the comedy aspects right now. And parts of that were just not my cup of tea – especially with Bong Pal’s family friend. The humour around Myungchul (Kim Sangho) is rather juvenile and unhygienic. He did have his moments and hopefully, as the drama progresses we don’t have so much of the humour I dislike.

I found that the mix of “horror” – which is done through pretty decent effects – and comedy wasn’t great in the beginning, but just as with the plot this mix was starting to find it footing in the latter half of episode 2.

This drama had a slow start, but I’m optimistic it will become steady and find a balance.


  • Director: Park Joon Hwa
  • Writer: Lee Dae Il
  • Network: tvN
  • Release Date: 11th July – 30th August 2016
  • Episodes: 16

Have you seen Let’s Fight, Ghost? What were your thoughts on? Or do you have plans to watch it?

Also, “fun” game: what’s your favourite 2pm song? Mine is A.D.T.O.Y. (ν•˜.λ‹ˆ.뿐) β™₯

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day & staying safe β™₯


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