Find Me in Your Memory || Review ♥

그 남자의 기억법; lit. Memoir of the Man

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Find Me in Your Memory aired this year from March to May on MBC. It ran for 32 episodes – 2 a day in the drama’s Wednesday and Thursday slots at 9pm.

There are some spoilers – and I mean the last part is me ranting – but I do warn when that part begins ♥

Lee Jung Hoon (Kim Dong Wook) is a popular Anchor, known for putting his guests on the spot and asking the hard questions. He has a condition which gives him a nearly perfect memory. On the other hand, we have Yeo Hajin (Moon Ga Young) an upcoming actress whose carefree attitude has gained her a lot of antifans. Through many misunderstandings, the pair enter a fake relationship, which surprisingly garners them a lot of love and fans.

Yeo Hajin has issues with her memory that stem from a traumatic experience in her past. Unknowingly, her forgotten memories connect her to Jung Hoon in a way that is painful for the both of them.

Halfway through this drama I was loving it! The characters are such a driving force in this atmospheric drama. Anchor Lee is stoic, yet charming, kind and understanding in his own way. And with his relationship with Hajin, we see him grow. Meanwhile, Hajin is loving despite the negativity she receives for living her life unguarded and somewhat recklessly for an actress. I only wanted happiness for her and the knowledge that her memories would eventually come back to her was stressful!

The leads did wonderfully! Kim Dong Wook had a gentler and somewhat awkward approach to his acting which went well with Jung Hoon. And Moon Ga Young was great to watch! She had the range of being vulnerable, scared, funny and strong in such a natural way. And despite the large age gap between these two, the chemistry was fantastic. We go through so many ups and downs and while Hajin’s love is rather quick to gain, it was fun to watch Jung Hoon find himself caring about her aside from the connection she has to his past.

Other side characters I loved were Ha Kyung (Kim Seulgi) – Hajin’s fierce and loyal younger sister and manager. Seulgi’s comedic timing is always great. And her relationship with Il Kwon is hilarious and cute (Lee Jin Hyuk). Tae Eun (Yoon Jong Hoon) was the sort of friend that Jung Hoon needed. They had a odd dynamic, but you truly see how much each means to the other. And the personal struggle with his distant father (Kim Chang Wan) was sad, but I liked the resolution.

The two bosses of Jung Hoon were also brilliant. Director Choi (Jang Young Nam) is almost like a older sister/mother to him and they have a good friendship that’s build on communication. And then we have the idiot Kim Chul Woong (Lee Seung Jun) – the news team leader – who grows on you throughout.

Another character was Jeong Seoyeon (Lee Joo Bin). As a character who has been dead for several years when the drama starts, we still get to know her through the memories of both Jung Hoon and Hajin. She is incredibly kind and joyful. Her presence in their memories also brings in an interesting hurdle for their feelings for each other to overcome.

Next I have to talk about the plot. I really enjoyed the mystery/thriller element that we have concerning Hajin’s stalker. There are so many sketchy men around her and it was “fun” to guess and work through the clues that we were given (mostly through our smart and proactive Anchor Lee!). This threat was also a threat that mirrored the past and Seoyeon’s death, so it was a personal catalyst for a lot of feelings and memories to be considered by our leads.

So overall, I did like this drama. The atmosphere and production is great. The plot – for the most part – is well paced and thoughtful. There were callbacks to earlier conversations Jung Hoon had that gently reminded us of his condition and also had an emotional impact. I absolutely loved the cast and they all did a wonderful job.

And then the last 4 episodes happened…


I’m so mad. This drama did what I hate the most and it’s a time jump. So, the drama was at it’s most emotional (for the leads relationship – I don’t want to think of Jung Hoon’s mother because I cried so much). Jung Hoon was sure in his feelings and Hajin was processing her newly found memories and guilt. And then she breaks up with him, not just once, but twice!! I thought we had a resolution, both wanted to persevere against the backlash, because they hadn’t done anything wrong…. and then Hajin’s like “nah mate, I’m going to America, bye”…

And then the time jump “ends” – which was 2 whole years – and I was still mad because we still had episodes left. I basically wanted it to end. The only good thing about the ending was the call backs to the drama that Jung Hoon helps Hajin practice for when their feelings are first reciprocated. They were super cute and I found myself smiling a lot because of their interactions in the last 2 episodes, but I still felt cheated and disappointed.

I shouldn’t compare this to Come and Hug Me – but I will – and in that they face backlash for loving each other. But they stay together and they become pillars for each other after the initial parting. In Find Me in Your Memory, Jung Hoon is basically left in Korea to take the full brunt while Hajin gets popular abroad.

I think it is somewhat realistic, but do I want my leads to find a semblance of happiness and strength against the odds only to throw it away and come back – 2 years later – when most people have kind of forgotten that drama? No, no I do not 😂


I still did like this drama and the buildup and growth of characters are a strong reason for that. Which is why my rating isn’t low.


  • Plot: 6.5
  • Acting: 9
  • Production: 8
  • Enjoyment: 7

Overall Rating: 7.5/10

(it was 7.625, but what does that even mean? so I rounded it down 😂)

Also, this picture didn’t really fit in anywhere above, however, Kim Dong Wook with puppies is something I must share and preserve on my blog haha ♥ Look at how cute this man is!


  • Written by: Kim Yoonjoo & Yoon Jihyun
  • Directed by: Oh Hyunjong & Lee Soohyun
  • Running time: 35 mins
  • Release date: 18th March – 13th May 2020
  • Network: MBC

What were your thoughts on the ending?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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