Come and Hug Me || First Thoughts Ep 1-4 β™₯

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Come and Hug Me aired from May to July in 2018. 32 thirty minute episodes were aired in the Wednesday-Thursday weekly slots on MBC. It gained several awards at the MBC awards, as well as Jang Ki Yong being awarded the Baeksang for Best New Actor.

The two leads go by different name in the present day scenes, but for continuity and so I don’t get confused either, I’m sticking with their “given” names β™₯

Come and Hug follows the two intertwined paths of Nak Won (Jin Kijoo) and Na Mu (Jang Ki Yong). The story starts with seeing the respective leads “auditioning”. Nak Won is an aspiring actress, while Na Mu wishes to become a policeman to atone for the crimes his serial killer father (Heo Joonho) committed and was ultimately caught for. We see that the two leads are still feeling the effects of having come up against the serial killer.

Having both Nak Won and Namu be in uncomfortable situations from the start made me very interested in their backstory and it also gives us an insight into the emotional state they’re currently in. It did make me invested in them a lot quicker.

We are then thrown back 9 years to when the two first meet and how their lives interlink and subsequently culminate in one terrible night when Namu’s father decides to take his serial killing ways closer to home.

The younger actors are wonderful! Nam Da Reum is good as the gentle, yet resolute Namu. Despite his living situation with his father and older brother, he was still considerate and upheld a good moral compass. He stood up for Nak Won pretty much from day one. And he was incredibly soft with his little (step) sister Sojin. Lee Ye Won was perfection, that child was a highlight of the flashback, so cute β™₯

In contrast to his gentle, almost standoffish manner, Nak Won (Ryu Han Bi) is immediately more dramatic and pushy. She doesn’t allow Namu to pull away from her, which is both lovely and sad considering we know that Namu’s father will be the cause of her greatest suffering – the murder of her parents.

The 3 and a half episodes of the past have two main threads. The connection and love between our leads and then the creepiness of a serial killer. Sojin calls him a ghost and is afraid of him and my god so was I! I don’t want to be rude to Heo Joonho but my god his face is kind of scary πŸ˜‚ All his scenes made me uncomfortable and scared. And several times actions of some characters made me shout at my screen for them to run away! And it seems all 3 of his children are wary and suspicious of him (especially the two sons who are biologically his).

At the end of episode 4 we’re finally brought back into the present. I’m interested to see where the story is going, as well as glimpsing back into the past again. There are quite a few characters and I’m interested in seeing where their lives are headed with the inevitability of the two leads meeting again.

Overall, this drama is pretty well shot and definitely has the melodrama vibe. I see myself crying a lot in the future.

There are still so many unanswered questions, and there are certain side characters I’m interested in knowing more about, mainly the older brothers of our leads. Young Moo Won (Jung Yoo Ahn) – Nak Won’s adopted brother – is loving towards his family, but is aloof and there seems to be a tension beneath it all. And then we have young Hyun Moo (Kim Sang Woo) – Namu’s brother – who is somewhat like his father in that he’s violent, but we saw real glimpses of him being kind and concerned about the safety of his little (step) sister.

All these characters are so intriguing and I’m so excited to keep watching! The plot so far isn’t truly original by any means, but the cast and the characters have been so well written so far.

I’m excited to see the dynamic between our two leads when they finally meet again in the present, as well as Namu’s demeanour. He’s somewhat strange in the way he talks and holds himself. I’m looking forward to seeing a softer side. Also, do we see more of the father? Am I going to continue to be creeped out by him?


  • Created by: Park Seong Eun for MBC
  • Written by: Lee Ah Ram
  • Directed by: Choi Joon Bae
  • Running time: 35mins
  • Release date: May 16th β€“ July 19th, 2018
  • Network: MBC

Have you see Come and Hug Me? What were your thoughts? Or is it on your to watch list?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯

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