Book Series I Will Finish By the End of the Year || 2020

“2020” year of finishing series!

As always, I would like to start this post with some resources about some of the injustices this world is currently facing:

We have 4 months and a few days left of 2020 and I compiled a list of series (including trilogies and duologies) that I WILL finish. If I go in with a determined attitude I think I’m more likely to complete them!

I can do this! \(^o^)/

The books in black & white are the ones I have read. These are in no particular order~

I’m currently doing my third round of the Kpop ReadAThon and there are 3 series I will end up completing after finishing Team TWICE. These are:

The Blood of Stars Duology; Elizabeth Lim

I’m currently reading Unravel the Dusk. I loved Spin the Dawn! I gave it 5⭐. It follows a young girl – Maia – who pretends to be her older brother in order to take her father’s place in a competition to become the Imperial Tailor. The Emperor’s bride-to-be gives her the impossible task of making 3 dresses containing magic. The romance is cute and the characters remind me of Howl and Sophie ♥

The Numina Trilogy; Charlie N. Holmberg

In this readathon, I’ll be reading the third and final book – Siege & Sacrifice. The first book was wonderful and I gave it 5⭐. We follow Sandis, who escapes her life as a vessel when she discovers that her master plans on bringing an extremely dangerous creature into the city through her. And this process has killed one of her fellow vessels. With the help of Rone, they traverse the city in hopes of evading capture.

I read the sequel this month – Myths & Mortals – and it was disappointing. However, I am excited for the conclusion!

The City Trilogy; Darren Shan

I read the first book several years ago and honestly I don’t remember much, but I read the sequel in February of this year and really enjoyed it! The City is seeped in ancient magic and run by the Cardinal. Hell’s Horizon was more of a gritty murder mystery and City of the Snakes follows the same character, so I’m hoping for the same vibe.

Outside of my current readathon, these are the series I will complete:

The Broken Earth Trilogy; N.K. Jemisin

I read The Fifth Season last year and it honestly blew my mind. We follow several timelines and they came together in such a wonderful way. The magic system was so interesting. We follow a mother in search of her daughter, amidst the world being thrown into chaos. I’ve yet to pick up the next books because my anxiety seems to hate completing things I really like😅

The Lady Helen Trilogy; Alison Goodman

I read the first book – The Dark Days Club – last year and it wasn’t the best, but it had potential – I gave it 3.5⭐. We follow an 18 year old Lady Helen who gets thrown into a life of demon fighting while only wanting to be a respectable young woman. This book is set in the Regency era (the end of the Georgian era – when the country was run by the Prince Regent) and that was a pretty fun setting! Also, one of my best friends got me books 2 & 3 ♥

The Mortal Instruments; Cassandra Clare

I have a love-hate relationship with this series. I don’t like Clary, but I like pretty much every other character. The plot isnt the best, but it’s pretty funny and fast paced. I can’t really remember much, but I’m just going to go into City of Heavenly Fire and I’m sure I’ll work it out haha 😂 (The Infernal Devices is superior in every way).

I ranked books 1-4 either a 3 or 3.5⭐, while City of Lost Souls gained a 4⭐ making it my favourite of the Mortal Instruments series. Hopefully, this means that City of Heavenly Fire will be just as good or better.

The Divergent Trilogy; Veronica Roth

If I got embarrassed about not reading super popular series from years ago, I would be embarrassed right now. I read Divergent last year and really enjoyed it! The characters, the trials and combat training where great! My only issue was the romance… It came out of nowhere.

I know the ending, so that gives me less “unknown ending” anxiety, but I am looking forward to completing this trilogy ♥

Have you read these? What are your thoughts on them? Or do you want to read them?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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