March 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š

I also didn’t realise how many Victorian mysteries I ended up reading this month! 5 out of 11! I’m so proud of myself! I mean I am/was supposed to be writing essays, but my depression hit me a bit harder this month than I expected. But who cares?! I read so many books. Am I…… Continue reading March 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š

February 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š

“5 books behind schedule” – Goodreads Ooh, I did not do well this month! But I really enjoyed the books I did complete, so I’m not too bothered~ Wrap Up The Paper Magician series – by Charlie N. Holmberg – follows Ceony, an apprentice who is forced into studying the magic of paper. Through this…… Continue reading February 2019 || Wrap Up πŸ“š