I’m Not A Robot || First Thoughts (Episodes 1+2)

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As always, I would like to start this post with several carrds that contain very important information about the injustices happening right now and resources to help:

  • https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ has a lot of information and resources for different countries. It also has info on Palestine, the Junk Terror Bill, Hong Kong and the Yemen Crisis .
  • https://abolish-ice.carrd.co/ β€“ There are still children and adults in cages in America. The same kind of thing is happening in China to the Uighur Muslims. It’s truly horrifying.
  • As I talk about Korean entertainment a lot, I would also like to make you aware of the ‘molka’ issue – secret spy cameras and ‘nth rooms‘ – online chat rooms that exploit women and children. This is an issue that has been going on for years and the penalties do match the crime.
  • Google and Twitter are free tools to a plethora of knowledge.

You could say I’ve been in a somewhat Kdrama slump. For some reason I’ve found Thai dramas to be more consumable at the moment. However, I planned to watch a rom-com every month… So far – since February when I set this goal – I’ve watched one…

I have a jar with a load of dramas that I have intended to watch (and written about on this blog) and I got my dad to pull one from it. And it so happened that it was a rom-com for my valentine’s challenge!

I didn’t know much about this drama before starting, and what I thought I knew… well it wasn’t right πŸ˜…

I’m Not A Robot aired from 06.12.17 – 25.01.18 with two episodes of 35 mins every Wednesday and Thursday. There is a total of 32 episodes.

MinKyu (Yoo SeungHo) is the head of the board of directors at a substantial finance company, however, due to his allergy of physical contact with people he lives a mostly solitary lifestyle. MinKyu is lonely and when he gets the chance to be involved in owning an advanced robot – Aji 3 – he takes it. The only problem is that the robot breaks and the team who built her won’t get the part in time.

The robot, built by BaekGyun (Uhm KiJoon), is the exact image of his ex-girlfriend – JiA (Chae SooBin). Our female lead is a struggling inventor and due to her lack of finances putting pressure on her relationship with her older brother, she takes the job of pretending to be Aji 3 so MinKyu doesn’t sell the secret robot Santa Maria team’s company to a morally corrupt British company.

I went into this not expecting it to be so funny! There were parts that are simply ridiculous, but they don’t feel forced or awkward in the narrative. The writing and acting is paired perfectly in this drama!

MinKyu, our main lead is handsome and intelligent. I give him all the credit on the handsomeness, but the intelligence is another story. I feel like he has the super smart, but no common sense thing going on πŸ˜‚ He is however, incredibly extra! This man is allergic to skinship, I get that… but he carries around a baton to make sure no-one comes near him!

JiA is a female lead that has the drive, but not the opportunities. She is strong minded and doesn’t let anyone take advantage of her or the situation. It was definitely interesting seeing her try to be a demure and subservient robot while wanting to smack MinKyu. Let’s just say their first meeting outside this robot situation was not the most cordial πŸ˜‚

In these two episodes, I was more interested in the relationship between JiA and BaekGyun. I quite liked their bickering dynamic and you can definitely tell that their are lingering feelings on both sides. I mean he made a robot that looked exactly like her, so it’s not so lingering, but you get what I mean πŸ˜… I’m interested to see what happened between them, however, I would appreciate this drama if it didn’t give me second lead syndrome!

Another plot that we get glimpses of in these first two episodes is to do with the finance company. There is a rivalry between MinKyu and his company CEO and childhood friend YooCheol (Kang KiYoung). The business element isn’t that interesting at the minute, mainly because these episodes are very focused on getting the main 3 established. And I’m more invested in the rag tag robot team because they’re hilarious!

These 2 episodes were well written and put together. The special effects are really cool. I don’t really care about robots or AI’s unless it’s written amazingly (i.e. Illuminae), but I think the element of it being woven in with modern day Seoul and a funny rom-com plot has gripped my attention. I’m happily surprised β™₯

Considering the first two episodes make an hour or so of screentime, I felt that they still put a lot of stuff in. We even had some serious moments with JiA and her brother’s home-life and career aspirations. And of course MinKyu’s loneliness. I read that this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling and while it’s not so evident at the moment, I assume and hope it becomes more apparent. We’ve yet to learn of our male leads tragic backstory (he’s a chaebol, what do you expect? πŸ˜‚).

These two episodes gave us a lot of plot and things to look forward to. The acting and writing so far is solid and instantly captivating. The first 10 mins had me laughing out loud! I’m so excited to keep watching β™₯

Have you seen I’m Not a Robot? Is my excitement well placed? Or is it on your to watch list? Let me know in the comments β™₯

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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