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En of Love is a collection of companion stories based on three different BL novels by Faddist. They tell the love stories of several university students and of course most of them are engineers 😂

The three series were released successively from March to June of this year through Line TV. It can also be found on YouTube at Studio Wabi Sabi’s official channel with a range of different sub options.

The series were directed by Niink Karnpicha Sinlertpattana and Ko Nantalit Tampacha.


Tossara is the first story that aired from 14th March – 4th April 2020. Each of the four episodes has a run time of 45 minutes.

Gun Tossakan (Win) is a 1st year medical student who has been in love with the 3rd year Engineer and hazer Bar Sarawat (Folk) since he was in high school. As soon as he hits university, Gun wants to finally confess his feelings and is able to do so when he finds Bar’s lost engineering gear.

Bar is less than thrilled to be the crush of the medical facility’s “heartthrob”, but of course feelings can change.

This was mostly a fluff piece. The story wasn’t overly complicated, there was basically no angst and for the most part I actually rather enjoyed it.

The acting was… well it was a little unpolished. I think that Folk – who plays Bar – did well, but Win – Gun – needs a bit more work. His character is meant to be confident and charming (while also incredibly cheesy!) and sometimes that fell a little flat with the delivery.

My main dislike was Gun takes part in the Star and Moon competition at the University and the awkwardness and the second hand embarrasment I felt was actually painful. I hate public confessions and especially when it takes away from either the intended recipient or the people around them. This boy loses the competition and ends up making a long ass speech about his love life… like way to steal the moment from the actual winner. It’s just inconsiderate.

Bar was a kind of typical grumpy boi~ Which in some ways really showed how much he does change in a short span when he’s interacting with Gun. I liked his character more as he seemed more thought out – in that he actually developed in character, while Gun was pretty much the same throughout.

If you want a quick drama that might not be so memorable, but is mostly cute then I would recommend this one. Also the height difference is adorable~ ♥

Love Mechanics

Love Mechanics is the 2nd story in this series and aired from 11th April – 2nd May 2020. Once again it has 4 episode and each runs for 45mins (the last episode plot wise is significantly shorter, while the rest is made up of behind the scenes and cast interviews).

We met both leads in the first series. And Love Mechanics more or less follows on from where we left. While drunk at a bar and upset about his failed love, Mark (War) bumps into Vee (Yin). They then form a relationship from this meeting. Vee feels guilty at cheating on his girlfriend – Ploy – but that doesn’t stop him from continuing and catching real feelings for the 1st year boy.

Despite being the 2nd in this series, I actually watched it last and mainly because of the cheating trope… it’s something I see too often in Thai bl drama’s and honestly I don’t feel any sympathy. Vee had a huge opportunity to come clean to Ploy, but this little shit didn’t say anything. He was just upset at his girlfriend and crying. Get out of here!

Vee was generally such a frustrating character. He was possessive of Mark, but was still in a relationship. And when he would mess up, he never considered Mark’s feelings, right up until the end! Mark was the more level headed character, but then again he knew Vee had a girlfriend and still had sex with him so 🤷‍♀️ I do like that he was more expressive and pushed for Mark to actually do what was right.

The secondary characters were a lot more fleshed out and I enjoyed seeing more of Yiwaa (Ormsin Supitcha) and Nuea (Prom). I liked that despite being Vee’s friend, Yiwaa put him in his place a few times because of his dumb behaviour. Oh and of course we can’t forget James! I love him and how he always protected his bff Mark.

Despite being kind of trash, this was very watchable. It was better acted – both leads, but especially War – it was also better shot and the cinematography was pretty.

We know my dislike of the cheating plot point, but as well as this the pacing is weird. I saw some time jump signs (like 1 week later etc.) but it felt like I somehow missed a load more. Did I miss them?? It was hard to tell how much time had passed between certain events and then someone would say a time frame and I’d be like… when/how?? And this leads onto the jump in relationship status from episode 3 to 4. Was it cute? Yes. Did it make sense? No. It felt like I’d missed an entire episode. This may have something to do with Covid and the disruptions that caused so I’m not too mad. Also, it’s kind of a trash drama, does it matter? 😂

Despite all my grumblings, Love Mechanics is definitely the best acted and best made of the three.

This is Love Story

The final story in the En of Love series is This is Love Story. It has 3 episodes and ran from 6th June – 20th June 2020. Again the run time for each episode is 45 mins.

We get the impression that Nuea (Prom) from the previous two is a bit of a playboy and has never been in a real or meaningful relationship. However, when he meets PraRam (Benz) – the younger bother of Gun – this changes and he decides to persue the boy with the intention of becoming a couple.

This was alright, I guess. It just felt so fast, abrupt and not really developed at all. And this makes sense as they had less time to fit it all into. But, I still can’t work out what they even liked about each other…

Nuea was a pretty reliable friend in Love Mechanics, but seemed to become a lot dumber and unaware in this one. And the flirting was kind of painful to listen to sometimes. Nuea is such a cringey boy! 😂

The problem as well with the pacing was that a lot of conversations happen on screen and by that I mean literally on the screen. Facebook and messenger are heavily utilised in this drama (more so than in the previous). Again, this is probably due to Covid so I can’t really complain.

Benz was definitely the stand out. He plays both PraRam and his twin Prarak. While they are styled differently, you could tell them apart from their mannerisms as well and Benz went as far as to give them difference voices (Prarak’s is deeper). It was also nice to see other couples such a VeeMark and GunBar.

So, overall it was just very simple, awkward and cringe. However, these elements did make it rather entertaining if only to make fun of Nuea~ It’s not that long, so is easily binge-able, but I’m not all too sure it’s worth it.

Also, I still don’t get what they were celebrating at the end… We know that PraRam’s 19th birthday is coming up, and we know that he had exams. But a whole Prarak exists! Where’s his cake and party?? Or was it simply a party for them becoming a couple? I don’t know? Someone help me! 😂

Side note: one of the sponsors is the Meb app (an ebook catalogue) and the ads were pretty cute. My favourite was Mark and Vee’s one at the end where he sasses him about holding the phone upside down!

Overall, these each had their moments. For me, the story in Tossara was the best delivered, while Love Mechanics was the best acted and shot. This is Love Story wasn’t terrible, but it’s definitely the worst of the three. They’re easy to watch and if your bored they might be fun to check out~

Have you see these dramas? What were your thoughts on them? Which is your favourite?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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