HIStory 3: Trapped || First Thoughts

It’s bl time~ HIStory 3: Trapped is a new and recent story within Lin Pei Yu’s (screenwriter) Taiwanese HIStory series. Trapped has 20 episodes and each stands at around 30 minutes. Four years ago a police officer and a gang leader were killed in the same attack. The only survivor is Tang Yi (Chris Wu),…… Continue reading HIStory 3: Trapped || First Thoughts

HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

I have a newfound interest in volleyball haha *spoilers within* Crossing the Line is the last (aired so far) storyline in the HIStory2 series. Xia Yu Hao (Fandy Fan) is a troublemaker with a temper. He gets forced into joining the volleyball team when he’s seen jumping by the captain (and somewhat threatened by his…… Continue reading HIStory2: Crossing the Line || Mini Review

HIStory: Obsessed || Mini Review

Due to several aspects of this drama, I will be discussing spoilers! Obsessed (2017) is another storyline in the HIStory series. This one has the most complicated, emotionally and physically, storyline of the four I have seen so far. Obsessed follows Shao Yi Chen (Teddy Ren), who dies in a car accident while running from…… Continue reading HIStory: Obsessed || Mini Review

HIStory: Stay Away From Me || Mini Review

I will be discussing spoilers in this review! Stay Away From Me (2017) is the second storyline in the HIStory series. Feng He (Edison Song) and Cheng Qing (Duke Wu) become step brothers when their parents get married. While the parents are on their honeymoon, the two new brothers live together. Now, my first rant:…… Continue reading HIStory: Stay Away From Me || Mini Review