What I Read in October || 2019

“16 books ahead of schedule” – Goodreads~

I read 6 books in October~

I wish I read more, especially as I only read 1 book on my Spookathon TBR ^^” However, I started working in a campus restaurant and I’m so unfit that my body hates me and I’m spending so much time with people that my brain hates me… so I’m always tired at the moment haha 😂

The Empty Grave; Jonathan Stroud


The Empty Grave is the final book in the Lockwood & Co. series.

This series is such a joy! They are action packed, funny and I love the characters. I’m really happy that Stroud had a plan and didn’t make this a super strung out series (although I would happily read more).

I enjoyed Lucy’s character growth and that has a lot to do with the Skull. I loved that foul mouthed sarcastic little skull! Quill was someone who kind of snuck up on me and now I love him just as much as the others, but not as much George, because he is my favourite child 😂

There is an ambiguity about the world and the future of Lockwood & Co that I like, and will probably spend too much of my time daydreaming about!

Sir Thursday; Garth Nix


Sir Thursday is the 4th book in the Keys to the Kingdom series.

That ending! 😮

This was a solid read. Arthur really came into his own in this book and I can’t wait to see him keep maturing. The Will is honestly terrifying at this point with the power it has and I’m starting to really not trust it haha

I love the strong female rep in Suzy and Leaf and it was fun to see them be utilised in this book. Although it was a bit frustrating when we swapped to Leaf’s sections when I was so invested in what Arthur was doing.

I enjoyed the military setting, especially as my dad was a soldier.

Changeling; Philippa Gregory


This is the first book in Gregory’s YA Historical Fiction series: The Order of Darkness.

This had a lot of potential. How cool does a secret order that investigates superstitious beliefs sound? Really cool, right? However, the lack of a concrete plot (which involved mostly meandering) and the way in which everything was so obvious let it down.

The writing is good and certain side characters were great – Ishraq and Frieze. But the main characters – Luca and Isolde – were flat and the love line was so forced and eye roll inducing!

I won’t be continuing on.

Damsel; Elana K. Arnold


Damsel follows a young girl who wakes with no memories after being saved from a tower guarded by a dragon. This is a rite that has passed down from prince to prince in Emory’s kingdom. This is a dark tale with sexual/physical abuse and public shaming.

Despite having to hear about Emory’s “yard” far more than I cared to, I really enjoyed this. The writing is lovely and the plot held my interest for the entirety. The twist was obvious, but it was interesting to see how Ama would find out and what the repercussions would be.

The Death of Mrs Westaway; Ruth Ware


This mystery stems from mistaken identity concerning being named in a will. However, we soon find out that Harriet is a lot more connected to the Westaway family than she could have ever imagined.

Ware’s writing style is easy and enjoyable to read. The characters were somewhat well rounded. The premise was interesting but confusing and not as fleshed out or shocking considering the long set up.

And I just ignored most of the stuff about the photograph and corresponding diary entry because my brain got so confused…

Overall, this was a good book which could have been a great one with better pacing and ending.

In A Dark, Dark Wood; Ruth Ware


I randomly found this book while looking at the secondhand books in Poundland and stumbled across this Ware book.

Again, Ware’s writing is so enjoyable and easy to read! While this story isn’t that original or mind blowing, I enjoyed it a lot. The concept of a group of people being brought together in a secluded place and then something bad happens is nothing new and very reminiscent of the classic who dunnit trope. We also have the added trope of amnesia/unreliable narrator.

The characters were interesting and engaging. Nina is definitely my favourite (she reminds me of Rosa from Brooklyn 99), while Nora was still a good narrator. I wouldn’t have minded knowing more about the past, but I was mostly satisfied with the info we were given.

How did you do in October? What was your favourite read?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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