Sooyoung x Grazia Korea || The Golden Hour

Sooyoung is a literal goddess!! ♥

Sooyoung is a member of Girl’s Generation, actress and solo singer.

For more pictures and information check out Grazia Korea~

sooyoung 1 GH

People who wear all white are incredibly brave haha 😂

This white oversized denim jacket come from InstantFunk (£218.25 (325,000 won)) while the wide trousers are Lexx Finger Marche. The white shirt is from the stylist’s collection. Overall this is a cute outfit, but so. much. white. haha

The pop of colour comes in the form of this cute little red AMI monogram clasp bag from Rosa.K (£186.69 (278,000 won)).

sooyoung 2 GH

This is such a beautifully simple shot!

The clothes in this photo are the same as the one above. The yellow tint sunglasses (S-Type 8 C.2) come from LASH. They cost £137.47 (205,000 won). 

sooyoung 3 GH

Our CEO Sooyoung looking smooth and casual in a suit and trainers 😂

The tailored blazer (£132.78 (198,000 won)) and trousers (£99.39 (148,000)) are both from FRONTROW. To be honest a lot of black suits just look the same to me haha, but that suit jacket looks so soft! 

The trainers are from the stylist’s collection (and they are ugly… haha)

sooyoung 4 GH

This is one of my favourite shots from this shoot! Look at how cute Sooyoung looks in this grandpa chic outfit! ♥

The white t-shirt under the Do Not Disturb knit vest comes from Moia (£28.84 (43,000 won)). The jeans are from Loewe and cost a staggering £450… (my broke butt cries at the thought of paying over £15 for jeans 😂)

The glasses (L-Type 16 C.3) are again from LASH (£160.27 (239,000 won)). They are cute and it makes me laugh that my dad recently got round glasses like these! Does that mean he’s cool? *cough* nope *cough* :p

sooyoung 5 GH

This is such a chic outift! The pose is a bit awkward but is growing on me the more I look at it!

The outfit is from Viaplain. The corduroy jacket (£266.90 (398,000 won)) has a cool 70’s look and goes well with the light beige shirt (£159.60 (238,000 won))The blue jeans are £92.67 (138,000 won).

Meanwhile the boots come from Ash. They are the £259 Britney ankle harness boots. The harness detail is super cool, especially the darker colour against the stark white leather.

sooyoung 6 GH

I love the framing of this shot! The sunlight hits Sooyoung so beautifully and gives the photo more texture.

At first glance I would super on board with this outfit from Golden Goose. The pinkish brown jacket (£680) was cute over the long pink silk dress (£730). 

But then I realised Sooyoung was wearing the matching trousers (£355) to the blazer… why?!

People wear jeans under dresses (I’ve done that!) but this just looks weird and jarring because at first I didn’t realise she was wearing trousers. It’s just odd 😂


  • Editor: Jang JeongJin
  • Photographer: Ryu KyungYoon
  • Hair: Oh JongOh (오종오)
  • Makeup: Lee Young (이영)
  • Stylist: Kang ISeul (강이슬)
  • Assistant: Jang JinOk (장진욱)
  • Location: Alila Seminyak, Bali



Lexx Finger Marche





Do Not Disturb




Golden Goose

Thanks for reading!I hope you are having a lovely day~


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