HIStory 3: Trapped || First Thoughts

It’s bl time~

HIStory 3: Trapped is a new and recent story within Lin Pei Yu’s (screenwriter) Taiwanese HIStory series.

Trapped has 20 episodes and each stands at around 30 minutes.

Four years ago a police officer and a gang leader were killed in the same attack. The only survivor is Tang Yi (Chris Wu), who is now the gang leader. He is trying to turn the gang – and their businesses – legitimate, but is trying to set a trap to find the killer.

history 3

Meng Shao Fei (Jake Hsu), a police officer, is adamant in finding the killer of his mentor and spends much of his time harrassing Tang Yi. While doing this they get more involved and feelings creep up on them.


Chris Wu is absolutely stunning. It’s a shallow positive, but I don’t care haha ^^”

As well as this he has subtle facial expressions which makes the dynamic between Tang Yi and Shao Fei more interesting. His little smiles and eye taunts make for a comedic reaction from Shao Fei which are hilarious.

history 3 cuties

The relationship between Zuo Hong Ye (Diane Lin) and Du Dao Yi (Sphinx Ding).

zuo hong ye historyZuo Hong Ye grew up with Tang Yi and holds a special place in his heart as well as in the gang. She is protected.

And Du Dao Yi is her main source of protection.

He treats her with respect and doesn’t talk down to her. Their relationship is extremely sweet and I’m excited to see how it progresses since Du Dao Yi is obviously in love, but is holding back. 

I can sense the angst already!

Jack (Andy Bian) and Zhao Li An (Kenny Chen) are adorable!

jack and zhao li an

Jack and Zhao Li An’s relationship is somewhat similar to Tang Yi’s and Shao Fei’s, however it is a lot more sweet.

Jack is very charming and forward with his feelings, while Zhao Li An is adorable in his naivety. I’m so excited to see where this couple goes!


The plot:

I want to preface that I am enjoying watching this drama, however the plot just isn’t that interesting. It doesn’t seem well executed and drags a lot. The reason I loved the previous HIStory stories was because they were concise and didn’t meander.

I feel like this is trying a lot harder to be a full length drama with the same structure. And I wish it wasn’t. I’m just saying that I’ve watched 9 episodes and a lot of the plot is  unnecessary.

The one negative may seem to outweigh the positives, but I am enjoying the watching experience. The acting may not be the best, but the characters are fun and interesting and I want to know more about them.

history funny.gif

With this series of the HIStory saga, the characters are still as engaging and the relationships are much more important than plot. Which is why I’m not so bothered. Although, I’m on episode 9 and no one has kissed! This isn’t a kdrama ma’am! Give me more skinship! 😂

Are you watching HIStory 3: Trapped? Are you enjoying it or not?

What’s your favourite HIStory story?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~





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