Investigation Couple || First Thoughts ๐Ÿค”

I decided to give episode 1 a go and ended up watching 6 episodes in a row haha ๐Ÿ˜‚

Part of my Summer Watchlist is Investigation Couple and I’m so glad I started to watch this!

Investigation Couple (or Partners for Justice) aired on MBS in May 2018 and has 35 episodes. I was dubious at first as that’s a lot of episodes! However, the episodes are around 30mins, which is basically 17.5 1hr episodes.

Eun Sol (Jung YooMi)ย was top of her class and has now chosen to become a Prosecutor. Eun Sol has an optimistic and bright personality which instantly clashes with the cold and pessimistic nature of the forensic doctor Baek Beom (Jung JaeYoung).

Despite their differences they begin to work well together.

Eun Sol is honestly so cute and pure! I really enjoy how she perseveres despite being thrown in at the deep end with her first case. Eun Sol is passionate and somewhat naive in the Prosecutor realm, but it’s wonderful to see her grow.

Meanwhile, I kind of have a soft spot for the grumpy forensic doctor. He obviously has a troubled past – all male leads do! – but he has a deep respect for the deceased that makes him endearing.

I’m assuming their will be a romance, but by the looks of things at the moment I may be wrong.

I really enjoy the side characters. They are charming and hilarious.

Eun Sol’s team consists of an ex-detective with bowel issues –ย Kang DongSik (Park JunGyu) – and her assistant –ย Cheon MiHo (Park HeeJin)ย – who begrudgingly puts up with DongSik but will put him in his place if needed. Cha SooHo (Lee YiKyung) is a sweet, but somewhat ridiculous police lieutenant.

And finally we haveย Kang Hyun (Park EunSeok) who was a University Sunbae and now Eun Sol’s superior. I’m not sure how I feel about him right now. He is sweet and gives good advice to Eun Sol, but some of his actions regarding Baek Beom are dodgy. I hope he doesn’t become an antagonist.

Baek Beom’s team is a little smaller, but then again this probably suits his personality.ย Jang SungJoo (Ko KyuPil) is a forensic photographer who often gets in trouble for being a bit clumsy with his words and actions. From what I can tell Han SooYeon (Noh Susanna) is Baek Beom’s assistant and she works efficiently.

And then we haveย Stella Hwang (Stephanie Lee) who is the pharmacologist in the forensic department who loves her job and loves making drinks to give her colleagues. I love how she always adds English to her sentences! She’s so cute!

The cases so far have been rather interesting, and the court scenes are dramatic if a little all over the place. My only problem with Eun Sol is that she can be incredibly emotional in the court which makes her seem unprofessional and this can be used against her.

The acting is good, but nothing super amazing. And for the most part the effects and makeup have been great (and I’m surprised we’ve had no kdrama blur yet!) I’m here for a fun and interesting crime drama. I’m excited to see where this goes and how the characters grow through the series.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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