Bae JinYoung x Grazia || 07.03.2019

This is a simple, but pretty editorial ♥

Bae JinYoung was a member of the Produce 101 boy group. However, after Wanna One’s disbandment, he will be debuting with C9 Boyz late this year.

For more picture and the article head over to Grazia~

jinyoung grazia 1

That jawline tho!

The floral trousers are from Ordinary People, I wish they were fitted because I hate wide trousers, but the pattern is cute. While the coat come from Vivienne Westwood (£1,165). The hoodie underneath (£1500), t-shirt (between £330-£430 – can’t work out which is the right one haha ^^”) and the simple pastel blue sneakers (around £700) are all from Dior.

So many layers!

jinyoung grazia 2

This is such a cool and easy ensemble and pose!

The number sweater is from Maison Margiela (£355) and the trousers are from Calvin Klein (£80). The cute green beret is from Ordinary People and the belt is from the stylists collection.

And I will never be surprised at how much shoes cost! Why do rich people wear such expensive shoes?? These shoes are from Alden by Unipair are around £450!

jinyoung grazia 3

The sky blue top that looks soft and the cardigan that’s got a really interesting and cool jacket are from Yohji Yamamoto. Both the plain white trousers (£320) and the shoes (£301.19) are from Ordinary People.

Apparently there are cuffs from S.T. Dupont… I can barely see them let alone work out which pair they even are haha!

jinyoung grazia 4

This is absolutely beautiful!! This outfit looks like a Georgian or Victorian gentleman and I love it!! Even the muted colours looks wonderful. The entire outfit comes from the Korean fashion brand Window00. The style of this brand is so interesting and edgy.

And again the shoes are Alden by Unipair.

jinyoung grazia 5

JinYoung has such a lovely figure. This looks like a such a serene shot. However, I wish the right hand wasn’t so blurry. I’m picky haha

This outfit comes from Prada. The “wool jacquard” (its made on a loom~) jumper (£605) is a cute but I don’t think I could look at it for long (my eyes would start to hurt haha). The trousers are somewhat tailored and are between £500 – £920… sorry I couldn’t work out which is the right pair on the site.

The shoes are from Ordinary People.

jinyoung grazia 6

This is such a beautiful shot! That jawline is to die for and JinYoung’s lips look so full and his eye shape is so pretty!

I like the soft orange and blue knit jumper is from Missoni, while the “inner knit” is from Alexander Wang. I’ll be honest, I don’t quite understand what an “inner knit” is or what it looks like on the site. I’m such a fashionista~ :p


  • Freelance Editor: Jeong JiWon (정지원)
  • Photographer: Lee YoungHak (이영학)
  • Hair & Make-Up: Jang HaeIn (장해인)
  • Stylist: Jeon JinHo (전진오)


Vivienne Westwood                    Dior                      Ordinary People

Maison Margiela                  Calvin Klein                Alden by Unipair

Yohji Yamamoto                  S.T. Dupont                    Window00

Prada                                   Missoni                    Alexander Wang

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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