Bae JinYoung x Grazia || 07.03.2019

This is a simple, but pretty editorial โ™ฅ Bae JinYoung was a member of the Produce 101 boy group. However, after Wanna One’s disbandment, he will be debuting with C9 Boyz late this year. For more picture and the article head over to Grazia~ That jawline tho! The floral trousers are from Ordinary People, I…… Continue reading Bae JinYoung x Grazia || 07.03.2019

Soompi Music Chart Review || Top 5

Hello! I used to do reviews of Kpop songs/videos and I’ve become so distanced from the Kpop world that I’m only listening to things from years ago ^^” So I looked at Soompi’s Kpop Music Chart and I’m going to go through the Top 5 songs. I assume there will be recurring songs in the…… Continue reading Soompi Music Chart Review || Top 5