Inseparable Bros Cast x Harper’s Bazaar || 29.4.2019

So many pretty and talented people in this editorial!

This photoshoot is to promote the film “Inseparable Bros” that was released on May 1, 2019.

The film stars, Lee Kwangsoo, Shin Hakyun and Esom. For more photo’s and the article/interview check out Harper’s Bazaar

Shin Hakyun looks kind of cool, however, I can’t work out whether his suit is meant to be badly fitted or not haha ^^” The suit is Vivienne Westwood, so honestly who knows? I could only find the suit jackets, this one is £940. But where are the trousers Vivienne??

The cute little red striped sailor top from Ami (£135) goes well with the vibrant blue suit. And of course to be cool you need to wear converse with suit attire. These high-tops are £55.

I hate this outfit… I love Kyungsoo and his expression is fun and quirky, but the shirt and short combo with these socks… ugh no.

The frilled shirt and shorts are from Kwanghyo Chang, however, I can only find runway pictures on Seoul Fashion Week’s site. The site for this brand isn’t up to date…

The loafers are Carmina by Unipair (£248) and the socks are from the stylist… who needs to be talked to… these socks are so ugly!

I may not like animal prints, especially reptile prints, but Esom makes this work. This entire outfit comes from Miu Miu. The bra top is £185 and the red see-through shirt is £470… which both seems way too much!

But then the shoes, which are kind of ugly are £675… why would you pay this much for shoes?

These two pictures are my favourite images from the shoot. Hakyun and Kwangsoo look so beautiful. The second picture… these men are SO beautiful!!

Kwangsoo is wearing a Ul:kin knit cardigan (£210.18), which looks great in this picture and I thank whoever chose to makes these black and white. This cardigan is navy and neon pink… The trousers are from Beyond Closet. I think they are simple chinos, and they cost around £50.

The watch Kwangsoo is wearing in the picture on the left is Jaeger-LeCoultre… I can’t tell which watch it is, but these watches can cost between £5,000 to £22,000. My poor heart hurts haha

Haykun is wearing a top with leather turn-ups is £565 and looks so much better in this black and white. The leather is a caramel colour and is a dark blue/grey. However, the styling of this is great, the oversized element looks great tucked in this like!

Hakyun is wearing Dunst trousers (£98.91), a lot of the clothes from this brand are unisex I believe.

inseparable bros 3

Kwangsoo looks incredibly handsome and Esom’s jawline could cut you!

Kwangsoo is wearing a cool striped shirt from Munn Seoul. I’m not sure on the price as they are showing mostly their a/w line now. However, other shirts are mostly around £300.

The striped trousers are from Man ON the Boon, which look cool, but because the site is not up yet (still…) and I can’t find them anywhere I don’t know the price.

Meanwhile, Esom is wearing a cute little knit top from Nuel (£130.29). While the trousers are from Cos (£89).

The earrings are from Hermes, but because I can’t quite make them out, I can’t tell if they are the £1760 or £820… which are both so incredibly expensive for earrings!…

inseparable bros 9

This photo is adorable! I love that Kwangsoo is doing “manner legs”! That’s always so cute haha ♥

Hakyun is wearing a vibrant pink suit and Kwangsoo is wearing a black and red striped suit both from Kimseoryong’s new collection. Hakyun is wearing the same Converse high tops from the first photo, while Kwangsoo is wearing a £55 pair of Converse high tops.

Esom is wearing a Jay Baek Couture suit which is sold separately, but overall is £1,796.97 (2,770,000 won). The white trousers are £512.58 (790,000 won) which is insane but okay. And the gorgeous white pleated lapel jacket is £1,284.39 (1,980,000 won).

The simple chic white sandal heels are £65 from Aldo.


  • Article: Kim MinKyung
  • Photographer: Kim YoungJun
  • Hair: Kim Hwan
  • Make-Up: Hong HyunJung
  • Stylists: Kwon EunJung, Choi HyeJin, Goo EunJu, Kim BoNa and Lee KyungEun


Vivienne Westwood                          Jaeger-LeCoultre                                          Cos

Ami                                      Beyond Closet                         Hermes

Converse                     Salvatore Ferragamo                      Aldo

Caruso                                        Dunst                           Jay Baek Couture

                           Carmina by Unipair                                         Munn                            

Miu Miu                                                   Man ON the Boon

Ul:kin                                                Nuel                                  Kimseoryong Homme

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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