Inseparable Bros Cast x Harper’s Bazaar || 29.4.2019

So many pretty and talented people in this editorial! This photoshoot is to promote the film “Inseparable Bros” that was released on May 1, 2019. The film stars, Lee Kwangsoo, Shin Hakyun and Esom. For more photo’s and the article/interview check out Harper’s Bazaar Shin Hakyun looks kind of cool, however, I can’t work out…… Continue reading Inseparable Bros Cast x Harper’s Bazaar || 29.4.2019

Puck! Review (Sort Of…)

I saw a post on dramaswithasideofkimchi (click here to see the post – it’s a lot better than this one – and explore! It’s a great blog ^^) and I was so happy to see that Viki got the licensing and it applied to Europe!! YAY!! \(^0^)/ Small Synopsis: JoonMan (Kwangsoo) is forced to work for a gang…… Continue reading Puck! Review (Sort Of…)

Turbo feat. 유재석 – “AGAIN(다시)” MV/Song Review~

So, today is Sunday! And I completely forgot about Friday and how I was supposed to write this post… I may have got distracted haha ^^” But! It is better late than never and we are still in the right week :p This song is pretty fun and catchy and wow Kim JongKook just needs…… Continue reading Turbo feat. 유재석 – “AGAIN(다시)” MV/Song Review~